Three Gorgeous Tops (That Are Unexpectedly Perfect For Nursing!)


Muuu Muuu… that means hola in my cow language. Do you feel like a cow sometimes?

I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. Putting aside the saggy breasts, the middle of the night milk-puddle in my bed, nursing strikes, a kid who wanted to be glued to my breast for years and another kid who screams at my breast. I love nursing! I seriously do. I think so, cause I’ve been doing it for the past three and a half years so, you know? THERE’S GOTTA BE SOMETHING TO IT.

OH, I know! When my baby locks his eyes with mine and nurses peacefully almost drifting out to sleep. I won’t tell you how often that happens or else I’ll start crying.

Do you know what else is hard about breastfeeding? How tricky and sometimes boring getting dressed becomes.

When I was a first time mom, I think I stopped myself from wearing many things I wanted. I don’t really remember wearing a lot of tops with high necklines. I stuck to the most nursing friendly clothing pieces I found. You know v-necks, wrap tops and some button ups.

The truth is that apart from a few on trend pieces, I like to buy things that I’m going to wear for quite some time. I think I’m not the only one, am I? I refused maternity clothing in both my pregnancies with the exception of two pairs of maternity jeans for my last pregnancy. Nothing else to do with my huge yoga ball. Same for nursing, with the exception of a few nursing bras, I just try to make it work in many other ways with what I have or want to get.

However, this time around I’m a little more open to other options without sacrificing comfort and I’ve found three unexpected tops that are great for nursing during the warmer months. They truly help me feel stylish when I’m feeling like a cow.

1. Boxy, Soft and Stretchy Cropped Tees.

Puma Crop tee

And when I say cropped,  I don’t mean the midriff baring kind, only one that is a few inches above your hip line. I love crop tops because they lessen the amount of fabric to lift up when it’s time to feed the baby. Additionally, they are perfect to recreate nursing tops. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but most of the nursing tops that have high necklines are a version of a crop with a tank or vest under it. You can mix and match and have a lot of options without actually getting a nursing top.

Personally, I like to wear them with high-rise jeans mostly but thick leggings too. If I feel too exposed I’ll add the longer tank but other than that I just make sure the top is at least an inch below my belly button and if the back is longer like in this top, even better!

In addition, I wear a cropped tank or the bellaband I thought I wouldn’t need after giving birth to cover my torso when lifting the top up to nurse.

2. Off-the-shoulder Tops With Thick Straps

Poplin off the shoulder top

Off-the shoulder tops are easy to nurse in but require a strapless bra. I wear them and love them but if I can keep my straps I’m way happier.

I realized the difference thick straps made by accident – I had thrown this sweater on over my regular bra without even realizing it at first. When I actually had a minute to think (by the end of the day) I was amazed I didn’t need a strapless bra and I started looking for more tops with this concept.

This top is perfect. Not only is it off the shoulder with straps, but also button down. It doesn’t really get better than that. The thick straps will cover your bra straps, and even if they don’t fully do, they look good. It is extremely lightweight and the best part? Yes, there’s a best part. It has pooch hiding properties!!!

3. One-shoulder, Ruffled, Relaxed-fit Tops

Asos One shoulder ruffle top

These tops are so playful! You can still keep a strap, as a matter of fact I would totally keep both if the strap goes well with the top. Now you know I don’t have a white bra. Oh God, how come I don’t?

The elastic to create the ruffle will allow a big amount of stretch for you to accommodate your breast, yes even the one that’s more covered. Or you can just lift it up. I prefer to pull it down to avoid wrinkling it.

Oh! and did I mention the ruffle doubles as a cover? Specially when you forget nursing pads and get perfect round circles of milk in your top. No, that does not happen to me!

Hope you didn’t mind my little ones in the pics. Chris got his hat ready as soon as he saw we were shooting some pics and demanded to be in them. And Ben? was screaming!! Contrary to my first he doesn’t want to be glued to my breast. And I can’t do nice nursing covers or scarfs to keep it stylish because of a super forceful let down which off course the baby hates. Milk puddles everywhere if I don’t have a cloth on hand.

Now let’s go for the fun cause there’s so many cute tops.


Puma Crop tee: I’m usually XS but sized up for extra length.

Poplin off the shoulder top: Also ordered a small, but I think a XS would have been fine. I like to roll the sleeves up a bit.

Asos One shoulder ruffle top: The embroidery and scalloped hem make it so special. I actually have the red one but love it in any color. When I was telling my mom about this post she broke the news that I left it in Colombia. Thank God for two-day shipping.

BDG high-rise jeans: Lighter wash here This was the first pair of high-rise jeans I got after becoming a mom. All to keep my pooch controlled!!

Cropped Tees


Off-the-shoulder Tops With Thick Straps

Ruffled One-shoulder Tops

Chao, chao. Julieta
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  1. Hi Julieta,
    Love the tops!
    Just a quick tip that worked for me and my terrifying oversupply and let-down that made my little guy scream until I got help from a doula. She told me to only nurse one side at a feeding, and to kind of sit and lean back instead of sitting straight or leaning forward. It uses gravity to your advantage.

    • Julieta, you spoke of my relationship with nursing so well. I read parts to my husband. Thanks for sharing.

      I got the same advice from a lactation counsultant about fast let down. Laying down or leaning back so that baby’s face was on top of the nipple helped. Laying on my side also worked. The second child I’ve also been feeding for at least 15/20 minutes on a side, even if spread over two hours. My mom said (horrified) that I’d be lopsided, but I’m not seeing that happening. I think baby is more satisfied with the hindmilk as he then sleeps for hours. Good luck to you and Ben.

      • You read parts to your husband? WOW, thank you!

        Also thank you for telling me your experience. I was able to solve this issue the way you mentioned with Chris (my first) and with Ben I started as soon as I noticed the same was happening. However his personality is so different and still fights. I’ll get a lactation consultant to see what else I can do. Thank you again!

    • Hi M. Not sure If you get the reply I left to Susan. But wanted to thank you for trying to help me with your experience. I did what you mentioned with my first and it worked perfectly, but with Ben is still a struggle so I’m definitely checking with a consultant to see if there’s other issue. Thank you for reading!

  2. Hi Julieta,

    I love the one-shoulder tops! I’m a working mom and it’s such a mess when you need to find time for a peaceful feeding and crazy tasks I need to perform as a paper grader and freelancer on Upwork.
    Besides, I work as a sociologist and need to communicate with people much and sometimes they come to my house just when I have to time to go out. That would be a perfect outfit.


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