I recently got to have some fun when a family with sweet kiddos ages 0, 3 and 5 asked for a pink room with unicorns and rainbows. I was all in. Looking for some inspired pieces to refresh a kids’ room? This rainbow and unicorn theme has all the elements — pops of color, not too much commitment, positive vibes — of an energetic kids’ room refresh I can get down with. It might be just right for you too!

I’ve learned through raising my own kids that a strong white base in a kid bedroom leaves plenty of room for punches of fun that grow with them. Today’s wishes for unicorns will be wishes for narwhals tomorrow, and then wishes for all the glam, graphics and glitter later, and then wishes for black after that — all of which trades out well over a strong white foundation.

This family’s particular room is an amazing third floor with bumped-out windows — not a straight wall in the whole room — but plenty of great geometric areas and space. We accented all those dynamic geometrics (that also angle to the ceiling) in deep berry fuschia paint — just as intense and pink as pink can get. Then we hung a cool ceiling light to an otherwise white room, with white furniture. And finally, we added ALL the best unicorn and rainbow accoutrements we could wrangle! And, thankfully, they LOVE it!

Pinterest-perfect shots of the whole house soon to come, but until then, if you are also looking for some unicorn and rainbow inspiration, here’s the best of what we found:

Cute Kids’ Decor: Rainbow & Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

What we love about rainbow & unicorn room decor? It's bright, inspired & will grow with your littles. Our DIY kids' bedroom ideas — right here.

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1//  Unicorn Table Lamp: Easy, shimmery, and functional for kids who love to read and turn out their own light!

2//  Wide Flush Mount Drum Ceiling Fixture: This great fixture comes in all kinds of fun colors and has just the perfect punch of ageless fun.

3//  Ikea Kallax Bookcase: Our favorites, especially set horizontally, and more so, with all the unicorns and rainbows resting on and in them!

4//  Uni the Unicorn: Rather than murals or paintings, for loves that might become new loves in time, I love to wall mount a book rail, and then keep the five or six favorites of the moment on it! It effectively becomes functional wall art at rest, and the best way to pass time with kiddos at story time! Also, kids will naturally be curious about displayed books. True story. (Giggle. But true still.)

5//  Not Quite Narwhal: Not to get political in a kid unicorn and rainbow post, but if this guy ran for president, he’d have my vote. Just saying.

6//  Beaumont White Book Ledge: My favorite of the book ledges. Comes in great finishes, white and gold are my favorites. Can be run side by side, or stacked for better wall coverage and more story time fun!

7//  Unicorn Wall Decals: Wall decals are great temporary art. They also, aren’t all great. THIS one is one of my favorites in this area. He’s fun, and not at all scary, and graphic and a fun shape! And you can add or delete all his extra as needed. If only we could add and delete all of life’s extra as needed.

8//  Unicorn Night Light lamp: Fun night lights are just everything at certain ages/stages.

9//  Character Bean Bag Chair: Plop two of these in front of the book case or at the end of the beds, and everyone has a great cuddle spot.

10//  Unicorn Reversible Sequin Pillow: Because who doesn’t love unicorns and flip sequins. Pure fun!

11//  Ryder Felt Unicorn Head: Wall decor for days, in felt, soft and sweet. 

12//  Fillmore Low Footboard Bed: Great basic transitional bed that can grow with them.

13//  Ceramic Unicorn Bank: Where do kids even find coins these days in a world where we increasingly don’t carry cash? Not sure. But I guess that makes them all the more special to collect!

14//  Molly Rainbow Quilt: Rather than one blue and one pink, I prefer to coordinate a set of bedding in a shared room with one of these, and one of the Rainbow Unicorn Quilts, both in the same base color.

15//  Rainbow Wall Hook Jewelry Holder: More functional wall art. Why not organize all those accessories while we’re at it?

16//  Rainbow Unicorn Quilt : See above. If not two of these, pair it with a Molly Rainbow Quilt in the same base color.

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Channel your inner child, sweeten your dreams, and ride the unicorns right over all the rainbows, forever.  Did we miss any great ones? Message us back. We’ll take more unicorn and rainbow love, and inspiration any day!


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