Six Girls, Six Suits: My Friends’ Favorite Swim


Photo Credit: Danielle Pemble

We’re all about celebrating real bodies around here.  And while we’ll admit to seeking out soft lighting (hint: on the beach 6-7PM is pure magic), there’s no behind-the-scenes photoshopping.  And why would we?  Our bodies tell our life story.  And for many of us, that life story involves some pretty serious joy, in the form of body-wrecking children, sure, but also of a life lived.  Life is short.  We choose fun.  

So when Scotti and I were brainstorming about how to represent a wider range of body types (this becomes especially important with swimwear, I think), and she volunteered her amazing friends, I was THRILLED. They are fearless, fun, active, and totally opinionated, haha – perfect for getting the real scoop on swimwear.  Hope this helps!  (And if anyone else has figured out the perfect swim solution for themselves, feel free to send pics to  I have a few from readers coming out later this week…)



I have some awesome friends.  They’ve always been game to be included in beauty and makeup-related posts . . . but this time, they let me take pictures of them in swimsuits and put them on the internet.  Now granted, they all look amazing, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it takes balls courage to do this.  We were sitting around one day and I said, “we all have such different body types, it might be fun to do a post on the best swimsuits for each of us.”  (It was probably more like, “hey you guys are going to be in a swimsuit post so get ready,” but you get the idea).

Anyway, they were game, so I booked a photographer (Danielle Pemble – she shot my wedding, too), did a ton of online shopping and try-ing on, booked a spray tan, and brought drinks.  Here’s the result of all of our online searching, trying-on, and testing.







J. Crew Twist Bandeau Bikini Top & Ruched Bikini Bottom, both in Tidewater

“I have a love/hate relationship with buying swimsuits (don’t we all?).  They all look so cute on the rack or online, and I have this picture in my head of what it would look like on me, then I get to the dressing room, try on a few, make a few excuses, and walk out with nothing.  That’s when I realize it is worth it to spend the extra cash to get something that works, fits well, and is COMFORTABLE.  I have a big chest (34DD on a small day) and hate tan lines which often leads me to find any strapless top I can to avoid the dreaded lines on my shoulders.  However, these days, I spend less time lying out in the sun, and more time running after my nephew, my best friends’s children, or our dogs on the beach.  I needed something that kept “my girls” in place while building sand castles and splashing in the water.  This J. Crew top succeeded in all of the above, and I am obsessed with the royal blue color (red was next in line!).  The best part—you can actually order a DD!  It has underwire so I felt that it gave me a little lift but comes up high enough on my chest that I don’t feel like I have the “boob spilleth over” look.  Also, the bottoms fit perfectly!  They have the perfect amount of coverage on my booty and are SO comfortable!” 




Rip Curl High Neck Bikini Top (also available in black) & Cheeky Bottoms

“Being of smaller bust, I look for tops with character!  Tops that say “WHOA! That’s a nice top!” Not tops that say, “wait, where are your boobs?”

I also enjoy when there is lots of booty presence. These bottoms are great for letting the bum sun, and with an elastic liner around the entire bottom, they’re  cheeky without full bum exposure. I feel like I won’t lose a cheek or sneak any peeks.”





Kenneth Cole High-Neck Monokini (also available here and currently on sale at Macy’s)

(Cover up from Express, similar in blue floral or paisley print)

“So my biggest issue with finding a flattering suit is that I’m larger “up top” with DDD’s.  Most bikinis just don’t give me enough coverage, and I end up spilling out up top, on the side, and sometimes down below lol.  It’s been hard to find a swimsuit top that has enough coverage and security, but yet looks flattering and doesn’t have TOO much fabric…’s a fine line, trust me.

So I decided to switch it up and try a one-piece.  I liked the coverage and high neckline, but the mesh pattern still gave it a “sexy feel.”  My biggest fear of going with a one-piece was that it would feel too old lady-ish, so I was pleasantly surprised to see there were so many choices that had cut-outs and still showed off some skin.  I liked this one the most because it was super comfortable, showed off the assets in a good way, and I wasn’t spilling out up top.  Classy, edgy and still sexy.”





Billabong Women’s Floral Reversible High Neck Crop Bikini Top (also available in paisley) and matching reversible bottoms (and in paisley)

“When choosing a swimsuit post-baby I wanted something different from my standard Victoria’s Secret “bandeau.”  I wanted something with coverage, so there were no “oopsies” when chasing around my soon-to-be toddler.  I also wanted something that I could nurse in and would accommodate my ever changing bra size (pre-prego, prego, and post-prego nursing breasts)!  This, what I call “sporty,” Billabong top is perfect for that!  It has a higher neckline and I could tell right away it would fit whatever bra size I currently am.  I absolutely love the print and the material.  It is super silky and feels thick and well-made.  Plus, for someone like me, (let’s just say “tight” with money) it’s reversible so 2-suits-in-1!  I love both prints and that I can change how to wear them together.”


On Baby Aria:

Similar 2-piece rashguard in stripes and stars or a perfect set for the 4th of July!  The rashguards are the best way to go when your baby is so young . . . much easier than making sure sunscreen is in every spot and crevice.




Black Strappy Triangle Bikini Top & Striped Side Tie Hipster Bottom

“I have always been and will forever be a very active individual.  I own a gymnastics academy, so I am constantly around kids who love to run and tumble, including my boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter.  I need a suit that will hold up during handstands and flips with the kids on the beach! Having a muscular frame from being a competitive weightlifter this is often difficult to find, especially in a stylish suit.  This suit from Express was a perfect find! The top reminds me of my favorite sports bras, so I knew it would hold up to the flip test.  And the bottoms have the side ties to synch as tight as you need so they don’t creep down-not to mention the fun stripes in my signature colors!  If you are an active mom, aunt, or babysitter this suit is for you!”




J. Crew Jersey Lomellina String Bikini Top & Surf Hipster Bottoms in dark navy

“The “surf hipster” title of the bottoms had me thinking that my c-section scar would definitely be showing in these, but I was happy to find that it didn’t!  The bottoms are low enough to look cute (I just can’t do the high rise), high enough to hide my scar and has the perfect amount of coverage . . . not too cheeky, but not too mom-ish.  The top is ridiculously comfortable and super easy to nurse in.  The straps are thicker and don’t cut into your skin like some string bikini tops and are totally adjustable to your comfort level.  J. Crew will pretty much always be my go-to because they are SO well-made and last forever.  They’re always having sales (especially after summer starts!) so I snatch them up when I can.”



On Baby G:

Rosette Swimsuit (LOVE how it accentuates her belly!) and similar hooded cover-up.



Shop our picks:






    • Yeah, that is a group of really skinny, fit friends! And they all look gorgeous, but marketing this as “real bodies” feels disingenuous. I was excited to click on the link and then disappointed at how similarly slim they all are.

    • I have to agree. These girls look gorgeous and I love these styles, but not one is remotely practical for anyone of my build. Maybe 20 years ago…

      • Wider range of bodies…? not really… Its just a few more of your friends with the same body type as you and Scotti. Not trying to be a meanie just being honest. If you were going to call it out as being different body types maybe you should have reached out and actually found women of different sizes. Honestly being a size 14 I truly am starting to wonder why I even look at your blog anymore. Everything is Expensive Nordstrom stuff I can’t afford or it’s geared all towards teeny tiny sizes. I understand that’s what you know because you are tiny and have been getting paid by Nordstrom but maybe its time to branch out of the box a bit more?

        • I can hear the frustration in your comment, Stefoni, and I’m sorry you didn’t find the article helpful. At the risk of sounding repetitive, my friends and I in this photo shoot range in dress sizes from 0-12, cup sizes from A-DDD and heights from 5’2″-5’11”. We were only one size short of a size 14. I think part of the problem is that we choose flattering photos where everyone looks good . . we intentionally leave out photos that show our friends at a bad angle because they’re doing us a favor! I think this problem is apparent when you say Shana & I have the same body type . . . we definitely do not. I wear a size 8-10 on bottom and a size 4 on top (definitely a pear shape) and she typically wears a 0-2 and is more straight down. There are SO many body types that exist in the world and we were simply trying to branch out from what we could show you on our own. Again, I’m sorry you didn’t find it helpful.

  1. Whoa. This post was on the level of Rock Star. I *loved* seeing all of those real, gorgeous, healthy, fun-loving bodies and hearing what they were looking for in bathing suits. Super sexy. Super real.

  2. As a fellow mama with smaller top and more muscular legs, that was awesome to see your gorgeous friends in styles I could wear, too. My body type is usually left out of the “real” mix somehow, not super thin, not plus sized, just muscular and little curvier on the bottom only, ha. So thanks for the variety of styles and ladies you show. Makes me miss my best girlfriends who live far from me.

  3. These women look amazing, and more power to them, but this post reflects an extremely narrow range of body types. Let’s be honest–most American moms do not look like this.

  4. You guys are amazing!!! And gorgeous! As I read this post I could hear the comments that would follow, and then I read the comments and I was spot on. I wasn’t going to post anything actually, but I wanted to point out the facts that you all got in your bathing suits, supported each other and looked amazing while doing it! Not many of us would be willing to do this for the sake of helping other women with fashion. I do agree that you all are athletic, slim, and toned, so maybe not a super wide range of body types, but still courageous and beautiful. And it is quite possible that the readers see you all as the model-esque bodies and you don’t even see yourselves as such. And this is coming from a mommy of 3 (baby #1 was 10lbs 7oz) and I am totally hot…haha, I do feel like you represent a good number of women/mom body types…definitely mine. But I could see where someone would feel less so, just saying.

    • Well said! My comment was not meant to put anyone down, just saying that this is more a selection of fit, more fit and most fit ladies. Everyone looks fabulous and I would totally get my picture done in these suits if I looked like them, too! Now, if TME wants to do a piece on the best camouflaging suits for 40-somethings, I’m your girl! As always, though, I love to see what these girls find for their posts!

        • I would love to have a bathing suit that makes me feel comfortable/confident enough to be photographed in (without grabbing a kid to stand in front of me for distraction!), however, I haven’t found it yet. If you have one for me, I’m totally volunteering! I’m always inspired by what all of you are wearing!

          • Yes!!! I’ve long since given up finding a suit I actually like and feel good in. My general goal is to find one that’s not terribly uncomfortable.

  5. Man. I love that you want to represent a real range of body types. This isn’t it though.

    That’s ok! I think that the issue is in the description, not your gorgeous friends. You could have just written about your real friends trying on and reviewing real suits, instead of trying to claim “a wider range of body types.”

  6. Kudos to everyone for extreme bravery!! You all look amazing. I just wanted to say my favorite was Rachael’s one piece! STUNNING!

  7. I love how JCrew two pieces are winners year after year. With all of the problems they’ve had with their regular clothes their swimsuits have stayed on point. Thanks ladies for getting in your suit on the Internet! Y’all look fab. This a blog of a particular set of women with particular bodies. Don’t see your body type up there? Produce some content to share! I’m satisfied with the Mom Edit.

  8. Love this !!! So awesome to see swimsuits on differently body types !! Love that there are short/tall/large chested/small chested/etc bodies shown !! Thanks so much ladies, you all look gorgeous !!!

  9. Looks awesome! Let’s stop shaming though, this is a snapshot of one group of friends. They are all real bodies, with different shapes and stories behind them. Props to being brave enough to show off those real bodies on the Internet! Even more props for being healthy, fun loving, fit mamas. What better example to highlight for our children!

    • I don’t think anyone was “shaming” anyone. And believe it or not, some of us with jiggly thighs are also setting good examples for our children. Ladies you look great!

      • Of course that’s not what I am saying. I just had anticipated these comments before I even scrolled down. Then I hoped I was wrong but nope–there they were. I just wish we could all be more encouraging and positive to each other. Especially woman to woman and especially about our physical appearance. We are so quick to point out flaws or comment on the negative. By saying these aren’t real bodies or not what most people look like aren’t we just saying that it’s not possible to be active + a mom, fit + a mom, stylish + a mom, confident + mom body. I think we should be saying things and having conversations that encourage and uplift our kids! Let’s start by practicing with each other!

        • I hear ya, I anticipated these comments as well. I just didn’t think anyone was shaming these women, just surprised. Some of us can’t ever look like this and we crave similar bodies to our own to be featured. For me the answer isn’t plus size blogs, I’m not plus sized either- I just don’t fit in what is considered “conventional” even though I know there are many people like me, none of us seem to want to be featured on a blog. Ha! FYI I have a “skittle” body shape, which doesn’t seem to be featured ANY where. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

          • I am referring to Allison Clarks comment..:) I agree with you 100%!! What are some people so quick to be mean/negative??

  10. Thank you for the comments, especially for the ones recognizing that this was scary for every one of the girls in the photos! The sad thing is, each one of us immediately started to point out “flaws” we saw in our own bodies when the photos came out. I want to get away from body-shaming . . . big, small, fat, skinny, whatever! These are my friends, these are our bodies . . . we range in dress sizes from 0-12, bra sizes from A-DDD, heights from 5’2″-5’11” . . . we were trying to represent MORE body types, not all body types. Like Shana said, we WELCOME any pictures that you guys may have and any suit suggestions. As always, thank you for the feedback and the encouragement!

    • I was so inspired by your friends Scotti, that I might just snap some of myself (as awful as they may be) and send them in. I am bigger on the top than the bottom, so I rarely find women my body type represented (it’s just not as common).

    • My body looks just like the women pictured here and there is NO WAY I would submit to being photographed in a bikini and having it plastered on the internet! Major props to these women for their bravery! No matter what we say about body image and how every body is beautiful, it still takes significant courage to put yourself out there like this!

  11. It’s not like there aren’t thousands of fashion blogs dedicated to curvy body-types. It’s silly to choose one blog and insist it represent everyone and everything. It’s the internet, people, the search bar is easier to use than the comment form.

    • I follow plus size blogs too. But those blogs feature girls who are more like sizes 24-26+. This blog generally features sizes 0-8 (apparently there’s a size 12 in this post). I am a 12-14 with cellulite and a tummy (not this “pooch” I hear spoken of so often on this blog but have yet to actually bear witness to.) where do I get to go to find fashion tips and ideas? If you have a blog for me to follow please let me know. Would love to have something closer to my body type!

  12. I was inspired by the post. In the first picture, I had the same gut reaction — they all just look great, way better than I could. But then as I read through, I realized yes, I fit in here. I’m in the represented range Scotti indicated between A-DDD and 0-12. That means I probably look better than I think I do! It must be about the right suit and the confidence to be who you are. 🙂

    • JAL – Yes! This! It’s funny, after the post went live, all of the girls featured managed find SOMETHING they didn’t love about their body. Meanwhile, the comments started coming in about how gorgeous they all were, NOT real bodies, etc. etc. I think you hit it spot on: most people look better than they think they do. Thanks for the insight, chick. xo

    • When I read the size range Scotti referenced, I too, thought “hmm…maybe I don’t look as bad as I thought then.” Maybe I have carnival mirrors in my house or something!

      • I’ve been reading all of these comments with great interest as I love all of these young women in the photos. But your comment made me laugh out loud. I think I may have those same carnival mirrors of which you speak, and I bet you do look great in your swimsuit.

        • Thanks so much!!! Maybe I’ll be brave enough to send in a picture in my bathing suit. Of course not a mirror selfie! You know what those carnival mirrors do!

    • Agreed! The girls look gorgeous, but hearing what their sizes are made me feel a bit better about myself (falling in the 8-10 range) pulling one of these suits (or at least some of these suits) off. Regardless of size, I think it’s brave for a woman to put herself out there on the internet in a bathing suit (or fully clothed!) to be judged by readers. And this post gave me a bit of confidence that I look better than what I see in the mirror. So thanks Scotti and to your beautiful friends for posting! (And maybe update the post by putting your drink recipes on the blog – they look delicious!)

      • Thank you Becky! And I wear a size 8 on the bottom, just FYI . . . pear-shaped! The drinks were delicious! I used pineapple and orange juice, mixed it with rum and added a little coconut-flavored rum. YUM. Perfect for summer!

  13. So a question-do any of the swimsuits posts address pooch? I actually like my post baby curves but it does hang out over lower bottoms. Im thinking the most flattering option would be two pieces with a bottom piece that comes up high enough (but still low enough to not feel frumpy.)

  14. It’s a frightening statement on our society that these gorgeous women would feel at all self conscious showing their bodies. Frankly, there’s part of me that scoffs at the mention of their bravery because if I looked like this I’d be flaunting it All. The. Time. 😉

    The reactions to this post are also indicative of what a sticky wicket body issue is for most women. I’m DOWN to a size 10/12 after spending a great deal of my life in the plus sizes. It’s only been in the last few years I’ve felt comfortable wearing sleeveless tops because of the loose skin on my upper arms from when I was 95lbs heavier. And don’t get me started on the pooch and loose skin around my belly from carrying around that much extra weight. Oh yeah, and being pregnant twice and having two C-sections. 😉 Honestly, when I see pictures of these incredible looking women being represented as showing different body types it makes me wonder what kind of fat ugly cow I would be considered. Which I understand is kind of crazy but it’s where my thoughts go. When you’re obese and you hear skinny people complain about how fat they are it’s very hard not to take it personally when the reality is most of us are too focused on our own flaws to pay much attention to those of other people. While It’s very hard for to wrap my mind around why anyone who looks like these beautiful women would be at all self conscious about their appearance I have to extend the same compassion I would want to realize that we all have our demons.

    Although I still reserve the right to chuckle at you gorgeous skinny girls for referring to your pooches. 😉

  15. Scotti, is that a peony tattoo on your right arm?? I’ve been considering getting something similar for quite some time, and would love to see an up-close photo of yours. Not so I can copy it :-), but just for inspiration. BTW, you all looked beautiful and happy!

    • Yes!! Thank you for noticing! 🙂 I got it just a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I’m sharing on my instagram soon . . . @scottiliz!

  16. Just a general note–whether it’s your favorite blogger or your spouse, always presume good intentions! Come from the viewpoint that people were well-intentioned, and you’ll feel much happier. Scotti and Shana had a positive motive in thinking, hey, let’s show someone other than ourselves to provide more diversity. Responders had good intentions in just saying that, although it wasn’t the intent, the statement that this showed diversity made some women (who feel their bikini days are behind them) feel bad about themselves that they weren’t anywhere in this “wider range.” As a squishy stomached, one-piece wearing mama, I’ll read this knowing it came from a good place 🙂 And, no, I don’t want to post a picture of myself in a swimsuit on the internet–ha!

  17. Scotti, your friends are pretty awesome for doing this with you/for you, and having friends like that is WAY more important than how anyone looks in a swimsuit! 🙂

  18. I’d like to see one of you take a photo in your swimsuit, without anyone or anything in front of you, AND post it on the internet. Not Facebook. But a well known blog with a large fanbase. No? That’s what I thought. Hell, I wouldn’t do it either. The fact that a group of women took MULTIPLE photos in swimsuits and posting them on the INTERNET is applause worthy. I am in awe! 🙂

    But, I’ve had about enough of the skinny shaming in the comments section of this blog. I started reading this post and thought “Oh, no, here it comes”, and yep, I was right.

    I wear size 2 jeans, 5’7″, and have had two kids. Being thin doesn’t make me less of a mom or make getting dressed easier. I struggle everyday with body images issues, confidence, and insecurity.

    Lately, the comments section has leaned towards requesting clothes for real mothers. We are all real mothers, regardless of size.

    Embrace your bodies, and for the love of all things motherhood, support each other. Knock off the judgement and shaming. Yes, you are skinny shaming. Enough already. Be nice.

    • Jen, I’ve read each comment, and not one of them has even come close to “shaming” the women pictured. No one is saying they aren’t “real” mothers, and no one has made a single negative comment about how they look. People are debating whether they in fact represent a “wider range of body types.” I think that’s fair.

      • Yes, I agree. There isn’t any body shaming going on. Everyone seems to be in consensus that these women look fabulous. I’m not trying to be snarky, but try being a 20 year old woman who weighs 250 and then come talk to me about body shaming. I’m 43 years old and I still tense up every time I walk by a group of frat boy looking young men. Which is ridiculous because I’m likely invisible to them but I still mentally brace myself for the kinds of comments I spent many years enduring.

        • I know exactly what you mean Beth because I weighed 203 when I was 21. I’ve since lost 60 # and struggle to maintain my weigh loss. So, I hear ya! 🙂
          My post was referring to blog comments overall as of late on this blog. There seems to be a lot of negativity when Shana posts an outfit, but a post from someone curvy elicits fist pumps of joy. I wasn’t pointing just to this one post, but overall for the past several months. I’ve been reading this blog for five years now, and as of late there have been more and more comments regarding skinny/thin bodies. It’s hard to be a mother and maintain our sense of being a woman too. My point was: were in this together, regardless of size. Now if someone wants to discuss stretch marks and c-section scars – I’m your girl. :p

          • I see what you mean about the trend of negative comments. You’re right about us all being in this together. Shaming somebody for being too skinny is the same as fat shaming. Everyone has insecurities. What I love about this blog, even though so many of the outfits pictured would look ridiculous on me, is exactly what you said about “being a mother and maintaining our sense of being a woman too.” Personally, I find I learn more from people who are different than from those with the same sensibilities. It doesn’t matter that I would never wear a harness. Shaina and friends have broadened the way I think about style and isn’t that really the point?

            Although, I have to say I just can’t get behind the destroyed denim. Not because of how it looks. I’m enough old lady Midwestern that I can’t see spending good money on clothes that are already ripped. 😉

  19. I love the variety of bodies and suit styles posted on this site. Old TME articles helped me find my favorite suit and that’s post-partum size 8, 32H. It’s a one piece from Lands End with tons of ruching and underwire. I never would have found it without Shana, her readers, and trying on 10+ suits. I approached it as a research project, rejected that swim suit shopping stinks, and focused on finding the formula that would work for me…a new outlook thanks to TME.

  20. At first when I read this I was like hmmmm they all look awesome no matter what they wear….but then I was thinking (still last night) about it…EVERYONE has their insecurities. No bathing suit will cover veiny legs or cellulite (unless you wear a skirt) but at 41 iI don’t want wear a skirt I just want to feel not AWFUL in my suit. So i think that no matter what who was chosen its pretty much refelcts all “issues” we all have. I have weighed 120 lbs and I have weighed 212 (at my oldest’s delivery) now at 41 I am “ok” with weighing 129 and I wear a bikini b/c one pieces make me look like an 80 year old b/c I am short waisted and NOTHING looks good even my ULTRA conservative mother has said – EW um no one pieces please about me

  21. I love this post! I love that you have friends who are willing to do this- if I asked my friends, they would run away. And FAST! And I guess I was confused about all the comments. When I read the title, “Six Friends, Six Suits” it was what I thought- six women in six swimsuits. Six women who aren’t bloggers, yet posted photos of themselves online, in the name of helping other women with their own shopping.

    I will say this- I have been with TME edit since the beginning, and what I love still holds true. Your humor, your honesty, your support of ALL mamas everywhere- of every age, every stage, every size. You are honest and, in the case of Shana, brave in sharing your journey through cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. And, you allow us to comment- you hold space for a variety of opinions. Even when there are those who (respectfully) disagree with your viewpoint. If only the rest of the world (I am talking about you, American politics) could do the same.

    Keep on keeping on! Sending you much love. xo

  22. I love this post! I also try think about bathing suits in these kinds of terms– how much they cover, how well they handle rough and tumble play, how they would work with nursing and changes in breast size, how they work with short waists or long torsos or small breasts or large breasts etc.– and I don’t expect anyone else to need the exact same combination of features as I do. I think this post reflected a variety of priorities in bathing suit features, which frankly is more useful to me and more reasonable to expect than that I see my own exact body type depicted. Frankly, I am disappointed that any reader would leave any comments about these women’s bodies at all. It’s a swimsuit shopping post. Comment on types of swimsuits represented. Shana and Scotti: I wonder if you could have deflected some of the focus on bodies in the comments if your text had referred to a range of swimsuit priorities or features, as opposed to a range of body types. But anyway, bravo and thank you!

  23. I appreciate that it was brave of these women to do the shoot, and they do all look great. I think my disappointment is that, while there is a range of (beautiful) body types here, there is nothing for those of us who aren’t up for baring our bellies. I feel pretty good about my body, but post-twin pregnancy, my bikini days are gone. I would have loved to see someone in a tankini or one-piece.

  24. I am a 40-something mom of 3 and currently a size 6, but have fluctuated up to a size 14 many times over the past 2 decades. I have come to the conclusion that all I want a swimsuit (or jeans) to do is make me look “my skinniest” at that particular point and time. This style suit has worked wonders for me, regardless of my size… the fabric at the chest covers the DDs and the rouching at the waist sucks me in. I’ve got lots of “soft tissue” as the ladies at Soma like to say, but this style holds me in! And really – lets not debate how awesome this post is. Maybe just say – “You all look so, so great – could you show some one-piece options for those of us not comfortable baring the belly?”

  25. Just found this blog. Agree the title is misleading in that it appears to not be a wide range of body types, even if the sizes range. That is not to be an insult, they look lovely and fit just not a diverse set of body types as advertised. That being said, small bust with the dreaded tummy pooch here and I found a tankini from Voda when I go googled “best suit for small bust”. And it is really the best suit for me with a small bust and hiding a little belly. Seriously, check them out. Made in the USA.

  26. Scotti–On a non-swimsuit related issue, where are your sunglasses from??! They are fabulous!! (I have been looking for a similar pair but hard to find the right nude color with similar light blond hair and tan skin…and bonus that they aren’t uber-big!)

  27. Everyone truly looks great. However, regardless of their number size, this absolutely doesn’t represent a “wide range of body types”.

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