Reader Question: Where Can I Find Cute, Supportive Comfort Shoes, Breezy Enough For Summer (And Good For Pregnant Gals!)


Reader Question:

Hi there!!  I'm a flip flop kind of gal, very casual, and 23 weeks pregnant.  I live in the south where the average temperature the past couple of weeks has been 1003 (or more realistically 95) and I dread any and all activities that take place outside.  However, I have a toddler and confining us both to the indoors is highly unlikely.  

Because of the heat and the pregnancy factor, I feel like my flip flops aren't cutting it.  I need a shoe that's going to provide me with some support, are casual to wear with shorts and tanks and won't make my feet just sweat (read: breathable).  I've looked around and haven't been able to find shoes that offer support AND are breathable.  Do you have any suggestions?




Karen, I have a confession:  I've been ignoring this request.  Why?  Simply because I couldn't find anything new worth writing about.  I mean…YES.  Options exist that meet some of what you are looking for.  But these options that are either fairly obvious (check out our Flip-Flop post, including reader comments), rather horrifying (ummm…Crocs or weird mesh comfort shoes, anyone?) or we've already covered them (check out M's response to a reader going to Disney World while pregnant).

1116103-p-DETAILED Furthermore, many cute sneaker/ballet-flat hybrids that boast mesh inserts (like the Pumas pictured at left) still have a whole lotta leather for 1003 degrees.  Might be OK for the fall, but now?  They're something this pregnant gal would skip.  So yeah – I can relate.

And sneakers?  Even worse.  Waaay too hot.  Or so I thought.

So having nothing original to say, I put your question aside.  However…I now have new hope for sneakers.  I found some amazing Cross-Country racing flats that are not only supportive and totally, completely breathable…but they are also INSANELY CUTE.  These are, without a doubt, my pregnant gal pick for cute sneaks now and into Fall. 

Hope this helps, Karen!  My pregnancy is just a few weeks behind yours, so I feel your pain!  Thanks for writing in!




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