Cute Thermal Tops For Spring Layering

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I’m about ready to ditch my winter coat, but it’s not quiiiiite warm enough.  And while one could get by with Hopeful Dressing…that strategy really lends itself to a driving lifestyle, not a walking-the-kids-to-school lifestyle.  I’ve found that the limits of Hopeful Dressing is roughly three blocks.  So YES to dry cleaners and Starbucks…and pretty much no to everything else.

But hey – cute thermals.  Warmer than a tee, but less wintery than a sweater.  I’ve been layering this bright red one under my leather jacket when I’ve had enough of the puffer.  (And then, ok, sometimes I’ll add back in a winter hat, scarf, mittens if necessary.  Baby steps.  It is still February, after all.)

Anyway, I must not be the only one eyeing up cute thermals for Spring.  I happened to come across several in stores, and they’re just so practical (machine washable, soft, comfy) and all have some sort of interesting detail – always a win in my book.  So here are the ones that caught my eye…..

1. Thermal Button-Front – how annoying, the cream just sold out.  However, there’s a really pretty gray still fully in stock. Ignore the photo that makes it look like a cardigan, though. I’d wear it tied as shown here.

 2. Waffle-Knit Jersey – I love the sporty, football-jersey inspired vibe from H&M.  Easy and cute.

3. Henley Top – By Lucky Brand!  The details on this top are gorgeous.  I’d wear it unbuttoned low, over this bra in a fun color (I like ‘sagebud’).  Also available on Amazon (oooo…not only can you see the detail better in the Amazon photo, but Amazon has a ton of colors).

4. Lace-Up Waffle-Knit – If you click through, there’s a different pic.  That’s because this Michael Stars top sold out at Anthro (where that pic is originally from)….but Zappos has it (where the link goes).  As you can see in the Zappos pic (if you click through), it has a banded waist bottom, so is almost more like a thin sweatshirt.  I’d wear it with a pretty little choker necklace (like this Minkoff one) for something different.

5. Laguna Thermal – One of my favorites.  The neckline is so big that you’ll need some sort of bra-like top under it (like this)…or a sexy cami (like this one – which I actually own. So much more flattering than I was expecting).  Zappos also has more sizes/colors in stock….

6. High Sides Thermal – Love this LNA thermal with the high slits up the side.  So cute with high-rise denim.  Revolve has it too, fully in stock and on sale.

7. Rainbow Thermal – I have this one!  Love it – it’s just easy and cute and comes in a zillion colors.  Runs a bit big, though.  I’m wearing a small, but would’ve been better off with an xs.

 8. Thermal Tunic – this happy little top at Anthro comes in a zillion colors.  (Reviewers are complaining that it snags on jewelry, tho, so….shoot.)





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