Winter is definitely HERE in Marquette, Michigan.  We’ve already had about three-quarters of Detroit’s average annual snowfall (and there’s a long way to go, people).  We’ll be wearing our winter gear here until March (at least).  So when Walmart recently asked us to take a look at their cold weather options, being the budget-friendly Yooper that I am, it made sense for me to see what they had to offer.

To be honest, this was my first time shopping Walmart fashion and I was expecting to see basically the same thing I saw in-store.  BUT.  They have a HUGE inventory online.  Like when I searched for winter boots I saw UGG, Sorel and Bearpaw.  But they also have lots of sweaters, coats, gloves and hats from brands I had never heard of.  This sweater, for example, is one of my favorites.  It’s perfect with leggings and I love the double v-neck . . . oh and it’s $16!  WHAT.  That’s my kind of sweater.  


Boots: Run small, I’m wearing a size 9 and usually am an 8 (whole sizes only).

Sweater: I love the double v-neck on this sweater – it looks particularly good with a bralette like this (nursing-friendly).  Also in black.

Puffer Coat(xs): Also in a pretty olive color, I love the faux fur and toggle buttons.

Hat & Gloves: These come in multiple colors and are fully lined with microfleece (for extra warmth!). I’m also loving the forest green color.

Bag: Love the roominess of this tote.  It’s soft and comfortable to carry AND . . . the two side compartments are the PERFECT size for carrying bottles of wine (one in each??).  Also in navy.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the choices Walmart had to offer.  It’s a great way to get everything you need – from high-end winter boots to budget-friendly sweaters and coats – all in one place.

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A huge thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post – you guys are now my go-to for all things winter!  I love that you carry so many options from high-end to budget-friendly all in one place.




  1. Any tips on how to dress baby in cold weather? Our first was born in late September and while Washington, DC is nearly as cold & snowy as Marquette, we are out and about quite a bit throughout the year. Thanks!

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