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It’s T-minus weeks to summer vacation.  And while I’m firmly on the body-positivity train….I also know that I’ll be a lot more positive about this body if I’m working it out a bit.  I’ve been taking dance classes three times a week and not only do I feel like my mind is sharper (funny thing, choreography), but I’ve noticed a huge difference in my fitness levels.  So when Nordstrom reached out asking me to take a look at Zella, their in-house line of workout clothes, I didn’t even hesitate.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Zella, but thought it would be fun to see what a few of my friends (and mom) thought, too.  Linzi and I have been meaning to corner Laurel (our dance teacher and friend) for a private lesson in salsa technique, so this all seemed like a perfect opportunity to get the girls together, try on a bunch of clothes, and then go and get sweaty.

As it turns out….styling four girls for a photoshoot is one thing.  Styling four girls for a photoshoot and LIFE is a whole ‘nother deal.  By the time this was all said and done…I think we may have tried on everything in the entire Zella line.  Below I’ll show you our favorites, but if you have any questions about a specific Zella product, let me know.  I’ll bet I have an opinion.

Mom’s Favorites

Mom loved that the jacket looks just as cute with jeans as it does with workout clothes….and that the tee was long enough to cover her bum.


Jacket: Arise Luxe Bomber Jacket (mom is wearing an XS for reference) – this jacket also comes in a few other colors

Tee: Twisty Turn Tee (XS)

Leggings: Win-Win Crop Leggings (XS) – aren’t these cute?  I’m coveting them.

Linzi’s Favorites

Linz was worried that these leggings were “too sexy”.  [insert eyeroll here] If you are as confused as I was, allow me to point out that the dots are cut-outs.  So much SKIN!!!  Says Linzi.  But after wearing them around on her sexy self…she actually ended up loving them.


Tank: ‘Lean Routine’ Tank (S) – a perfect tank for showing off a pretty bra.

Bra: Dawn Sports Bra (S)

Leggings: Starry Eyed High-Waist Crop Leggings (S) – so scandalous

Pullover: Pop On Sweatshirt (S) – this is that green v-neck sweatshirt (pictured farther above) with the cool sleeve detail.  Linz has been wearing it so often that I’m threatening to burn it.

Laurel’s Favorites

Laurel is so freaking fierce.  That parka, man.  It was made for her.  And any mom who can successfully wear a crop top deserves a standing ovation.


Jacket: Cinch Me Parka (S)

Crop Top: In the Lead Sports Bra (M)

Joggers: Taryn Sport Knit Pants (S) – these are seriously soft and comfy.

My Favorites

We had actually bought the top I’m wearing for Laurel….but when she tried it on, it was barely cropped.  Which makes it perfect for me!!  This is basically the only crop top I’m willing to do – a sliver of skin is perfect.

Now please allow me to gush about these joggers.  They’re super lightweight and comfy, and they look cute with sneaks, sandals, heels, etc.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of these bad boys.  We had ordered these joggers in a ton of sizes (just to try) and we ALL loved them.


Top: Vivian Crop Tank (M) – I had to size up for the ‘girls’

Joggers: Out & About 2 Crop Pants (XXS) – my fav things in the line right now

Sweater: For the Love Faux Wrap Top (S) – I love the ballet vibe of this top.  Another piece that looks cute with jeans.

Shoes: Superstar Sneaker


I mean….how badass is my mom for taking salsa classes with us?  Linz and I have been going since September, and mom just jumped right in.  High-freaking-five.

And Laurel, thank you for being such a good sport.  Your classes give me life.  (And if anyone wants to see what we’re up to in dance classes, check out Laurel’s IG, @solorhythm.  It’s SO fun.)



photo credits:  Redfield Photography (love you guys MWAH!)

A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  I’m always on board with good athleisure pieces, and Zella does this so well.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, opinions, and awkward dance moves are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continuing support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.


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  1. Love this post! I’ve been searching all over for slim fit black joggers that are sweatpant or Jersey type material. I will definitely be trying both of these pairs! In love with that parka, too!! Im a huge fan of Zella personally, and even more than for myself, for my daughters. Dressing 11 year old girls is hard. They don’t want to look like my sweet little cuties when they leave the house anymore and I don’t want them to look like they’re homeless when the leave it, either. It’s a problem. Zella girls let’s them go out in leggings and tees and hoodies, which they want, while looking cute and put together, which I like. I think that translates for their entire line, girls and women, making everything eminently wearable!

  2. Love this! Love the smiles, love the photos, love that you all took a class with Laurel! I have always said I want to move to the sea on the east coast, living close enough to the water to hear the ocean…but these days I tell my husband I want to move to Philly so I can attend Laurel’s classes every day!

  3. This was an ambitious post! Do you think the eyelet tights Linzi is modeling would be good for running?
    It’s so fun that your mother is willing to model workout clothes too. Your mom seems to be embracing the best life she can live after a huge loss, and it makes me tear up seeing her dance. Who knew you could learn so much about humanity from a fashion blog?

    • I do think the tights would work for running! Zella stuff tends to hold up really well. And thanks for the kind words – the loss has been so freaking tough, but we’re all trying. She’s such a champ. Thank you for noticing, and taking the time to send love our way. xoxoxoox

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