The Cutest & Coolest Backpacks For Back-To-School


It’s that time of year! Actually…it totally isn’t. It’s still July, and I personally don’t even want to START thinking about back-to-school stuff — and this is coming from someone who LOVES back-to-school preparation! Last year, however, I started rounding up backpacks the first week in August, and a ton of the cutest and coolest were sold out! So… I’m moving my search to July to see if we can snag some of these fantastic kids’ backpacks before everyone else finds them. 

We’re stalking back-to-school shopping items for you. Our list of 8 kids’ backpack styles — from the most popular & trending to fun classics is ready to shop!Red Sprayground Pack | Orange & Blue Creature Pack

I’ve created a “menu” (as one of my good 7-year-old friends calls my category posts) for 8 different trending backpack and styles with my top picks from each category. Ask your child what they’re into this year (or yourself — there are some good-for-grown-up packs too), or you could make the mistake I did and invite your kiddo to take a scroll with you — I miss the days that I didn’t have to take their personal fashion tastes in to consideration! 

The Cutest & Coolest Kids’ Backpacks Of 2019

We’re stalking back-to-school shopping items for you. Our list of 8 kids’ backpack styles — from the most popular & trending to fun classics is ready to shop!

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The Cutest Backpacks That Sparkle

The Cutest Creature-Inspired Backpacks

The Cutest Backpacks With Tie-Dye & Swirls

The Coolest Backpacks With Awesome Patterns

The Coolest Camo Backpacks

The Coolest Backpacks That Aren’t Too Fussy

The Coolest Sporty Backpacks

The Coolest Backpacks For Sophisticated Styles

Happy Early-Back-To-School Shopping! 


  1. We’ve already bought our backpacks for next school year and put them away. Our biggest struggle is finding rollers that are worth the money. We ended up at Pottery Barn Teen again for design, but my son has a hard time making those last till the end of the year.

    • Ugh . The roller backpacks. My son needed one for fourth grade—we ended up with this one from L.L. Bean. The rollers were great and it was very sturdy. Not the cutest or most fun designs, but at that point he could care less what his backpack looked like. Looks like they have a couple prints this year. LL Bean also has a pretty good 1-year-guarantee, so if it doesn’t hold up they’ll do a refund or replacement.

  2. Some backpack manufacturers have lifetime warranties. I had my Eddie Bauer in college and they replaced it (for the last selling price to put toward another) 20 years later for my son in 1st grade-we will continue to do this AND they last a long time, going on year 3 with no signs of wear! Other companies do this as well, so they may not be as cute and trendy but I am for sure getting the best use of my money 🙂 and at least worth mentioning to those who may have old backpacks lying around.

    • Great suggestion, Annie. Thank for commenting. I had an Eddie Bauer backpack in college too—totally wish I still had it–it was a classic!

    • AWESOME!!! Agreed…annoying to have to buy something extra on an already expensive item, but I too really like these bags a lot, so it’s a great option. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Semi related – I’d love to see a post with all backpack purses that have a security zippered pocket for money/id/keys

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