These Are The Cutest Skiing Baselayers EVER (And They’re On Sale)


If you’ve been following me on IG for any length of time (@shanachristine), you may have noticed that we ski…quite a bit. This year I upgraded my usual baselayers for a couple of pairs from Sweaty Betty and have been really impressed. While they’re not quite as warm as Under Amour’s Level 4 Baselayers, the fit is way better.  These baselayers are soft, they move with you, they’re nice and high-waisted, and they were warm enough for skiing at Mt. Bohemia in Michigan….on a -16F degree day.  (Full disclosure:  I was also wearing a down ski jacket, cashmere sweater, and a lightweight down mid-layer, too.  I HATE being cold.)

They also don’t get stinky with multiple days of use.

In terms of fit, the two pairs I have are also long enough for one of my good friends who is 5’10”.  (I’m 5’2″ for reference.) But they’re magic, because the extra length isn’t annoying on me, either.  The one word of caution for tall girls, however, is that this extra length doesn’t apply to Sweaty Betty’s merino wool baselayers.  Those are much shorter than the pairs I’m wearing.

In any case, I’m obsessed.  Not only are they totally functional, they’re so freaking cute.  I’ve been getting chased down by people asking where I found these baselayers.  They’re just…fun.  Yay, apres-ski.

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