The Cutest Summer Basics For Kids (Soft Shorts, Graphic Tees, and Sunnies)


Kids’ clothes just keep getting better.  And this latest crop – summa summa summatime – has taken a page from the rainbow bright trend, but in a quirky, cool way.  Add to that a few hysterical prints, an irreverent slogan, some soft shorts, and sunglasses that are actually made for kids (the arms bend all the heck over the place)….

We’re all high fives and good vibes over here.

Keep reading to see our favorite summertime basics for all little ones.  (We’re not going to get super picky over gender, especially when rainbows are involved.  Because rainbows, like unicorns, are awesome for everyone.)

Outfit Details

On Raines (oldest)

Surfing T-shirtshorts* | shoes | sunglasses**

*these are the only shorts Raines will wear.  They’re hybrid swim trunks, are quick-drying, comfortable, and still manage to look tailored even after multiple wears to the pool, beach, etc.  They wash and dry nicely, too.  He has them in a bunch of colors.

On Pax (youngest)

High Five T-shirt | shorts | shoes | sunglasses**

**these are babiators…but made for older kids.  Virtually indestructible.

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Happy summer!!



A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!!  Looking through the Nordstrom kids’ section is an absolute JOY, and as a #boymom, I especially appreciate the wide range of styles for little guys.  We all deserve a little color in our lives.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product selections are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support!  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated!!


  1. Oh Shana/ Mike…because I know who took these pics.:).. these warm my heart and bring back so many memories…your boys are beautiful I love the love between them…I had the same…Thank you ….I know this is a fashion blog ..but…it really is a lot more..:)

  2. You didn’t even mention the best part about Babiators! They’re guaranteed even if you LOSE them! I mean $25/pair for kids’ sunglasses is just a bit out of my normal price range but when they replace them for $6 (shipping), it’s a deal! And we have an uncanny ability for losing them though I make the kids wait a while before replacing them. Bonus they’re on sale (SUMMER30) as of this morning.

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