Clogs: The Perfect Wear-With-Everything Shoe For Fall


It’s not really breaking news that I’m a BIG fan of clogs. I love the way they look, I love the way they feel, and I love that they are ridiculously versatile. I wear cute fun ones in the summer with dresses as my walkable “high heels”, I wear clog booties in the winter with jeans and skirts as my daily “go-to”, but my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year to wear clogs is in the fall.

They are THE perfect shoe for this season (if it’s not a sneaker day). When the weather is fluctuating, and you’re not quite ready to wear daily socks or pull boots out from your closet (but it feels ridiculous to be wearing summer flip-flops because it IS officially fall)…clogs are your shoe. The past three weeks I have rotated between sneakers and clogs Every.Single.Day. Easy, cute, walkable, simple, perfect! I know, I know….for you clog haters (you know who you are!), you may disagree, but for the rest of us….give us a chance to bask in their gloriousness and delve in to some serious clog talk.


1.  Madewell Slingback Clogs

Pros: I love the color (such a good shade of brown for fall that goes with everything), and the style is SO much better than I thought it would be. I didn’t think I’d like that the leather comes up higher than a typical mary jane clog, but the cut is good, the leather is really soft, and there’s no pressure on the top of my foot where the material ends. Huge points there! The cushioned footbed is a HUGE plus for me as well, as is the adjustable back strap. Way to go Madewell! 

Cons: On one very hot day after literally walking 4 miles, they rubbed a small blister on my pinky toe…not too bad for a “con” in terms of comfort. They have a rubber sole, but they are on the heavy side and still clip-clop like regular clogs if that bothers you. My family thinks there’s a horse coming down the stairs when I wear them inside. I say…nothing wrong with a little clip-clopping action if they are comfy and look good!

Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.

Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.

Madewell Clogs | Tee | Jeans

2.  Sven Mary Jane Clogs

Pros: Reader Rebecca has been pleading with me to try Svens—she raves about them. Sven generously sent me a pair to try, and I have to say I am impressed. You pick the color, material, heel height, and style, and the nice folks in Minnesota handcraft you a custom pair. With a tracing of your foot, they are able to do sizing from extra narrow thru extra wide. From a sustainability perspective, they are a great example of slow fashion. I tried the bendable base since it’s recommended for doctors, nurses, and chefs….i.e. my kind of shoe. They are by far the most quiet clogs I’ve worn—-you can barely hear me going up and down the stairs. I’ve walked all day in them and the bottom of my feet feel fine (despite no cushioned footbed). I assume this is because of this magical bendable base? Bonus: Svens have a pretty big selection on eBay, just don’t bid on the peep-toe ones I’m eyeing!  

Cons: I am NOT totally sold on the look of the bendable base. You can definitely see the polyurethane strip that goes through it. I’m nervous that without this strip, though, they wouldn’t be as comfortable. My other con is the material is a bit snug on the top of my foot. When I reached out to Sven, though, they told me I could send them back to have them stretched, and next time I can give them measurements of my entire foot (not just the tracing), so they can make sure they fit perfectly. I have been walking the entire city wearing them, though, so neither the polyurethane or snug issue must be bothering me THAT much. I really want to try their gorgeous higher-heeled peep-toe options for summer….just hoping that they’re as comfy as the ones with the bendable base.. 

Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.

Sven Clogs | Tee | Jeans

3. Cordani Ankle Strap Clogs

Pros: I love this beautiful green color for fall. It’s really very pretty in person. They also come in three other absolutely gorgeous colors, but the green was really calling me. I also love the studded detailing as well as the warm wooden base color. In terms of comfort, Cordanis provide an awesome cushioned footbed and have a really nice rocking motion to their design that takes a bit to get used to, but feels great once you get the hang of it.

Cons: The leather was a little stiff and though these were very comfy in the footbed, they were not super comfortable in the toe box for my particular foot. My toes felt a little squished and they didn’t feel like they would stretch.

Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.
Cordani Clog | Tee | Jeans

4. Dansko Marty Clogs

Pros: I have the Dansko Malins (with the same heel) and love them…they are SOOOOO super comfortable, but they’re sold out in my color, so figured I would try these for you guys as well. In terms of sustainability, Dansko is a part of the Sustainability Network of Philadelphia, is based in PA, and is 100% employee owned. We’re not sure how sustainable their product is, but they are definitely making strides in the right direction. In terms of comfort, they do NOT disappoint. They are dreamy (as usual). Danskos are my shoe. They fit my foot perfectly and my feet are furious at me that I don’t wear them every single day. “To HELL with fashion! Burn all pointy toe shoes!!!”, they are chanting! 

Cons: The style doesn’t wow me. They’re fine, but not as good as the style of the Madewell slingbacks. I wish the heel was a dark wood instead of the leather wrapped block heel. I also wish there was more of an interesting cut where the material ends on the top of my foot. The block heel and the slingback strap does feel a bit fresher than my old traditional Dansko clogs, though, so I will definitely give them some credit there. 

Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.

Dansko Marty Clogs | Tee | Jeans

5.  MIA Platform Lug Sole Clog

Pros: MIAs are at a significantly lower price point than many of the other well-known clog brands. Their styles are cute, you don’t have to wait forever to get them since they’re available at many retailers, and their leather is totally soft enough. They are a traditional handcrafted in Sweden clog and are FSC certified (products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.) 

Cons: I wanted to try the lug outsole to see if it added any additional comfort to the wooden footbed. It didn’t. They definitely feel secure when you’re walking (no slipperiness), but I like the look of the regular (non lug outsole) better. The wooden footbed is not as comfy(for my foot) as the Madewells, Bendable Svens, Danskos, Cordanis, or Antelopes that have some cushion. I would definitely wear them to walk a mile or so, but not when I have to walk the city the entire day. The materials don’t feel quite as luxe as some of the other clog brands I’ve tried…but then again, they are half the price. 

Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.
MIA Abba Clog | Tee | Jeans

6. Antelope Hi-Sling Mule

Pros: These are really comfortable. They have nice padding, soft material, easy velcro slingback adjustment, and in general just feel great on.

Cons: These aren’t clogs. Whoops! I made a mistake with my order, but figured I would throw them in here anyway in case someone is interested.  I meant to order these. This is a brand I will definitely keep on my radar because they were super comfortable, but the range of styles isn’t huge and the style (even of the ones I meant to order) isn’t quite right for me…too much of a platform and the heel doesn’t speak to me. I was so happy with the similarly styled Madewells, that I decided to not reorder the correct Antelopes. 

Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.Oh hey, Fall! Time to break out the clogs — Danskos, MIA, Cordani, Swedish Hasbeens, Svens — we're trying all the shoes brands & weighing the pros & cons.
Antelope Hi Sling Mule| Tee | Jeans

Shop More Perfect-For-Fall Clogs

If you feel yourself wanting even MORE clog talk, take a look at my summer clog review here. I obviously LOVE talking clogs with my fellow clog lovers, so give it to me….what brands are you guys loving right now? Who has tried Svens without the bendable sole? Anyone able to walk in wooden footbed clogs all day long on pavement? Am I the only one with picky feet that desire a little extra padding/support? 



    • I am totally chuckling so loud right now. Those ridiculous grey jeans!!! I obviously wear them a ton and Lucky stopped making this wash, so I’m pretty much doomed. They’ve been patched and stitched and lovingly repaired so many times and I will NOT let them rest in peace. World’s first fashion blogger to wear the same pair of jeans in almost every post she does??? Give me some credit for trying to branch out a bit with the black high rise mom jeans in the full-length pics. Ha! Thanks for the comment, Kaitlin. 🙂

  1. Thank you for this review. I am an absolute clog-fanatic. I’ll definitely look into your recs. I’ve been very happy with Lotta and have been wondering if Hasbeens are worth the investment.

    • They definitely feel and look more “luxe” to me, but the ones I tried in my summer post were pretty squeaky and seemed like they would require breaking in–which I don’t usually have the patience for. That being said…they were pretty enough that I do want to try another pair in a different style/leather. Maybe order a pair from someplace that has free shipping and returns and see if your foot likes them in your living room?

    • Good find, Tracy! I’m always a little hesitant to recommend anything at Nordstrom Rack in the actual post b/c things sell out so fast, but looks like there are still a bunch of sizes in your shoes and I thought these were pretty cute too. Curious…can you walk as long in your Mias and Lottas as the Danskos or the Korks you like? Sorry….link above not working…trying this instead:

  2. I love love love clogs. <3 I love classic Dankso clogs – but with the blonde wood base! I realllly wish they would make more of them because I feel like they're very hard to find. I also love their Maria boot for fall/winter. Any ideas for mary jane style clogs that also have a closed back instead of just the ankle strap? I need a more closed style for work and I can never find any that have a closed toe AND a closed back.

    • Oh Mandi!!! Dansko Marias are my daily shoe once it gets cold. I LOVE Them!!! They sold out last year, but they are fully stocked at Zappos right now. I have a VERY old pair of mary jane clogs that have a closed back, but they haven’t carried them in forever. So sad. Actually—these at Nordstrom Rack have a closed back. Will look and see what others I can find too. Sorry…links above not working. Here’s the link to the closed back ones here And the link to the restocked Dansko Marias at Zappos for anyone who is looking:

  3. Love Dansko clogs, and now I need to try some Lottas! I can’t believe they are that inexpensive for a good-quality funky little clog. I sold beautiful designer shoes for years, and after seeing the feet and toes of women who wore ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes I’m all in for comfort with a strong dose of style. Clogs for the win!

  4. Hello! Reader Rebecca here- thanking you for giving the Svens a try!! Looking very closely at your clogs, I do have to agree with you that the bendy part is more obvious than the pairs that I own. I have found through trial and (big error), that the Natural Base has the most camouflaged bendy part- versus the Brown base, which looks almost identical but has a more defined and darker bendy bit. Here is an example of the Natural Bendable base;
    Here is an example of the Brown base, which is definitely not as good:
    Do you remember if your pair had the Brown or Natural base? I am really hoping yours are the Brown Base, and that they haven’t changed their winning formula on the Natural base…

    • Oh Yay! Was hoping you would be reading!! This is very interesting… looking at your photos. I thought I ordered the natural base because of your recommendation, but maybe I didn’t and this is the brown? Okay–will have to look in to this. Thanks again for the recommendation…so super excited about Svens!

    • This is tough, Jen. There are some Sanitas out there that are vegan, but I don’t love them…there are also some cork ones out there, but the ones I’ve seen don’t really seem to work either…the best Vegan clog I’ve seen is a clog from Novacos. You can take a look at them here: . They seem hard to find to purchase, though, online. If I come across anything good in my ongoing clog research :), I’ll let you know. Thanks for reading, Jen.

  5. If your not familiar with Bryr clogs you need to check them out. Small company out of San Francisco. You can pick the style & leather color- they’ll be custom made! I own several pair & love them! They have a huge cult flowing. They have a website where you can order through & a store in the Dogpatch area of SF.

  6. I find Danskos really uncomfortable on my foot. I’ve tried them both as a chef and as a nurse and they just don’t work for me. I am in love with your Madewell clogs here and those green Cordanis! They both look so cool! I am thinking I might give them a try to see if I like clogs better when I’m not wearing them for work.

    • Oh, Elizabeth…your Dansko experience makes me so sad. I do know that Danskos aren’t for everyone…you’re not the first person to tell me this. It’s so interesting… shoes are so personal in terms of what feels good on everyone’s feet, but I feel like for clogs especially, certain brands really work or don’t work for folks. Let me know if you try any and if so…if they work. I’m curious for a non-Dansko person what ends up being comfortable for you.

  7. I love clogs when they’re styled well. I’ve only worn Danskos in the past, but I’ve been eyeing Svens and Hasbeens for awhile. I’m very interested in those Madewell clogs, but their shoes tend to run narrow and my feet are borderline wide. Do you find that to be true for the clogs?

    I’m also thinking of pulling the trigger on these Aerosoles from the Martha Stewart collection (in the leopard print cowhair!): They don’t have a wood base, but they have a “comfort foam footbed” and they’re a great price.

    • So I have what I consider borderline wide feet as well. My foot kind of hangs off the side of some clogs. The Madewell clogs aren’t tight on me at all. They fit me more like a Dansko than some of the more traditional wooden clogs that are narrower. These Aerosoles look AWESOME, though!!!! You had me sold at comfort foam footbed and the price!

  8. This post makes me SO happy! I am a huge clog fan and agree about the lug sole 100%! I personally absolutely love Sven and their higher heel clogs are still SUPER comfy, I also love to wear the super high heel Swedish Hasbeens, I wear them all the time (reminds me of SJP)! Would love to talk clogs more and share clog ideas if you ever want to, @saguarostyleblog on instagram. Thank you so much for this post, love your style ideas and your clog enthusiasm. I don’t think enough people realize how cool they are and how eco-friendly! There’s something really special about wearing shoes that you know were handmade with love! xx

    • So….I could have SWORN Lotta from Stockholm had a vegan line, but I can’t find it. Am I just having a bad technology day or did they stop offering that line? Curious…which ones on Etsy do you like? I didn’t love the style of any of the ones I’ve been looking at…but would be SO happy to find a good nicely styled vegan line.

  9. I love love love clogs, too! I just bought 3 pairs of No. 6 to try some that are a little more “fashion-y” than my usual Danskos. And, so far, so good. Especially the mid-heel ones with the shearling on the inside.

  10. Hello Linzi, you’ve turned me into a clog wearer. I wore them before for comfort but after reading your articles, I wear them for fashion.
    Would you please write an article on supportive house shoes? We are a no-shoes-in-the-house family but I still need supportive shoes to wear on the wood floors, standing at the counter making meals, etc. Maybe even something that’s not a house shoe but a supportive slip-on. I don’t know. But I bet you do! Thanks!

  11. Perfect timing, I want to delve into this world. Where to start? I feel like y’all have Lottas. I have a friend who finds them super comfy. I am curious about the Sven bendy base. This lady right here can’t wear heels. at all. So if i’m a newbie, what brand type do you recommend?

    • Hi Tricia. It’s totally on my “list”, but I’ll be honest, I don’t know if a specific clog bootie review will happen soon…there are a lot of post ideas on my list. Ha! Laura took a look at a couple of clog boots last year, and I will be doing a review of a bunch of shoes I’ve tried that will include a couple of clog and clog-esque booties in there. My huge round up of comfort shoes/boots is coming out this week and my review of specific ones I tried will come out the first couple weeks of November hopefully. Which ones are you considering?

  12. Hiya Linzi. I’m a guy and recently into clogs and LOVE them as well. I’ve noticed not many guys ever wear them but don’t care. My first pair were Danskos for work, open back style and find them incredibly comfortable. I’ve now ordered a pair of custom made wood sole style with open backs and can’t wait to start wearing them. Super curious to know about your thoughts of a normal guy who simply likes how clogs look and more importantly how they feel when I wear them…looking forward to your thoughts and any other ladies on this forum..thanks!

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