Date Night Dress Up: Hot Dress, Hot Food


Hey Guys!

So, I’m trying something new today. I did a video post a little while back for how to hack yourself some smokin’ hot cutoffs. And it turns out our queen bee Shana was like, “DUDE, more video! MORE!”. But this time I wanted to try and sub out photos for video on a standard outfit post. It’s just such a fun way to not only see the clothes but to get to know the person behind the content a little more. Or to see how the clothes move. There are a ton of times where I am dying over an outfit (like the epic dress in this video) and for some reason it just doesn’t photograph all that well. And, video clearly has taken over the blogging scene. So we’d better keep up!

For this video come along with my husband and me on a date night! We were invited to a restaurant opening last week. Denver is awesome right now. This city is growing in leaps and bounds. It feels like every time we go downtown there’s something new.


On Me:

Dress: Sky Spiro Dress

Shoes: Prada Open Toe Sandal

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 58mm Aviator Polarized Sunglasses in Gold/Green Mirror

Clutch: Cleobella Mexicana Painted Clutch in Turquoise

Flash Tattoo: Dakota

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 120 Life’s A Peach and Top Coat


On Him:

Shirt: Sixpack France Shirt – SOLD OUT
(similar-Carhartt Work in Progress) (similar-East Dane Damien Shirt
) (similar-Scotch & Soda) (similar-Barney Cools) 

Pants: Carhartt Work In Progress Bordeaux Sid Pants

Shoes: Wolverine ‘1000 Mile’ Boot

Laces: Danner 72″ Laces in Gold/Tan

Let me know what you think of us doing more video! Thanks for watching!!

peace ’n love – OE



  1. Girl crush! Now I’m pining for a date with my hubby. Great dress and outfit details. You are beautiful as always. Go Denver for ethical cuisine! More vids.

  2. Such a great video! I’m usually not for videos because I can’t watch them without my little ones stopping what they’re doing to run over and watch it too, but this was so good it is worth it!

  3. Way to go, OE! I didn’t think I could like the Mom Edit more but you just blew me away. Love the video. Well done, All. You just upped the bar for what i want from a blogger.

  4. I love it! I also live in Denver and now I totally want to do a photo shoot on the light rail. You made it look…. artsy? Instead of just some necessary functional piece of the city. And I loved the part at the end where you go in and kiss the baby. I always come home from date night missing my little guys, so I do the same thing.

    • I am loving all the light rail. My boys have so much fun on it too! And yes, I had to include kissing my baby goodnight! It is still kind of new for us that she falls asleep with the babysitter so I had to make sure she knew I was home! Thank you for this comment!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. OE!!! Love this soooooo much!! Could not stop smiling so thank you for that. From one Denver Mom to another – this was sooo frickin cool. Wouldn’t change a thang. Just perfect! (ps. loved the foot on the rails photo of your daughter. Kids sleep with such abandon, such freedom!)

  6. Cute! Fun! And soooo jealous of the Prada sandals — gorgeous! (I ordered a similar-looking pair this week by Bella-Vita – hope they do the trick!)

    • Yes! I know the exact pair you are talking about. There are a lot of similar shoes out there – at a much better price. I feel like I should do a round up because I wear this style all the time! It goes with everything and can be super casual or dressy! Hope you love the Bella- Vita ones!!

      • Yessss! Please do! The B-V pair I ordered… sigh. I took a chance and ordered a pair of 8 Wides (I’m a 7.5 regular) bc they were on super sale at Nordstrom’s. That did NOT pay off! It’s a great style though and would love to see what else is out there; tho, I might just go for this pair at full price (in, you know, my actual size!).

  7. I love that not only can we see the clothes move, but we get to see them from all angles. Photos on websites sometimes only show one side, and then I buy the clothes and see they look terrible from the side or behind or whatever. Great video, really cute. Well done!

  8. So stinkin’ cute!!! Loved, loved, loved every bit of it…from the clothes, to the music, to the good night kiss to the little! <3

  9. I loved this!!! One request: It was a little hard to see the clothes under the text telling us what they were. What do you think of smaller text? (Or just ditch the text altogether and let us use the links you provide under the video?)

  10. wow! I loved that video. Your man has great style! How cool that you can bike/train downtown for a date! How are the Prada shoes after several wears? Holding up? Comfy? I’ve been eyeing them, but they are a serious investment.

    • Thanks for the comment LauraB! My husband sent me a screen capture of this comment! Haha! You made his night!

      So the Prada Shoes… My mom got them for me as a gift. And I have to say the most comfortable heels EVER! They go with everything! I’ve been wearing them all the time and they have held up great! So if you want them, I say “Yes! Totally worth it!” But if that is not in your price range, there are a ton of super similar pairs out there too! I am doing a roundup on this style soon! But sneak peek, here is a Kate Spade one that is quite a bit cheaper than the Prada ones.

  11. To everyone I didn’t reply directly to:
    Thank you so much for the kind comments! I have read every one! You guys have no idea how much they mean to me! I want to make content that you love, that inspires you, that is fun and original! Thanks for the encouragement! I am super pumped to make more videos so stay tuned!! You guys are the best!!!

  12. Great video, please keep them coming. And your husband has great style. Please make more videos and cover men’s fashion-I like your husbands look

  13. This was absolutely adorable. I love the music you chose and the video really captured the good time that you were having on your date night. Cheers to you!

  14. I agree; more men’s styles!!!! And same as everyone else, I loved the video! You’re gorgeous girl!!! My hubby and I need to do more date nights…..and maybe move to a big city lol!
    I totally agree with the other comment about how sometimes you see a picture of an outfit, and it looks great, then you try it on and realize it looks awful from other angles……
    Basically I iusy agree with everyone else’s comments haha

  15. This was awesome, OE! Video is your thang, sister. It is so much fun to get to know your personality/style through the little clips. And love the shout outs to Denver hot spots … I’m up in the mountains and it’s so fun to see what’s “cool” down the hill. Love, love love + keep it up!

  16. I’m new to your site. Love what I’ve seen so far and the video is great! What is the name if that song! I loved that, too!

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