Day-To-Night With High-Waisted Denim (Our Day Date And More Philly Love)


We had the most amazing Saturday.  It was our long-anticipated day date (aka my Christmas and Valentine's Day present).  And while I had visions of waltzing around the city in something wildly glamorous…Saturday was a mushpot of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  So instead, I wore this:



We started at the Art Museum, where we – get this – wandered leisurely.  I read some of plaques hanging on the wall.  I KNOW!!  



And afterwards, we strolled around downtown.  Held hands.  Got coffee at our fav, La Colombe.  

(I'm all about the cuffs these days.) 



Of course, I posed a little.  Wearing two jackets like all the other fashion bloggers.  




But aren't these sexy jeans?  Even with the combat-ish boots. (Grace, you asked about these boots and so I hopped right to it you #shoppingenabler  More later.)


I swapped the combat boots out for heels before our dinner reservations at Vetri.  In hindsight, that was a mistake.  Mike had booked us a six course dinner at 6PM, with tickets to see Ballet X at 8PM.  By 7:45, we were only on course four.   By 7:56PM, Mike signed the check, and by 7:59PM we were running – no, SPRINTING – like the crazy people we are.  (Thankfully I can still run in heels.)  And at 8:00PM sharp?  We were busting through the doors of the Wilma Theater.



It was a tough call (stay/go?) but wow.  We made the right decision.  Ballet X was mindblowing.  It was exciting and funny and sexy – Mike didn't even fall asleep!! (The man always falls asleep at ballets.)  We'll be going again….with, I think, the boys.  The Wilma theater is such an intimate setting that you can hear the sound of their shoes squeaking on the stage, hear the dancers breathing, and see the subtle expressions on their faces.  And I love how it was such a departure from traditional ballet, but with all of the rigor.  It was like Balanchine-meets-hiphop-meets-threestooges.  (OK, maybe not exactly that last part.  But close.)  And tix were only $35.  

After, we went back to Vetri (sheepishly) to collect our entrees and dessert.



Philly, thanks for a beautiful day and an amazing night.  You are one seriously cool city.  I can't wait (hint, hint Mike) to do this again.



blouse: Emerson Fry jet print (old) – similar at LOFT

sweater: Ann Taylor cropped sweater (old) – this back-zip sweatshirt at Madewell has a similar cropped fit (and is otherwise fabulous)

denim jacket:  Joe's Jeans (vintage  - ha! that just means I bought it in 2003 or something) – but Modcloth has a really cute one with stretch.

wool jacket: Iro (old) – or try layering a cool trench over a denim jacket

jeans: MiH High-Rise Straight Jeans - or Madewell's – the wash isn't as cute, but they are stretchy and insanely comfortable (more on this later)

combat boots: Steve Madden Bickett Boot (at local DSW for $35!!) – similar

heels: Nine West (old) – similar

scarf: Banana Republic (old) – similar


Whoa.  The number of layers I'm wearing is ridiculous.  But the thought of putting on my puffer coat – yet again – is starting to affect my mental stability.  I had to get creative.  In the name of health, you guys.  HEALTH.







  1. My son just saw the picture of you running to the theater and said, “Wow. That is a cool picture! Is it a crook who just stole some gems?” (It’s the hat–too many Lego City videos have him trained to think all crooks wear hats.)
    Looks like an amazing day/night and you look adorable. I hear you on the puffer coat. I’m so ridiculously sick of my winter coat!

  2. Ooh, I love the sprinting/dancing pics! And the striped scarf, and the two jackets and all. Not sure I can pull the high waist off but you do it beautifully. So glad you got to have a fabulous day out!

  3. You look great, and like you’re having an awesome time. Aren’t day dates the best?
    Is there any way you could do a how-to wear for high waisted jeans? I’m struggling with the silhouette, and something like the how-to-wear skinnies that you did years ago would be a huge help. I can feel high waists coming in and it will take some adjustment!

  4. Yoga Jeans by Second Clothing are amazing!! I have a pair of high waisted and have to stop myself from wearing them everyday. Plus they are affordable ($120). CPW is excellent! High waisted jeans are amazing to hide the muffin top too 🙂
    What a fun date- thanks for sharing Shana!

  5. I love the coat layering! I’m going to San Diego from Upstate NY tomorrow for my sister’s wedding. It’s so hard to figure out how to dress for travel from one climate to another- I feel silly bringing a huge coat on vacation when I’m only going to be wearing it in and out of the airport. I’m going to try this look with my denim jacket and swing coat. Thanks!!!

  6. Love this! And I’m with you—SO over winter gear. Also, it should be noted that you are the ONLY fashion blog I read, so I had no idea that wearing two jackets was even a thing! Haha!

  7. Love the look, love the date, LOVE the photos – so cool! And the double coat might be JUST what I need for traveling (or just living my life!) without a huge coat. Thanks, S!

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