Happy Holidays!


IMG_0054Dear Readers –

We couldn't thank you enough for supporting Ain't No Mom Jeans this year.  We feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many cool, passionate moms!  We believe motherhood has been the most challenging yet inspiring job we've ever had, and our hope has been that this fun little blog will help moms feel their best, despite spit-up stains, unwashed hair, and sleepless nights.

Now, we double-dog-dare you to have a Holiday season filled with love, laughter, and at least one "honey you sleep in and I'll take the kids."

See you next year!!

Much Love,

Molly & Shana


  1. Since I came to find your blog…maybe last February…last March… I feel as though I have been through the four seasons with you and I couldn’t be more grateful for when a new post shows on my reader. You are hilarious and yet mindful. You are, of course, super-stylish, but also really grounded in your fashion advice. Thank you for putting it out there and please keep on in 2010.. I know from talking with friends that you have a lot of lurkers, and all of them fans.

  2. Esther you sweet, sweet girl. I actually read your comment on New Year’s Day, and, I suspect, it will make my whole year. This was one of the nicest things I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
    Happy New Year!!

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