Weekend 12.9


Hey Gang – December is a tough month for us, so I’m still just sticking with distractions. Hope you guys are hanging in there. xoxo

Cute jeans, around $100. I just cleaned out one of my friend’s closets…and we got rid of basically all of her jeans. She needs another pair, but doesn’t want to spend a ton just yet. Right now she’s looking at Pilcro and/or Wit & Wisdom. Her style is Effortless French Girl, so I’m recommending she try Wit & Wisdom’s carpenter jeans (that Linzi & I both love), this light wash pair from Wit & Wisdom (both W&W pairs will need to be hemmed), Pilcro’s Bowed Slouch (to wear with heels) or Pilcro’s The Wanderer (but size up – you want them a little loose).

But she needs boots to go with the new jeans. Ideally, these boots should be walkable, waterproof, and cute enough for a winter night out. These boots by La Canadienne are freaking perfect, but expensive. I also think these GEOX boots could work, these on-sale La Canadiennes, or these waterproof Blondos (in black, obvi) or even these waterproof Dolce Vita boots. Those five pairs were the most French-girl (yet waterproof) boots I could find. That said, if you’re looking for walkable, waterproof boots and don’t mind sportier vibe, I’m still wearing these Sorels (but size up a full size).

Let’s head right to the silk. Saks is doing some sort of designer sale event that – quite frankly – feels more like a post-holiday sale. And what I mean by that is that’s it’s both delightfully random and delightful. I like to start by looking for 100% silk pieces (typically soooo expensive to buy full price but last so freaking long), and I was thrilled with this Kate Spade twirly dress (a silk blend, but still), these gorgeous 100% silk PJs by Petite Plum (ahhhh so many to choose from!!), and three silk tops that are decidedly unfussy: a soup can button-up (haha but also I love it), the sexiest silk tee ever, and this patchwork silk blouse that would be a good way to make a suit un-fussy, or even wear with jeans on the weekend.

Calling all Re/Done fans….there’s a really good selection in the Saks sale, too. Like those stretchy, perfectly faded flares I keep adding to my cart, this patchwork knit dress (looks like my old Staud dress that I promise is great on vacation: quirky, unique, and sexy – but in a playful, unfussy way), more stretchy jeans, as well as this cute graphic tee.

My holiday accessory set. I love finding a trio of items (shoes, earrings, bag) that go together, and are fancy enough to dress up my usual jeans-and-a-sweater uniform for a holiday party. This year? I found a freaking gem of a set – all at J.Crew, too, so it’s easy. These earrings (in ‘crystal’) are bananas good on – like, jaw-droppingly good – this bag is soooooo much better in person, and these heels (in ‘silver metallic’) are both comfortable to walk in and sexy. There’s something about the genius placement of the double strap that reads flirty rather than I turned five today!

Hip-length Puffers are tricky. Which is why I tend to wear either cropped puffers (not as warm) or long ones (sometimes annoying to carry around). However, I’m doing a collab with Adidas (coming out soon) and this hip-length puffer is so freaking cool and so freaking warm and I LOVE IT. I’ve been wearing it with all of my usual pieces – leggings, sweatpants, baggy jeans – and it looks good! I think the key is that it’s unapologetically puffy (not trying to look slim), and it has some fashiony elements that keep the cool vibes very intentional (that front pocket, the slight asymmetic zipper). But I think the whole idea of Embracing The Big Puff is the secret to hip-length puffers. I highly recommend that Adidas one, but if you wanted something colorful, Halfdays Wheeler Parka has that same sort of Puffy, But Make It Cool vibe.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. My plus size pick is Good American’s Jeanius Good Skate Sweatpants. They look like slouchy, wide-leg jeans (which are hard to find in plus sizes), but are, in fact, sweatpants. They’re available in the best washed black wash, and in sizes from 0 – 32PLUS.

Stocking stuffers for teens (and tweens)? Good grief – Urban Outfitters has the best, most well-edited selection of stocking stuffers I’ve found. While you *could* find everything at Amazon, I do appreciate when retailers do the hard work of curation for us. Think: everything from Pac Man keychains (or Gigapets) to blemish patches and Baggu fanny packs. For some reason, I can see Pax wearing this ridiculous North Face whimsy powder hood to school and we definitely need popcorn-shaped erasers. If I had a kid who was into girly things, I’d be all over these bubble socks, spray glitter (no clue what we’d use if for but I’m sure I could think of something) and a heatless curling set. I’m also wild about these Poloroid photo stands (the 8-ball is my fav), but I’m tempted to make it a real gift with this vintage-looking, instant film camera. Or maybe that will be my Santa gift. 😉 Lastly (sorry, I know I’m going on & on here) but this journal, Burn After Writing might be an interesting experiment. Seems like the kind of thing I could make ‘summer homework’ MWAH HA HA.

Best planners for teens? I need a new ones for my boys’ stockings. Raines, especially, hates using planners so I need something small and unobtrusive that he’ll actually use. Pax will use any well-designed one. This Ohh Dear daily planner is so minimal that it miiiight work for Raines? But I’m not sure he’ll remember to bring it out of his backpack at school. I’m tempted to get him something like this to just write down assignments…and then he can maybe keep his *real* planner at home. Does anyone have good recommendations for student planners are aren’t overwhelming?? I’ve been searching on Amazon and am now hyperventilating. I mean…people love this one, or this one or this one but I’m finding them all to be too much. Help! (Haha – it looks like that Raines apple didn’t fall far from the tree, ya know?)

Should’ve known. Everyone in Vermont has these really charming LED candles flickering in their windows at night (in addition to the usual holiday decor). I love them – they evoke such a warm feeling, and most people keep them up all winter. Anyway, I was googling, trying to find some for Philly, and it turns out that they’re literally called, “Vermont Window Candles.” Ohhhh of course.

We love you, Julieta. If you missed Julieta’s article on trauma healing from an Indigenous perspective, it is definitely worth a read. It’s a moving account of her own journey, and was a breath of fresh air in this busy, troubled time. The woman Julieta worked with is opening another class, if anyone is interested (and no, you do not have to be Indigenous yourself to join). Read about her approach to tackling anxiety and a lack of energy here and, if interested, sign up for a free class, here.

Trying to understand. I’ve been following Elica Le Bon, a criminal lawyer who originally hails from Iran, because she has been doing so much work to educate westerners on the complexities of the conflict in the Middle East. She just re-posted this reel from the @unapologetic3rdnarrative, an IG account created by two Palestinian Israeli citizens. Their account is fascinating and challenging.

The best thing on the internet this week: Milo’s “classic part” in the nativity. Oh, my heart. And we clearly need to start using, “Get in there, let’s go” allll the time now.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.



  1. Hey Shana–my girls are 17 & 13, neither have ever used planners. they refuse. One teacher in 5th grade required it, and my girl still failed and had another student assigned to check it for her. They will sometimes use the notes app for story ideas. My 13 year old will occaisionally attempt to journal or write assignments on paper…which lasts a day or 2. She always hopes a pretty journal will motivate, but nope. I am pretty sure paper days are over for gen z and beyond. I think they rely on google classroom for outstanding assignments. Or Skyward for missing assignments. Oh, my oldest does love post it notes for her streaming content video edits and such.

  2. As an Executive Function coach, I have LOTS of opinions about planners. But the truth is: the best planner is the one that they’ll use. The simpler, the better. Good luck!

  3. First, as someone who found the holidays rough last year and is finding that true this year, I am sending you lots of care from my home to yours.

    Second, I have two sons. One in college, one almost in college. They NEVER use planners, even when the school gave them one. I don’t know how, but they managed their work and assignments. I think because their school used Google classroom, they eventually used the notes app/reminders/alarms on their phone, and probably as Carrie said- it’s what worked for them. I’m with you though- the sheer number of planners we found in backpacks, under beds, shoved in drawers was mind blowing.

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