Definitely Not a Thong Situation: What to Wear Under Short Flowy Dresses

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I love fun little flowy dresses like this. They drape well over bellies (and butts) and show off your legs without making you feel like you have to constantly suck in. They’re especially nice for super hot weather because they don’t cling to your skin. BUT. With that said, a strong wind (or mild breeze, for that matter) could really create some problems with these dresses. So…what the heck do you wear under them? Well, in our opinion, definitely something, so here are some options we came up with.Dolphin Shorts: I didn’t actually know these were called “dolphin shorts,” but you see them everywhere. (This particular pair is $13. Woot!) These are perfect to wear underneath because they’re comfy and if there’s an accidental flash — they’re just shorts.

Swimsuit Bottoms: These have been my favorite bottoms for YEARS. They have full coverage on the bum… which, in this case, is probably the best bet? Otherwise you could do a cheeky bottom, but then when the wind blows…you’ve got a “sun’s out, bums out” situation.

Boy Shorts: So these are like a hybrid of panties (I hate that word) and short shorts. They’re comfy, don’t ride up or give VPL, and cover everything. You can always try the cheeky boy short cut, but again, if there’s a strong wind…

Denim Shorts: This option is my go-to when wearing loose dresses like this. I sometimes do a half-tuck (like the front corner of the dress) but often just wear them underneath. I’m not trying to hide them, and they let me feel the most “free” of all the options.  If I flash anything, it’s denim.

Retro Hot Pants: (Currently sold out, similar here) These were Shana’s idea and I think it’s genius. As someone who could never pull these hot pants off on their own, they make complete sense under a dress like this. They won’t add any bulk (like the denim shorts could) but are still essentially jean shorts underneath.


Free People Mini Dress (More sizes here, wearing size small)

Gold Hoop Earrings (Similar)

Ankle Strap Sandal (Similar and available in a ton of colors — love the low block heel for comfort! These go with EVERYTHING.)

Rebecca Minkoff Bag (The black fringe is sold out, but I’m DYING over this gorgeous color and you can find the black without fringe here.)

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous (A gorgeous “bright plum matte” that’s perfect for summer)

AE Aerie Padded Romantic Lace Bralette (My new favorite bralette for summer…slight padding for nipple coverage, cute racerback strap and super comfy… wearing size medium)

Gold Aviators (similar)




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  1. I’m so happy to this on a legit fashion site. I used to avoid skirts and dresses because of the dreaded thigh rub and the possibility of accidentally flashing the 11 year-olds I teach. Until….a friend clued me in to wearing shorts underneath. So smart and now I can feel like it is fashionable. Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Scotti! I just bought a Free People romper that is short, but the legs are so wide it’s basically a super short dress. I am on the verge of returning it but this post gave me hope. Will try tonight with some of these options!

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