Ah, jeans. They’re kind of our thing. For a blog formerly known as Ain’t No Mom Jeans, let’s hope denim is — if we do no other topic perfectly — where we shine. We often joke that could call this blog “How To Wear Jeans In ___ (insert current season name).”

While one could argue that trends in denim used to be fairly straightforward…today, anything goes!  And while options are great, they can also be overwhelming.  Trying to find the best fit, wash, or a pair of jeans that work best with these shoes – it all takes work.  

That’s where the idea for this denim guide was born. We — as mamas ourselves (changing bodies and all) — have tried it all in the name of good denim. ALL our denim articles, past and present, what we’ve tried and reviewed, right here in neat categories to help you narrow down your search and nail your style. Happy hunting!

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xo,  Team TME