Levi’s Low Pro Straight Leg Jeans: A Review


Lower-rise jeans are back with a side of ’90s bagginess. Should we talk about it? Claro que si.

For the past two years, I’ve been dreading the return of mid and lower rises, though I know they’ve never really left and have been part of many people’s closets this whole time. But it took me a LONG time to get my mom into high-rise jeans, and it was only until I did her whole body shape analysis that she understood she could rock high-rise jeans. (A style she never thought she could.)

As for me, well, I kicked lower-rise jeans out of my life and didn’t miss them until…now.

Mid Rise, ’90s Vibe: A Levi’s Low Pro Jeans Review

True to form, Levi’s made the perfect pair of ’90s-style, mid-rise jeans for under $60 called the Low Pro Straight Leg Jeans.

In my latest YouTube video, I answer some serious questions: How do these jeans stack up to my beloved Ribcage style jeans? Is the rise that low? How does the sizing work? How do I style them? My favorite part about these mid-rise jeans is the fabric. Even though they’re 100% cotton as most Levi’s jeans are, these are (and feel) softer and lighter weight which, along with the distressing, is perfect for those warmer days you don’t want thick jeans or to show your legs.

So be sure to check out the entire video here for my review on Levi’s Low Pro Straight Leg Jeans + outfit details. Enjoy!

Besos, Julieta

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