Five Essential Denim Looks Your Man Needs this Fall – Sponsored Post


My husband, Zack, is kind of an enigma.  He works in construction and fixes things, builds things, installs things . . . man things like that.  BUT, he’s also the most stylish guy I know. So when I was asked to do this article, my mantra was WWZW, or “What would Zack wear??”  I showed him what I came up with and sometimes I’d get it right; “Nice babe!” and other times, not so much; “I’d just never . . . wear . . . that.”  Here are the outfits we came up with:



“I need to get out of the house today,” I’ll say frantically to Zack.  “Ok, what do you want to do?” he’ll ask.  “I don’t care I just need to get the f*%$ out of the house.”  There are times after having a baby when it feels like you live in a cave and all you want to do is EMERGE from it.  Sometimes we’ll go to our favorite bar for an afternoon drink and apps (yes, baby in tow) and sometimes I’ll trick him into going we’ll go to Target for a “few things” and leave with a shopping cart full of stuff wondering what happened.  The backpack is included because it’s Zack’s favorite “man diaper bag.”  When I get tired of carrying the diaper bag or when I want to wear a cute purse that isn’t nearly big enough for all the STUFF you need when leaving the house with a baby, Zack will bust out the backpack.  It’s insanely liberating to have HIM deal with the bag once in awhile.


To Recreate:

JeansClassic Straight jeans

CardiganShawl Cardigan or try this Birch Shawl Cardigan

T-shirt: Indigo Stripe Tee or this Slubbed Crewneck

Boots: Tyler plain toe boot or these Lunar Grand Wingtips 

Backpack: Little America Backpack or this Canyon Backpack

Socks: Mixed Dot Socks *he wanted me to point out that the socks don’t have to match the outfit!!

Watch: Check Stamped Bracelet Watch 


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The cardigan popped up again in this look . . . and if you see us out of the house this fall, there’s a good chance Zack will be wearing one.  He likes the versatility of them and the fact that they can be dressed up or down and still be comfortable.  He also loves a “loose crew” t-shirt these days.  Not Kanye loose, but loose enough to be more stylish than your typical Hanes t-shirt.  The stripes add a little something-something to the whole look.


To Recreate:

Jeans: Byron straight leg jeans

Cardigan: Herringbone fleece cardigan 

T-shirt: Feeder stripe t-shirt or this White Organic Cotton Loose Crew T or this Black Jersey Crewneck T if he isn’t into stripes

Boots: Brennan Wingtip Boot 

Socks: Argyle socks

Watch: Double Down Watch 


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For “fancy” date night, adding a tie and blazer OR vest to a sweet plaid shirt over jeans is super easy and super cool.  Zack’s also been loving tie clips lately.  The scarf is one of those things that I liked, but him . . . eh.  He said, “Babe, I don’t wear scarves.” “But you have two hanging in the closet!” I say.  “Yeah, that YOU bought me and YOU wear.”  Oh.  Yeah.  That’s true.  But in my defense, they are technically “guy’s” scarves . . . so you be the judge!


To Recreate:

Jeans: Blake slim straight  jeans 

Button Up: Ace plaid oxford shirt or this Nemos slim fit shirt 

Blazer: Marick Extra trim fit sports coat OR this Vest (not both)

Shoes: Sid Heritage Cap Toe Shoes 

Tie: Woven Cotton Tie with this Polished Metal Tie Bar 

Scarf: Double Face Scarf 



Every guy needs a sweet leather jacket.  Shana just bought one for Mike and says he looks “so hot” in it.  There’s something about the combo of a classic leather jacket and Ray Ban shades.  Sexy.  The key to the sweatshirts in this look is that they’re slim fit.  An oversized sweatshirt stuffed under a leather jacket isn’t really going to pull off the look the same way.


To Recreate:

Jeans: Brixton slim fit jeans

Sneaks: Jack Purcell leather sneaker 

Jacket: This Waxed leather jacket, this seriously cool Leather Biker Jacket, or this Wool Blend Bomber Jacket (if he’s not sold on leather)

Sweatshirt: French Terry Crewneck or this Levi’s French Terry Crewneck

Shades: Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses 

Watch: the Time Teller watch 


If you need to add a little warmth this fall, a plaid flannel under a military style jacket is another easy look to put together.  Throw on a sweet watch and belt, top with a knit hat and you’re good to go.  The BEST part of this look??  The new ERGO 360 baby carrier!  I personally can’t wait to try this carrier because Greenlea LOVES looking around her and this carrier will allow her to face out.  Zack takes on the baby wearing duties when we’re going to be out for awhile and we’ve found that the Ergo distributes the weight better than most carriers.  The drawback (until now at least) was that G could only face inwards.  The Ergo 360 fixes that problem . . . go ahead and wear those babies proudly, Dads!


To Recreate:

Jeans: Byron Straight leg jeans 

Jacket: Quilted Military Shirt Jacket 

Shirt: New Sonora Plaid Western Shirt we also liked this Fletcher Check Flannel Shirt or this Bazz Plaid Woven Shirt 

Boots: Barrett plain toe boot 

Belt: Metro Leather Belt 

Watch: Easy Reader Leather strap watch 

Hat: Quartz solid knit cap 

Baby Carrier: Ergo 360



Nordstrom is one of our favorite places to shop because of where we live . . . waaaay up north in lil old Marquette, Michigan.  It’s actually an amazingly beautiful place (seriously, visit if you ever have a chance) but it’s not necessarily known for having great access to fashion.  I shop online all. The. Time.  The people at the UPS store know me by name.  I LOVE love LOVE the free shipping/free returns that Nordstrom offers (I don’t even want to spend $6 for a return fee!), not to mention the fact that they have price points I can actually afford on my humble (ahem) teacher’s salary . . . speaking of . . .

We both thought this Leather Moto Jacket was ahh-mazing until we saw the price . . . a little out of our price range (HA!) but if we had the funds, it would definitely become his new favorite.  Same thing with this ridiculously cool Burberry Watch.

Btw, this New York Yankees hat was what he said he’d never wear, but I thought it was cute! (Ok, maybe “cute” isn’t the right word to use when describing guy’s clothing items?)  What do you guys think?



PS, Many of you are asking about the actual pair of leather leggings I wore in my faux leather leggings post.  That particular pair was from Nordstrom but have since sold out!!  THIS pair is the exact same except without the moto detail (faux leather front) and THIS pair has the moto detail but is not faux leather.  Both are from Trouve, the same brand as mine, and I found them to be extremely comfortable!


A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, and a huge thank you to Scotti and Zack for this seriously awesome take on men’s denim!  As always all thoughts, opinions, product choices and attempts to start a new hashtag (#wwzw) are our own.



  1. These are very well put together and I must admit… I would totally steal most of these ideas and where them! As much glee as it would give me to see my husband interested in fashion and maybe go shopping with me, I look over at him in his cargo shorts, Target Mossimo t shirt (has it in 6 colors!), and New Balances, and I can’t help but love him and his apathy towards it all.

  2. While I have made vast improvements in my husband’s clothing choices since we got together, I wouldn’t likely be able to convince him of most of these. #sadface

    I actually went the backpack as diaper bag for myself (and also so that my husband would be more inclined to carry it) after I had my second but when I checked out that Hershel one, I thought it was too small. I ended up with a similar reverse denim one from Everlane.

  3. Love the looks. Question: I know that most of the men’s jean styles are straight leg or skinny. My husband, though, has muscular thighs that will not fit into those styles. Any ideas for relaxed fit that still looks fashionable? Right now, he has only found the Lucky Brand relaxed fit to work, but he would love to branch out. Thanks!

    • Hi, Miranda! I’m glad you asked that question because I was surprised by Zack’s answer when I asked him . . . he has muscular thighs from Cross Fit and things like that, so he hasn’t always been able to fit into “skinny” styles. He said to find some “tapered” jeans . . . some of his favorites are tapered styles from H&M. I wouldn’t have guessed, so I guess it’s good to know . . . he showed me the ones he was referring to, and they look good! 🙂 Hope that helps!

  4. I am not sure how to say this: I am a guy that reads the Mom Edit… well my wife reads it and then we sit down together to read the guy posts or posts she wants input on. This post and the one on shorts are my favorite so far. thanks 🙂 … love the jackets in number four

    I am a big fan of mechanical watches and wanted to recommend a couple for other guy readers, in addition to the ones listed above, that might work with a couple of the sections above… granted my personally style leans towards vintage military/field watches:

    Weiss Field Watch (Los Angeles Company):
    Steinhart Vintage Pilot:
    Hamilton (various style autos):
    Xetum (field watch meets California):

  5. I have a silly question, if I can convince my husband of a narrower fit jean, do you tuck the jean into the boot, roll the jean, leave it out? Having a hard time picturing, but I so love these looks.

    • Mike likes to…hang on, checking a pic….OK. Mike recently wore something inspired by this post (I took a few pics – will post soon), and he wore his jeans OVER the boot, but rolled up. He sometimes like his rolled up only once, sometimes twice, so play around with it a bit.

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