Denim Midi Dress: 9 Ways To Wear It This Fall


Remember that Madewell denim midi dress from my Instagram?  (See it on riiiight here.)  In our latest video, I’m styling it up nine different ways for Fall.   Would love to know your favorite look!  Also, that dress happens to be on sale (even more so at Nordstrom, here), so now’s a good time to take the plunge, if so inclined.

Lastly, the fit notes: the dress is soft, stretchy, and I’m wearing a size 2.  I also hacked a good 6 inches off the bottom, so it’s long enough for you taller gals.  (I just cut if off with scissors, no tailor needed.)

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Many of the pieces in the videos are old favorites, but I tried to link to similar ones….





  1. Totally had the 90s version of this dress in high school from the E. I really like these types of posts! It’s like a mini style class.

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