Reader Question: Denim Skirts For Moms?


Reader Question:

 Okay so I love love love your blog, your advice, and have a question! This summer I realized I officially hate shorts! With a passion! I hated them prior to the babe and hate them even more now. I do however, love skirts…especially Hard Tail roll-over ones – nothing more flattering on a tummy. My question though is what is a late-20s, mom-on-the-go, appropriate jean skirt? Much like you, I am a self proclaimed jean snob but shelling out $200.00 for AG’s Box Skirt (I’ve been stalking it and it never goes on sale) makes me, well more my husband, cringe. I refuse to do true minis but don’t know how I feel about running around in a denim pencil skirt at the playground. Any suggestions?

Thank you! xoxox



1128091-p-DETAILED Julia, thanks for writing in, and for your kind words on the blog!! 

The AG Box Skirt you mentioned (pictured at left) is adorable.  But how annoying that it's $200….I can get jeans for that price, and this skirt has roughly half the material!  Boooo!  

So.  You are looking for a jean skirt that is (reasonably) mom-friendly, and less than $200.  Got it.

The "less than $200" part is easy – there are a million options.  Finding something that's mom-friendly is a bit trickier — I agree that running around the playground in a denim pencil skirt is…well…humph.  Not even sure how to describe.  Too fashion-victim?  Just plain scary?  I mean….you can't even climb the steps to help your kiddo down.  So yeah – I think the pencil-skirt-at-playground scenario is out.

Even if we rule out the denim pencil skirt, I think we have several other cool options.  Here are my favorites:

Traditional Denim Mini

28478_01_d 32795_01_d

The Abercrombie & Fitch skirts pictured above aren't quite as fab as the AG Box skirt, but they are pretty cute, and only $50!  I go to A&F for my short denim skirts because they are usually cut straight, rather than A-line, so I can order up a few sizes to get skirts that ride a bit lower on my hips, are a little longer in length, and don't wing out in a hugely obvious A-line shape.  Some of the charm of the denim mini is that it's a bit tough.  Too much A-line can soften the look.  Finding the right balance of length and A-line is key.

The skirt on the left is A&F's Lara skirt (which is a couple of inches longer than their other denim minis), and the cool paneled skirt (it looks almost bandage inspired) is the Kiran skirt.  Both are $50.

I think the shorter length will give you a slightly wider range of movement than a denim pencil skirt, but short skirts are still tough on the playground.  To make this look even more mom-friendly, here's how I'd wear it:


Mom Friendly Denim MiniFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Mom Friendly Denim Mini by aintnomomjeans featuring Old Navy swimwear



Items in this set:
Lara Skirt, $50
Old Navy Womens Bikini Bottoms, $10
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Authentic Original 2-Eye | TheShoeMart Nixon Time Teller Lime Watch, $54

Women's tees & knits – basic tees & tanks – Vintage slub polo – J.Crew, $40

Because minis are so bare, I love to pair mine with tops that have more coverage, like a slouchy polo (hello, nursing moms!).  I also like the preppy accessories (am loving the orange Sperry Top-Siders and Lime Nixon watch) to keep this look a little more grown-up.  But the number one tip to make skirts mom-friendly?  Layer over a bikini bottom.  You'll have total coverage (even when sitting), and if there is any kind of wardrobe malfunction, you'll still be OK.   

Swingy Denim Chambray Skirt


Gp750235-00p01v01   Skirt

A swingy denim chambray skirt gives you both a longer length, and a wider range of movement, making it more mom-friendly than the traditional denim mini.  I'd still wear a bikini bottom underneath…just in case.  The lighter weight the chambray the more you are at the mercy of the wind. 

Above left is Gap's Pleated Chambray Skirt, $50, and above right is J.Crew's Denim Cavalry Skirt, $60.

Tops tucked into skirts like these will really show off the cool waist details (bows, pleats, etc), but depending on your proportions, a boxier top would also be adorable. (Not to mention easier to hide the pooch).  Here's how I'd make mine mom-friendly:


Chambray SkirtFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Chambray Skirt by aintnomomjeans featuring TopShop swimwear



Items in this set:
New York & Company – Tops – Nautical Stripe Tee, $20
Frilly Waist Bikini Pant, $16
Women's Clothing: Women's Clothing: Pleated chambray skirt: Skirts…, $50
Shop TOMS Red Bridgeport Linen Classics At TOMS Official Store, 3 DKK


Platforms are cute, but if I were wearing this skirt to the playground, I'd skip the heels in lieu of a comfy pair of TOMS (I love these in red).  In case you haven't noticed, I have no ability to resist stripes, so I'm pairing the skirt and with a nautical shirt, but any cute t-shirt would work well with such a feminine skirt.  In fact, an old concert tee would be a really cool choice.

And Finally…A Denim Skort


I don't really know what to say about this one.  Skorts have always struck me as weird…but now that I have a kiddo, I'm starting to appreciate the inherent usefulness of this item.  This particular skort is from Forever 21, and therefore is only $19.80.  I'll admit, I'm intrigued. Here's how I'd wear it, if I did decide to wear it.  Which I haven't.  But I might.  Hmmmmm…..


Denim SkortFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Denim Skort by aintnomomjeans on



Items in this set:
Rubbish Roll Sleeve Plaid Shirt (Juniors) – View All – Nordstrom, $38
Paul Green 'Estavan' Sandal – Sandals – Nordstrom, $255
Roxy 'Hot Ticket' Fedora – View All – Nordstrom, $26 – Bottoms – 2071299987, $20


Readers – what do you think?  Skort, yes?  Denim skirts – doable for moms?  Or still not that practical?  Julia…your thoughts?  Have we gotten you over your AG Box Skirt addiction, LOL? 

I'm such a shorts-or-boyfriend-jean kinda girl that I don't often go the skirt route for the playground, but now I'm thinking that it might be an option.