Reader Question: Denim Skirts For Moms?


Reader Question:

 Okay so I love love love your blog, your advice, and have a question! This summer I realized I officially hate shorts! With a passion! I hated them prior to the babe and hate them even more now. I do however, love skirts…especially Hard Tail roll-over ones – nothing more flattering on a tummy. My question though is what is a late-20s, mom-on-the-go, appropriate jean skirt? Much like you, I am a self proclaimed jean snob but shelling out $200.00 for AG’s Box Skirt (I’ve been stalking it and it never goes on sale) makes me, well more my husband, cringe. I refuse to do true minis but don’t know how I feel about running around in a denim pencil skirt at the playground. Any suggestions?

Thank you! xoxox



1128091-p-DETAILED Julia, thanks for writing in, and for your kind words on the blog!! 

The AG Box Skirt you mentioned (pictured at left) is adorable.  But how annoying that it's $200….I can get jeans for that price, and this skirt has roughly half the material!  Boooo!  

So.  You are looking for a jean skirt that is (reasonably) mom-friendly, and less than $200.  Got it.

The "less than $200" part is easy – there are a million options.  Finding something that's mom-friendly is a bit trickier — I agree that running around the playground in a denim pencil skirt is…well…humph.  Not even sure how to describe.  Too fashion-victim?  Just plain scary?  I mean….you can't even climb the steps to help your kiddo down.  So yeah – I think the pencil-skirt-at-playground scenario is out.

Even if we rule out the denim pencil skirt, I think we have several other cool options.  Here are my favorites:

Traditional Denim Mini

28478_01_d 32795_01_d

The Abercrombie & Fitch skirts pictured above aren't quite as fab as the AG Box skirt, but they are pretty cute, and only $50!  I go to A&F for my short denim skirts because they are usually cut straight, rather than A-line, so I can order up a few sizes to get skirts that ride a bit lower on my hips, are a little longer in length, and don't wing out in a hugely obvious A-line shape.  Some of the charm of the denim mini is that it's a bit tough.  Too much A-line can soften the look.  Finding the right balance of length and A-line is key.

The skirt on the left is A&F's Lara skirt (which is a couple of inches longer than their other denim minis), and the cool paneled skirt (it looks almost bandage inspired) is the Kiran skirt.  Both are $50.

I think the shorter length will give you a slightly wider range of movement than a denim pencil skirt, but short skirts are still tough on the playground.  To make this look even more mom-friendly, here's how I'd wear it:


Mom Friendly Denim MiniFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Mom Friendly Denim Mini by aintnomomjeans featuring Old Navy swimwear



Items in this set:
Lara Skirt, $50
Old Navy Womens Bikini Bottoms, $10
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Authentic Original 2-Eye | TheShoeMart Nixon Time Teller Lime Watch, $54

Women's tees & knits – basic tees & tanks – Vintage slub polo – J.Crew, $40

Because minis are so bare, I love to pair mine with tops that have more coverage, like a slouchy polo (hello, nursing moms!).  I also like the preppy accessories (am loving the orange Sperry Top-Siders and Lime Nixon watch) to keep this look a little more grown-up.  But the number one tip to make skirts mom-friendly?  Layer over a bikini bottom.  You'll have total coverage (even when sitting), and if there is any kind of wardrobe malfunction, you'll still be OK.   

Swingy Denim Chambray Skirt


Gp750235-00p01v01   Skirt

A swingy denim chambray skirt gives you both a longer length, and a wider range of movement, making it more mom-friendly than the traditional denim mini.  I'd still wear a bikini bottom underneath…just in case.  The lighter weight the chambray the more you are at the mercy of the wind. 

Above left is Gap's Pleated Chambray Skirt, $50, and above right is J.Crew's Denim Cavalry Skirt, $60.

Tops tucked into skirts like these will really show off the cool waist details (bows, pleats, etc), but depending on your proportions, a boxier top would also be adorable. (Not to mention easier to hide the pooch).  Here's how I'd make mine mom-friendly:


Chambray SkirtFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Chambray Skirt by aintnomomjeans featuring TopShop swimwear



Items in this set:
New York & Company – Tops – Nautical Stripe Tee, $20
Frilly Waist Bikini Pant, $16
Women's Clothing: Women's Clothing: Pleated chambray skirt: Skirts…, $50
Shop TOMS Red Bridgeport Linen Classics At TOMS Official Store, 3 DKK


Platforms are cute, but if I were wearing this skirt to the playground, I'd skip the heels in lieu of a comfy pair of TOMS (I love these in red).  In case you haven't noticed, I have no ability to resist stripes, so I'm pairing the skirt and with a nautical shirt, but any cute t-shirt would work well with such a feminine skirt.  In fact, an old concert tee would be a really cool choice.

And Finally…A Denim Skort


I don't really know what to say about this one.  Skorts have always struck me as weird…but now that I have a kiddo, I'm starting to appreciate the inherent usefulness of this item.  This particular skort is from Forever 21, and therefore is only $19.80.  I'll admit, I'm intrigued. Here's how I'd wear it, if I did decide to wear it.  Which I haven't.  But I might.  Hmmmmm…..


Denim SkortFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Denim Skort by aintnomomjeans on



Items in this set:
Rubbish Roll Sleeve Plaid Shirt (Juniors) – View All – Nordstrom, $38
Paul Green 'Estavan' Sandal – Sandals – Nordstrom, $255
Roxy 'Hot Ticket' Fedora – View All – Nordstrom, $26 – Bottoms – 2071299987, $20


Readers – what do you think?  Skort, yes?  Denim skirts – doable for moms?  Or still not that practical?  Julia…your thoughts?  Have we gotten you over your AG Box Skirt addiction, LOL? 

I'm such a shorts-or-boyfriend-jean kinda girl that I don't often go the skirt route for the playground, but now I'm thinking that it might be an option.








  1. I need to post another reader question for you.
    I start a new job in June with a business casual dress code and want to impress with classic wardrobe essentials. Most of my work wardrobe was purchased a long time ago (way before I got pregnant) and won’t fit the bill. I am looking for essential pieces that I can easily mix and match when I am trying to get a baby and myself both ready in the morning. I live in the New England – so people dress pretty conservatively here.

  2. First of all thank you for the help!!! I know I might seem crazy for wanting to rock a denim skirt at all but living at the beach in hot & sticky South Florida makes it all the more appealing and I just CANNOT seem to get on the skort train! I too get the practicality of them…they just seem odd and kind of freak me out! I’m def going to hit Abercrombie and check out the Lara skirt so thank you – I’m inspired. I think if I go up a size, like you said, it will be a little longer and work perfectly, and at $50 I’m okay if it gets ruined. I live in my Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans too but am pretty sure my husband is tired of seeing them…although he’s not running around all day so he really doesn’t get much of a say. Anyway…THANK YOU, I’m going to hit Abercrombie this weekend but I don’t think I’ll ever get over my AG obsession; it will take some time and personal healing. xoxo :o)

  3. Before the babe I wore only skirts and dresses. ever. I am slowly finding my way back to wearing them, but yes, it does require a bit more thought. I recently picked up a few cute jersey dresses at Ann Taylor Loft (which I entered after a 5+ year hiatus because of your post, btw) and am super excited about them. My plan is heels and nice accessories if I wear them to work , or dinner, etc but if I want to wear them out and about with my peanut I am sticking to ballet flats and capri leggings underneath. I think the same approach could be used with denim – my favorite of your picks is the A&F Lara. S, what do you think??

  4. Just commenting on the skort issue. While in principle I just think they are… well, too MOMish (and plant you well into the Mom jeans range which is where we all clearly do NOT want to be) the usefulness of them is a huge draw when running around with kiddos. Comfy, flattering given the right cut and wash, cute with all sorts of footwear… I haven’t given in yet but darnit, I just might if I find one that really rocks. But… only if it’s skirt all the way around with shorts discreetly tucked underneath. No skirt in front/shorts in back business. Pffft.

  5. Julie – so glad we could help! And yes – my complete obsession with Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans leaves me at a bit of a loss when the temps climb. (Like now, finally.)
    Robin — I love your idea of layering the denim skirt over leggings. Perfect! I’ll have to remember that come fall!
    Seanna – Amen to that, sister. Someone shoot me if they ever catch me running around in the half skirt / half short thing. Shudder.

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