What Jeans Are Even In Style In 2024?


If there’s one area that garners the most reader questions, it’s almost always denim. We get everything from “Are skinny jeans still in style?” to “How long can this mom jean trend possibly last????” And given the last few years, with jean styles ping-ponging between high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise, along with an equally chaotic hemline game (cropped! puddle! ankle! bunched! awkward crop!)…it’s been a ride.

That said, over the last 16 years of blogging, I’ve noticed that when styles and silhouettes are going through some sort of major shift, this shift is often predicated by sartorial chaos. Especially denim. And I do believe we’re on the precipice of one of these major shifts in denim trends. It’s not *just* about rises or hemlines or – heck – it’s not necessarily even about silhouettes (flare, wide-leg, straight leg, etc.) it’s almost more about a shifting denim vibe.

are mom jeans still in style?
These jeans are SO 2022.

2024 is ushering in a certain amount of…ease in denim silhouettes. I’m not talking about stretchy denim vs. rigid denim (frankly, 2024 trends can be either one), but, rather, the cut and the fit of the jeans themselves.

The denim trends of 2024 all have a looseness to them – sometimes subtle, sometime overt – that feels really fresh and new. They have a little bit of slouch. So we’re getting away from the old idea that jeans must be tight – to show off curves, etc – and instead, embracing the fact that the jeans of 2024 have a whole different set of expectations.

what jeans are in style?

It’s as if denim, these days, are almost trying to masquerade as pants.

The Jeans We’re Wearing (And Not Wearing) In 2024

**Disclaimer: first and foremost, I believe everyone should just wear what they love. Wear what-the-heck-ever makes them feel good, feel happy. Trends be damned. But if you are curious about what jeans are in style in 2024 (and, likely, beyond), keep reading.

Say Goodbye To These Denim Styles…

are skinny jeans still in style?
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Mom Jeans
  • Overly Distressed Jeans (a little is still OK)

We’ll get into each of these denim styles in depth (and note that we’re not making any distinctions about rise), but here’s a quick list of the jeans that are in style in 2024:

3 Denim Rules When Shopping For Jeans In 2024

If you care, we have a few lighthearted “denim rules” for 2024. Think of these as guideposts to keep in mind when shopping for jeans. There are soooo many styles, cuts, and washes out there, but running through these rules should help to identify which denim will actually feel on trend in 2024.

Rule #1: Look For Full-Length Denim

are Levis in style right now?

jeans (sized up 1 size for a looser fit)

While this is tougher for tall girls, the biggest difference between the jeans we were wearing and denim in 2024 is the length. For the most part, you want full length jeans, well past your ankle bone. Are there exceptions? Sure. Barrel and Horseshoe jeans are two notable exceptions. But the rest of them – straight, wide-leg, flare, bootcut, etc. – will all look and feel more current if they’re full length.

Rule #2: Think Loose-ish (Not Skintight)

what jeans are in style in 2024?


No matter what style of jean you’re wearing, it should slouch, just a little bit. The most modern take in 2024 are jeans with a little ease, rather than jeans that have been painted on. Frankly, this looser fit will work to make jeans of virtually any style feel more current.

Rule #3: Nothing Tight Or Tapered At The Ankle


With the exception of barrel jeans & horseshoe jeans (we’ll get to those), jeans that taper in at the ankle (think: classic mom jeans, or even most boyfriend jeans) don’t feel on trend for 2024. Instead, opt for jeans with a straight cut across the ankle, or – even better – a wide-leg jean. Even cropped wide-leg jeans are a fresher choice than traditional mom jeans.

The Jeans In Style In 2024

Below is the short list of jeans we think will be trending in 2024 and beyond. We chose these jeans not only because they feel especially fresh & current, but also because – for most of them – rise or fabric doesn’t matter! While low-rise jeans are currently getting a ton of press, we don’t think they’re going to completely take over (unless you’re an actual teenager). For the rest of us, rise is still going to be (mostly) a matter of preference or, haha, whim (some days I like it, some days I don’t).

1. Wide-Leg Jeans

are wide-leg jeans in style 2024, denim trends of 2024

left | middle | right

Wide-Leg Jeans are fitted in the waist, flare out gently from the hips, and keep that same elegant angle all the way down. They’re easily the most foolproof option for 2024. Dark wash, light wash, high-rise, low-rise…this silhouette is so on point that even a cropped pair could work. And this is an especially good gateway jean into the world of loose-ish jeans. Try buying a size up to get that looser look. (Here’s my latest try-on of looser wide-leg jeans, if that helps.)

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2. Dad (or Baggy) Jeans

are baggy dad jeans in style in 2024?


Dad Jeans (aka Baggy Jeans) are loose throughout the hips, waist and legs. Think: ‘90s silhouette (or the actual old Levi’s your Dad used to wear). This is the silhouette I’ve been wearing the most often. In the summer, I wear them a size big, a little low on my hips, with flip-flops. Once it gets cold, however, I wear my regular size, higher on my hips, with sneakers or boots or ballet flats (depending on the weather). There’s something slouchy and cool about this silhouette, and I can’t get enough.

If you’d like some styling ideas, we put together a Baggy Jean Masterclass on YouTube…as well as a few baggy jean outfit ideas (also on YouTube) if you don’t want to watch the whole masterclass.

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3. Barrel Jeans

are barrel jeans still in style?


Barrel jeans are generally straight through the waist and hips (can run anywhere from kinda loose to really baggy) and start to balloon out around the thighs. Confusingly, they taper back in at the hem, forming the shape of, well, a barrel. This is the kind of jean that you either love or hate, with the TME editors split down the middle. One thing we all agree on? If you love them, they certainly take your outfit in a seriously cool & fresh direction. (I’m firmly in the ‘LOVE’ camp.)

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4. Horseshoe Jeans

are horseshoe jeans still in style?


Horseshoe Jeans are similar in silhouette to barrel jeans, but with some drama. Essentially, this denim silhouette is more pronounced, creating a horseshoe shape. Note: many of the styles rounded up below have been named barrel jeans by the retailer, but we’re including them here because they’re sooo dramatic.

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5. Trouser Jeans

what jeans are in style? denim trends of 2024

left | middle | right

Trouser Jeans can be wide-leg jeans, but they have some sort of detail that makes them feel more like a trouser: pleats, a tie-waist, trouser-style slash pockets, a bit more drape. We’ve found that you’re better off searching “pleated jeans” or “tie-waist jeans” to find this specific style.

I especially love that trouser jeans can easily be dressed up – even for work – but, because they’re still, ya know, denim, look right at home with a t-shirt.

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6. Cuffed Jeans

are cuffed jeans in style? denim trends of 2024


To really nail the Cuffed Jeans Trend, you’ve gotta go for a BIG cuff. Ideally, the cuff should be folded over once, and roughly 3-6 inches in length. While we love big ‘ol cuffs on wide-leg jeans, straight-leg jeans can also work!

To keep the cuff in place, you can always sew & iron it…but I never do that. Instead, I’ll either pin it on the inside or – even better – use this hem stitch gun. It doesn’t last forever, but that’s kinda the point. Then you can wear the jeans either long with heels, or cuffed.

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7. Carpenter/Cargo/Utility Jeans

are cargo jeans still in style? denim trends of 2024


Carpenter, cargo, or utility jeans can be any silhouette: wide-leg, straight-leg, barrel, flare, bootcut – but are defined by the details. While the names carpenter, cargo, and utility are often used interchangeably, cargo jeans tend to have large pockets sewn to the outside of the jean, carpenter jeans have intentional seams and loops (where a carpenter would typically hold their tools) and utility jeans usually have some reinforced patch areas. Ideally, these jeans should fit a little bit baggy or loose.

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8. Sailor Jeans

are sailor jeans in style? denim trends of 2024


Sailor Jeans are basically just wide-leg jeans with nautical details. They can be really long, puddling around the foot, perfectly hemmed to full-length, or cropped – it doesn’t matter. They’re also a good option if the carpenter/cargo/utility trend is too boyish for your personal style. Despite the Join The Navy! vibes, these somehow manage to have a more feminine feel.

And if you’ve also been hearing murmurings of gauchos (gasp!)…these will scratch that itch, too.

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Cheers to finding denim silhouettes that feel as good as they look.