Abercrombie Vintage Denim Try-On: 80s vs. 90s


When I was a teen in the early 2000s, Abercrombie was known for two things: shirtless door greeters and potent stores that were in a secret scent-off with Hollister. A&F emblazoned across your pre-pubescent chest was a social status. You couldn’t walk a foot down my school hallway without running into someone in those cut-off denim mini skirts they were famous for. (I wore mine to death, as pictured here):

Abercrombie's new thing is "Decades of Denim". I found not only '80s & '90s-style high-rise jeans, but bodysuits, a floral blouse + a knotted  leopard tee.

(Circa 2007. Trust me when I say you could not coach a swim team in New Jersey in the early ’00s without a sweet A&F denim mini skirt.)

Abercrombie Vintage High-Rise Jeans: Bringing The ’80s & ’90s Back

But it’s comforting to see as I’ve grown out of popped collars and micro denim mini skirts that Abercrombie has grown up as well. Sure, you can still find that tell-tale moose on some of their apparel, but there is also an obvious effort to appeal to a broader size range and a slightly more mature demographic, especially when it comes to their jeans. When I say they have seriously upgraded their denim game, I mean it — the cuts, styles & washes are all spot-on. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory except everyone is trying to get their hands on that sweet, sweet distressed denim — not falling into rivers of chocolate.

A&F’s new thing is “Decades of Denim” featuring, you guessed it…jeans influenced by prior decades. “OK, I’ll bite,” I said to myself and quickly found not only ’80s and ’90s-style denim, but bodysuits, a floral blouse and a leopard knotted tee.

So am I a rad ’80s girl or an”As if!” ’90s girl? Let’s find out…

Abercrombie's new thing is "Decades of Denim". I found not only '80s & '90s-style high-rise jeans, but bodysuits, a floral blouse + a knotted  leopard tee.

Jeans (31 – size up) | Bodysuit (Large – TTS) | Flats (8 – TTS)

Abercrombie High-Rise 80s Mom Jeans

Truthfully I had very low expectations for these Vintage Stretch Denim High Waisted 80s Mom Jeans. That SNL sketch of the mom jeans kept playing in my head, and I had a feeling I was going to look more like Tina Fey and less like the A&F model.

But once I slipped them on they felt like “buttah” (sorry now I’m mixing my SNL sketches). They are high waisted, but the pleating flatters your waistline, which is especially nice when you are postpartum. The reviews suggested you size up, so I went from my normal 30 to 31. They are loose without feeling baggy. If you prefer a tighter jean, you could probably go with your normal size.

Jeans (31- size up) | Bodysuit (Large-TTS) | Flats (8 – TTS)

Abercrombie Long-Sleeve Ruffle Chiffon Bodysuit

The long-sleeve ruffle chiffon bodysuit comes in a few fun colors, but this deep burgundy felt perfect for winter. I love the subtle animal print and the front hook closure to keep “the girls” in place. It is a snap-closure bodysuit — because nothing is worse than trying to finagle a tricky bodysuit when one desperately needs to use the restroom. (TTS: I’m wearing a large). I finished the outfit off with my tried and true Tory Burch flats — some things never go out of style. (TTS: I’m wearing an 8).

Abercrombie's new thing is "Decades of Denim". I found not only '80s & '90s-style high-rise jeans, but bodysuits, a floral blouse + a knotted  leopard tee.

Feeling v Breakfast Club here | Jeans (31 – Size up) | Bodysuit (Large – TTS)

And if you struggle with creating the perfect knot, this one is for you.

Knotted Crew Tee (Large – TTS)

Abercrombie 90s Ultra High Rise Relaxed Jeans

Considering I spent most of the ’90s in leggings or drawstring pants (I was a very lanky child for whom button pants were not an option), I opted for two pairs of ’90s jeans. The first are these 90s Ultra High Rise Relaxed Jeans paired with a 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Blouse. I love the distressing on these jeans. They are definitely the highest-rise jeans I’ve ever worn, but the relaxed fit left me feeling comfortable and unlike a can of busted biscuits. The reviews were mixed on sizing, but I opted to size up to a 31 for a looser feel. The blouse gives me major flower child vibes. I love the construction and cut, although it’s definitely a date night top (not suitable for my handsy 8-month-old…as opposed to a handsy husband LOL).

Jeans (31 – Size up) | Blouse (Large – TTS)

Abercrombie 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans

Next were these 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans in a grey wash and a simple Long-Sleeve Seamless Bodysuit. While I love the wash, I don’t feel like the style does much for me. They are wicked comfortable though (can you tell I lived in New England?) and I was pleasantly surprised by the bodysuit. It really felt like putting on a second skin (but not in a creepy “Silence of the Lambs” way). It’s the perfect option for when I need a tucked-in shirt, but am too lazy to deal with actual tucking. I think a simple black bodysuit really is a quintessential staple for anyone’s wardrobe.

Jeans (31 -size up) | Bodysuit (Large – TTS)

And the conclusion is? I am….an ’80s girl! Yes, I may have spent the entirety of the decade I was alive to experience in diapers, but these A&F “Mom Jeans” just spoke to me. Perfect for dressing down, like in this delicious knotted crew tee or with a faux-fur coat for a “casual” winter jaunt around the block.

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If you haven’t visited Abercrombie & Fitch since TRL was the show to watch at 4:00 in the afternoon, give it a try. Plus, they are having a limited time 30% off selected items. Go ahead, enjoy a little nostalgia.