Postpartum Jean Try-On: Agolde, Boyish, and Re/Done


There was one all-consuming thought that filled my head during my pregnancy: JEANS. I couldn’t stop dreaming about wearing them, and on more than one occasion found myself scrolling the internet just to look at them.

Getting dressed each day with a growing belly was surprisingly very hard; it wasn’t until I had discovered my dream maternity jeans that I found joy in putting on clothes again, but even then I knew they were temporary closet pieces. I still looked longingly ahead to the day I would get to pull on a pair that wasn’t stretchy nor featured an elastic waistband. So when that little munchkin was out of me, and I began feeling healed up after labor + delivery, I set my sights on finding a dreamy new pair of jeans… or two (maybe three? AH, HELP!).

The Sustainable Jeans I’m Trying Postpartum

When I set out to see what the world of jeans had to offer me, I found myself gravitating towards more rigid, loose pairs from brands that are going the extra mile. I kept coming back to the ’90s Loose Fit from Agolde, a brand that you’re seeing a lot of the team talk about, as well as the ’90s Loose Fit from Re/Done, and two from Boyish: The Ziggy and The Billy. These jeans are a bit higher priced than ones I’ve purchased in the past, but it’s nearly inevitable for the price tag to go up when a company is being more responsible with their production — the priciest of the bunch even gives you repairs for life when you register your item, meaning they are not just responsible, but intentional, too.

1. AGOLDE ’90s Mid Rise Loose Fit

Revolve | w/big rips: Revolve + Nordstrom | Nordstrom (w/smaller rips) | Free People

I purchased my first pair of Agolde’s a few years ago and didn’t even know it. They were on clearance at UO, and when I find jeans on sale that are actually cool and in my size — I grab them immediately. It wasn’t until this very winter that I pulled the jeans out and realized “AGOLDE” was stamped across the tag, the very company I had just become so-super-starry-eyed over while being pregnant. It’s been years and I am still in love with that first pair. It was now not even a question that I had to try the ’90s fit.

After that little munchkin was out of me, I kept coming back to the '90s Loose Fit from AGOLDE, Re/Done '90s Loose Fit, and 2 from Boyish: The Ziggy & The Billy.

in black: Revolve + Shopbop | Shopbop (lighter wash)

And. I. LOVE. THEM. They remind me of the Levi’s Wedgie, but with longer legs. I tried out two different washes and went down one size (to a 27) based on reviews because I wanted them to sit up higher on my waist — they were a perfect fit and super comfortable. If you wanted them to sit lower on your hips I would recommend staying true to your normal size. Bonus, the tags said they were made with organic cotton.

2. Boyish The Billy Jean

This company is stellar when it comes to sustainability. They are one of the only brands I have found to have an “About Us” up front next to their “Shop” button because transparency is important to them. You can read their sustainability report, fiber guidelines, and what they’re doing to make social change. They are a wonderful follow on Instagram, too, as they post daily stories to help educate us about the fashion industry and how we can make more responsible choices. The brand utilizes mens fabrics and fits but tailors them for a women’s body, which I more than kinda love.

Boyish | Free People | Shopbop | Revolve

So technically, these are considered Skinny Jeans (not my beloved ’90s style). I actually wasn’t even aware of that when I first ordered them since the model I originally saw them on was wearing them slightly oversized. In a size 29 (the light wash) these fit more comparably to “mom jeans” — loose around the legs, but a bit baggy in the waist as well, while still slimming down at the ankle. In what I consider my true size, 28 (the darker wash), they fit as a skinny jean — but without any stretch they felt almost a bit too tight. These are nothing like the traditional stretchy skinny jeans I’m used to (e.g. Madewell), but I’m curious if they would loosen at all with wear.

3. Boyish The Ziggy Jean

Boyish | Free People | Intermix

This fit was…well, I think I’m still undecided. I wish I could see them without the crease from being folded because I feel like that messes with my eyes, but they fit TTS (wearing size 28) and looked good on my butt. They seem to have more fabric than others of the same style, which reminds me of a dad jeans style — but I’ll admit I kinda love that. The jury is still out on how often I would reach for these in my closet.

4. Re/Done ’90s High Rise Loose Fit

Nordstrom | Nordstrom (only slight rip in one knee) | Re/Done | Revolve

Oh, wow — those are the exact words that crossed my mind when pulling these on. You really do get what you’re paying for with these (which is saying a lot, considering their price tag). While this fit is the loosest of them all, it is the dreamiest, in my opinion. They just felt good when I put them on, almost soft (for denim, at least). Each pair of jeans is considered one of a kind due to the careful and detailed way they are made — because of this, they warn that each jean fit could vary. When ordering from Nordstrom it was recommended in the description to size up, which is what I did.

After that little munchkin was out of me, I kept coming back to the '90s Loose Fit from AGOLDE, Re/Done '90s Loose Fit, and 2 from Boyish: The Ziggy & The Billy.

Nordstrom (no rips) | SSENSE | Revolve (ash grey)

I’m wearing size 29 and they’re perfect for the look I was wanting. They’re a very casual fit, do not squeeze me or dig into my skin in the slightest, yet they stay exactly where I want them to. I recently declared that I was over ripped jeans, but broke my own rule in trying these. WELL, turns out I’m not over them!! I just love these, and really appreciate the extra length. Even if this ’90s fit isn’t your jam, I would totally recommend trying out another style in this brand, as I feel like the cost-per-wear here is going to be really, reaaaally good.

Stay tuned for a post of me styling a pair or two of these — and let me know if you’re rocking a good pair of loose denim these days, too!


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