Diaper Changes Made Easy and Hip: Choe and Tomlinson Self Portrait Mirrors


Mirrors are great for your babe’s social, emotional and language development and, placed at your kiddo’sGenius-babies_2051_335774745 eye-level on the changing table wall, they can also help keep diaper change fuss to a minimum.  But who wants to hang a large, heavy and disfiguringly shatter-able object above their dearest boy or girl at their most prone?  Baby mirrors intended for the car, such as the BearView mirror, $25.00 from www.GeniusBabies.com, are a safer option, of course, but they are, as a rule, either too hideous or freaky cute to want as a permanent decorative object in your home.  Here’s a hip, safe and fun  alternative: Choe and Tomlinson Self Portrait Mirrors, $35.00 (and well-worth the 10760__dp__e(700x600) extra ten bucks), at www.DesignPublic.com.  The mirrors measure a diminutive 12”  x 16” and are made of acrylic, eliminating the hazards of larger mirrors you may otherwise feel compelled to bolt to the studs if your first-time parent safety threshold is as low as mine.  There are a few different motifs, but I chose the Songbird Mirror for my boy’s  mod boreal forest-inspired room and he has dug it since early babyhood, going from the perennially surprised “who’s dat baby!?” stage to, now at 16 months, hamming it up and practicing his goofy expressions whilst I pat, powder and cream his creases. 


– M

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