P4271546 I was disgusted and incredulous when veteran moms sagely told me, whilst pregnant with my eldest, “You’ll never take a shower again. . . ”  First, it just seemed like a mean thing to say, even if it was true, and second, I thought, “Um, really?  You must be seriously lacking in time management skills. . . ”  But in truth, they were partly right.  Midnight and 3 AM wakings plus dressing two other people in addition to myself, then feeding said people plus 9 AM drop offs and other myriad activities does not a well-coiffed mommy make.

While I have managed to take a few showers in the past three-and-one-half years (mostly due to a large bathroom and the ability to lock my children in with me, with toys and activities, while I suds up), I am continually sacrificing one part or another of most normal people’s pretty basic toilette.  For example, it is a rare and glorious day, usually on a weekend, when I treat myself to both shaving my legs and washing my hair during the same shower.  If using the Clarisonic, I usually skip exfoliating mitts.  If shaving, my heels don’t get pumiced and my long, thick hair (which I refuse to part with and which only looks good blown out–an additional 20 minutes) is usually the first to suffer.

Until, that is, I found fake braids and dry shampoo.  I was browsing through the Sephora point of sale items a month or so ago when my hand was drawn to something that could formerly have been alive.  I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger to examine it more closely and discovered it was actually a dark brown, braided, fake hair, headband.  It was a little off-putting to say the least.  Images of the “party hair” kiosk at the mall and the dominatrix-looking-chic who sells those frosty, coiled tresses, popped to mind.  But I held it, and gradually I became more intrigued by its possibilities. . . I’d just picked up my second canister of Ojon dry shampoo and this seemed like the perfect compliment–it was.

P4271555(1) I’ve been wearing my fake braid as a headband with loose strands and in mod-style middle part ponytails like crazy since I bought it for $10.  In combination with dry shampoo, and with roughly 45 seconds of effort, it never fails to make my hair (sometimes going on three days without a good washing) look pretty fab and on-trend with this year’s time consuming braided hairstyles, in spite of my grave neglect.  

Ojon Full Detox(TM) Rub-Out(TM) Dry Cleansing Spray 4.1 oz is the number-one mom hair-saver I came late to.  My hair at right is on almost three days without a wash.  I use it on the second and third days after a shampoo and it preserves body and eliminates greasy tresses beautifully.  I’m not a big fan of the scent, and I do feel like it dulls my hair a bit, so I’m waiting on a bottle of Oscar Blandi Pronto – Dry Shampoo 1 oz (28 g), which smells of lemon verbena (mmmm. . . ) and, Bliss staffers claim, can push your ‘do five days past a wash. 

Bring it, greasy new mom hair!

– M.



  1. Dry shampoo for DARK HAIR?! EUREKA!!!! The stuff I’ve tried always looks like dandruff or flour. This photo looks like shiny, clean hair from here. PLEASE review the Blandi Pronto so I know which to order. WOO HOO!!
    Love the braided band. Done & done!

  2. M, I echo Mercedes’ comment: let us brunettes know which dry shampoo to go with!!! I so hate washing my hair. Even pre-baby. 🙂

  3. I’ll let you know which dry shampoo works better for me, but I have a feeling it may come down more to hair texture and application. I have super thick, pretty smooth hair, which tolerates less washing to begin with. When I apply dry shampoo, I part my hair in the middle then on both sides, spraying right on the scalp/root, then do a short part on the back/crown of my head and do the same thing, trying not to use a whole lot. I then fluff/rub/shampoo my dry hair for several seconds (Ojan says 3 minutes, but who has that kind of time!?), then brush through it several times. It is more dull than freshly washed and blow dried hair, but much prefer it to greasy hair clumping : )!

  4. it does smell like lemons, and it is wonderful…I hope you like it as much as I do (is it gross to admit I skipped a day shampooing my hair even before I became a mama?)

  5. Day 1 down, day 2 down, day 3 ponytail, day 4 up. Yes, that’s right. I only wash my hair twice a week. (Actually typing that made me feel a bit disgusting.)
    I adore all the new dry shampoos, and I’ll definitely have to try the one that smells like lemons! However, they often seem to make my hair feel cakey. I’m also a HUGE fan of Bed Head’s Spoil Me, which is this miraculous defrizzing, smoothing, styling mist. I would never make it through Day 2 and 3 without it!

  6. As a blonde, I was a huge skeptic of dry shampoo making my hair look not oily but now I can’t live without it. Well, dry shampoo and showering at night. Love, love, love the headband idea.

  7. This is why I heart you.
    What other fashion blog tells you how to look awesome without neglecting your kids?? Lol.
    I think I washed my hair Sunday (for church) but it might’ve been Sat night…I need to run to Sephora I guess!

  8. Washing your hair too often is bad for it anyway (same goes with bathing the baby…). Glad for some extra tips. I use the Cake refreshing powder. It works like a charm, but hair is def. duller. Bonus: better texture? A little fuller. I say on day three (and I’ve even been rained on twice).

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