So, on my last #everydayedit (See pics below) I had quite a few requests to reveal how I hacked my shorts.  

But be forewarned: I am no designer, seamstress, or tailor. I literally have a pair of scissors and am dangerously impulsive… that’s it! There also might be better, “proper” ways to do this but here’s my take…

See detailed steps at the bottom of this post


Why I Did It

Any time I “hack” it all stems from the fact that I believe in the perfect fit. And — unfortunately — that’s usually only achievable in my price brackets when I do a little DIY-ing.

Around the new year, Dave and I started to talk about getting in shape, getting healthy, eating better, and just plain feeling better (how cliché of us). And one of the driving factors for me (other than health, blood pressure, blah blah blah) was getting into a damn pair of shorts! As my body shifted through three pregnancies and styles changed from classic shorts to a more distressed look, my body was getting bigger while the look got more and more revealing… great.

A look that (for my comfort level) revealed too much inner thigh and very closely resembled the butt of my children in diapers from the back. I’m all… “I’ve seen that butt before…where?” Diaper-butt can be super cute on a 2 year old, not so much on me.

But maybejust maybe if I got in better shape I could finally feel good wearing those effing shorts.

They deserve to be rocked.  And I wanted to ROCK THEM.



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And not just any shorts, I wanted to rock the super sexy little shorts.  You know, that One Teaspoon look.   The exact ones that have me constantly clicking ‘add-to-cart’ from my favorite bloggers and Instagram mommas.  The cut-offs that flatter and reveal and look all kinds of awesome and effortless. Then the cold hard realization hit:  even with, um, some tightening up on my part, this look is anything but effortless. So. After some failed try-ons, some orders and returns, I realized it just might need to be filed under: Next Year. Next summer. And my husbands all… there is seriously something wrong with you, and it’s not your body. And my mom is all… what is it exactly that you want? And I’m all… I want to look like all these skinny bitches in their shorts! Eventually, my Mom came to the rescue. “Um…not sure I can help with those exact shorts but can we try and make you something similar?” And, as it turns out, the beauty of making them is that you can have a low-cost, and tailored version of this look. For me, it was all about getting the “V” – extra low in the middle of the thigh, higher on the sides. Because, no doubt they’ll start creeping up in that high-friction zone. So instead of wearing some shorts that end up looking like a crotch-wedgie, these counter that length and, even when riding up a lil’ in the middle, look pretty damn good! So that’s that. The rest is history. Or in this case, the rest is these next 5 steps.


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Detailed Steps:

  1. Take a pair of pants that are a little bit too big for you. One size up max. Ideally they would be a 1/2 size too big. Just a little wider in the thigh. Put them on. Tuck in a shirt you’re dying to wear with shorts. Mark them in the middle of the thigh. Obviously way too long. Then, make a second mark an inch below the bottom of your hip bone.
  2. Take off the pants. Now, just rough chop them off at where you’d marked the thigh. And make a cut up the outer side seam to the second mark.
  3. Throw your weird long-shorts on. Start rolling them up to where they’re comfortable. This is where you play with the rolls. I found I liked the back a little longer and (of course) the inner thigh a bit longer. And I love to cut up extra high on the outer sides. You just have to play and play to find the perfect shape that makes your leg look sexy. Pin the fold with a safety pin on either side of the seam and at the inner thigh.
  4. Take them off and get the folds all perfect. I find it easiest to press them with an iron. Once you get the folds all perfected you can cut the seam on the hips a little higher so they don’t hug your thigh so much. You can just leave the pins in or sew little spots to tack it down. Or if you don’t want the rolls you can cut along the pressed line of the bottom of the fold to get the right angle and distress the edges with some tweezers. 
  5. Rock it!

Lastly, if you’re new to shorts like me, this self tanner has been my girl as my legs are getting used to seeing the sun again.

And, in case you would rather just buy this look, can’t go wrong with One Teaspoon!


peace ’n love – OE



  1. Girl, you are totally rocking those shorts!! Congrats on the weight loss, hubby and I are on the same journey #rockthoseshorts #loseweighfeelbetter

  2. You are so cute! I hack lots of things to and never the proper way. I love making cut offs for myself and i make my daughter. She just seems to grow up and not out so it works perfectly. We pass most of our clothes along as hand-me-downs but her jeans usually have stains or holes in the knee. I don’t make her too short though. 😉

  3. Your thighs do not look fat AT ALL. You could totally rock the teeny tiny cutoffs if you wanted to. This DIY version looks fantastic in the pictures but I’m just wondering how they look in person. Do they look “homemade” or sloppy from the back? Do you find that the rolls unroll in some places as you wear them throughout the day?

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