DIY Option for Cool, Winter Hats For Kids



Kiddie_cadetFor those of you so inclined (and much, much more talented than I am), I found a fantastic DIY option for a cool winter hat with an urban feel.  The Cadet Hat, shown, is a free pattern that you can download from Kathryn Ivy.  It's listed as a project for "all skill levels", which makes me really curious.

I have these urges to create.  To learn how to knit, buy a sewing machine and start making stuff for Raines.  I get it from my mother.  She would, from time-to-time in a fit of motherliness, drag up some old sewing machine from the basement and start sewing pajamas for my sister and I.  Then back down to the basement the ancient sewing machine would go, catching dust until the next pajama fit struck. 

At some point, just like Mom, I regain my sense of reality.  It's good to know your strengths.  We both can cook.




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