A Fun How-To: Splatter Paint Your Jeans


As most of you know, I spent an amazing vacation in Moab last March. The flight home always feels surprisingly long, but I had plenty of time to peruse a few magazines.  I totally fell in love with a pair of paint splattered jeans I spotted (ha? get it?) in Glamour.  And since I’m the DIY type, I immediately busted out my puffy paints the second I got home. #hahano Truthfully, I’ve never met a DIY project that didn’t end up costing me a million dollars in both “supplies” and therapy….so I turned this little challenge over to our TME interns.  After a few rounds of trial and error (one thing we have coming out of our ears over here is old denim)…they totally nailed it.  I’m absolutely in love with what they made.  (It’s even machine washable.)

tank | jeans (non-splattered) | shoes


Cute, right?  Here’s how our interns (Davis and Mad) worked their magic:

What You’ll Need:

  • A pair of jeans
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • An old sheet (or something to keep the paint from splattering all over the place)
  • A pillowcase
  • An iron

Step One:

Lay your jeans on the ground on top of the sheet, and make sure you have some space around you, because this is going to get messy. Use as many colors as you’d like, and splatter the paint up and down the jeans with a paintbrush. (Feel free to get very “Jackson Pollock” with it).

We used purple, red, yellow, teal, and white paint and chose a light wash pair of jeans to make the colors more vibrant — but this is totally up to you! With splatter paint, the funkier the better.

Step Two:

Let the jeans lay out flat to dry. (We kept ours out overnight just to be safe.) Then, lay a pillowcase on top of the jeans and iron over top to make sure the paint sticks to the fabric.

Step Three:

For the last step, you need to put them through the wash. I recommend using cool temperature water, this will help set the paint and get rid of any chunky areas. After that, they’re ready to wear, so put them on and dazzle everyone with your DIY skills!

Annmarie got the final pair.  Lucky girl.

Would be such a fun project for summer, right?



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