Do We Love Or Hate Free People’s Moxie Barrel Jeans?


There has been a great (sometimes funny) debate on the Free People Moxie jeans within our team. It’s somewhere between Absolutely In Love, to Oh No No No. Which, fair. Barrel jeans are one of the newer styles of denim out there that are decidedly interesting. Whether interesting means good or bad…that’s up for interpretation, especially depending on which editor you talk to over here at TME. You just have to watch our latest video to see what I mean, haha.

We’re one half creatures of habits that know what we love, other half itching to try out the newest styles and revamp our wardrobes. So, an interesting pair of jeans that have a barrel shape gave some of us that refresh we were looking for. Because, let’s be honest – sometimes the same old denim gets a bit…boring. And I’ve found that adding denim that has a unique shape (like the barrel jeans) or a detail such as paint splatters or cool belt loops that the Moxie jeans have, really just levels up a simple tee and sneaks. Simple tee + jeans + sneakers, forever. 

A Team Debate: Free People’s Moxie Barrel Jeans

What’s really shocking to me, personally, about the Free People Moxie jeans? They’re actually super versatile despite the unique shape, patterns, patches, paint splatters…you get the idea. And, they perfectly go with the low-profile shoes we’ve been loving recently. So, yes. They’re definitely different than the classic flare or straight-leg jeans and gave us a fresh take on denim…but they’re not so out there that they look crazy (IMO). I’d love to know what side you guys are taking in this debate. For research purposes…and my nosey self.

Psst — curious about all the jeans we cover? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


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