Do You Have A Sexy Sweater? Here’s Why It’s My Holiday Must-Have.





Yeah.  So I’m still in these jeans.  And I’ve been meaning to talk about this jacket FOREVER.  And yes – the sexy sweater + bustier combo, too.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Suffice to say that I gots some things to say regarding holiday style.

Holiday?  I KNOW.  Feel free to throw things, I do realize we haven’t hit Halloween yet.  IN MY DEFENSE…..I missed out on ALL holiday fun last year, *cough*chemo*cough* so I’m beyond excited for holiday festivities this year.  Like really, seriously, over-the-moon, excited in almost a manic, crazy-person kind of way.  I will be bringing Jolly this year, with a capital “J”.  BRINGING. THE. JOLLY.

And thank you guys – so much – for your kind words, welcoming my sister.  I’m so thrilled to have Scotti here, and because of her, was able to take some (much needed) time off in New York last week.  (And Instagrammers, your NYC suggestions were SPOT ON.  Seriously, wow.)


Now back to sexy sweaters.  Unlike my “sexy turtlenecks” which I keep (unsuccessfully) trying to make a thing [insert eyeroll from my husband], the sexy sweater is, actually, sexy.






A little plunge neckline, bonus points for being oh-so-slightly sheer (this trick even works post-partum), and best of all?  It’s warm.  No matter how carefully I try to plan holiday outfits, if any of them involve sleeveless anything, I always – always!! – make a game-time decision to swap out the pretty top for a sweater.

So fine.  I’ll embrace the sweater.  I will own my weakness for warmth.  And by “own” I mean pair with a bustier.  Because nothing says owning a problem like a bustier.  Right?? Bustiers are like the ‘who’s your daddy’ of clothing.  Mine is from True & Co (we’re doing a collab together next week – more to come), and it’s so comfortable and pretty…and, I found, the perfect thing for layering under this slightly sheer & plunging sweater.  The goal here is just a hint of something sexy underneath.



Both of the gorgeous necklaces above are Stella & Dot, and their purchase can help us spoil someone currently fighting breast cancer.  How?  By shopping our #fightinglikeagirl trunk show!  Hostess credits (aka jewelry) and proceeds (in the form of grocery gift cards) will be donated to someone currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  We’ve had 222 people nominated, and as of right now, we’ve raised enough money to spoil ONE fighter.  I’d love to be able to pick at least two…so please help.





Lastly, this jacket.  I don’t know quite why I love it so much, it has all the potential to be a disaster.   It’s an odd color (green?  wha??), a shape that could be overwhelming, yet it…works.  I think it’s the deep v-neck and the fact that the sleeves can be easily pushed-up.  In any case, I’ve been wearing it constantly, and it always just works.  (You should see it over a short skirt – amazing, and genius with boyish loafers.)





jacket: Free People Slouchy Boyfriend Jacket – if you click the link, scroll to the bottom and you can see where other people have uploaded pics of themselves in this jacket, to get a better idea of how it will look.

sweater: Free People Sadie V-Neck Pullover  – this is nursing friendly.  However, if you are tall, it may be too short (I’m OK with side-belly exposure when raising my arm, but an outright crop top is not my thing).  Tall mamas, try Free People’s Sudan V-Neck.  It comes down almost to my knees.

jeans:  Paige Edgemont Zip Detail in Sienna Silk Coating

boots: old, these Vince Camuto booties are similar, these Nine West Ankle Boots have a slightly more walkable heel, and I’m totally shocked by how much I like these Rockport booties?  What is happening?

necklaces: Stella & Dot, from the#fightinglikeagirl trunk show!

bag: My mom’s….try this Jessica McClintock glittery box clutch.  It’s name is “Cake”.  Nuff said.



As you might imagine, I’ve been “researching” the sexy sweater + bustier combo.  Like mad.  I’ve found some pretty amazing options at all price points (and there’s even a nursing bra thrown in).  My favorites are in the boutique below (you’ll need to click over if you are in feedly or reading via email).  I’ve included styling notes / body type thoughts where appropriate.




Happy Weekend!!



  1. 1st. I’m falling in love with you & your site, is that ok? 2nd. Love all of these! The varying prices is fantastic, so we all have an opportunity to be sexy and fashionable. And having just weaned my second child off nursing and gaining some sudden poundage from that, it’s always wonderful to have some tummy camouflage to boost some confidence.

  2. Love the sweaters but if you come across some lacy options for the big boobed that would be great. At a 36 DD I’m afraid most of these while pretty would not hold the girls up where the good lord put them to begin with.

    • What Stephanie said. I wish oh wish I had cute boobs with which to wear these sweaters. But put these kinds of plunging necklines on a 36F and it just looks trashy. Sniff.

  3. This is great. I never know what to do with sheer tops because I am not sure where the line is between fashionable and trashy with showing bra straps. More examples of how to correctly show straps would be appreciated especially with so many adorable off the shoulder and slouchy tops. I know it’s not the season but with tank tops too.

  4. Dude. I know it was a long, tough road and I would not minimize that in any way. But I’m here to tell you that your chest looks AWESOME. I’m a little jealous. ;). Silver lining?

  5. fyi: my debit card dislikes you right about now. On the flip side…a free people gray sadie sweater is headed my way. its perfect for breckenridge weekend with the boyfriend next month. #smilingeartoear much thanks! xoxo

  6. LOVE these looks. And as one who is ALWAYS cold- I love that you found a way to make my favorite combo a sexy one!

    Two questions- one, will this work if you are slightly pear shaped? And two- can I rock this in all black or will that take away from the unexpectedness of it all. Black, black and more black tends to be my color of choice in my wardrobe. xo

  7. Reader Request: Can you do something on clutches? I love the clutch you linked to in the article, but have also seen fold-over envelope-type bags. I want something practical but fancy for weddings and holiday parties when I can ditch my mom purse full of diapers and tissues and snacks.

  8. Hi! I love your style! This is a great site! Thanks!!
    I am trying to decide between the XS or S in this sweater. Does it stretch out? I’m 5’8″ so I like the length (both in body and arm!) of the S, but like the width of the XS (not so baggy). Any suggestion? Thank you! 🙂 Joanna

    • Joanna – I noticed virtually no difference between the XS and S….except for a little extra length. (And the small may have had a slightly wider neckline.) If I were 5’8″ (you lucky girl!!) I’d prob go small.

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