DockATot™ – Why it’s My #1 Baby Must Have


I did a baby must-have post before having our third baby, a while back. I included the DockATot – not even knowing yet how much I would use and love it. After we had our third I literally used it every. single. day. Multiple times a day.

When mamas ask me if it’s worth it, I don’t even pause…

The DockATot is one of the best things to ever happen to me as a mother.


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Now that I’ve made such a bold claim, let me try to fill you in on why…


DockATot is a lightweight, 100% breathable, machine washable, hypo allergenic, non-heat harboring, portable baby dock – offering a safe, comfortable spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, do tummy time and get diapers changed.

There are two sizes – the Deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (9-36 months).


Incredibly useful for “docking” your baby. It gave me a sense of comfort, knowing that my baby was able to rest comfortably, outside of my arms – especially with the two other kids demanding my attention. It was really nice to have baby snuggled, while I did 5 things at once. It helped me to be more hands free. I’d place him in it right next to me and he would barely notice that I put him own. DockATot gave me a bit of peace, amidst the madness.


I used it all over the house. If I was with the other two kids in the playroom, I would put it on the floor and lay little baby Connor in it, while we played…or I got some work done at my desk. If I was taking a nap (HA), I’d lay him in it next to me in bed. I also found I could actually get the laundry done if I placed the dock on the ground…in the general vicinity of the mountains of laundry – I’d sort, fold and put away…while he watched in his comfy spot. I mean, really…I used it in every room of our home.


See the entire line of products, read the rave reviews & learn more here.

>>FYI: You can get $10 off all docks at DockATot by clicking this link.


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I kind of want to have another baby, just so that I can use it again. Is that crazy? (YES. Yes, it is)

I’m just a big, big fan. I wish that I had had it for the first two babes!



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  1. These are great! In sweden we call this thing a “babynest”, and they have become very popular. If you find the dockatot expensive, they really aren’t that Gard to DIY. I made one for each of my kids out of things I had at home (old bedding) and they turned out just fine.

    There are heaps of instructions online if you google “babynest diy” – unfortunately mostly in swedish, but they have plenty of pictures so if you’re crafty you can probably follow along.

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