Weekend 11.11


Nieve, our dog, got spayed this week. The vet has instructed us that there is no running, jumping, or playing for at least 10 days, and only very short walks until her stitches are fully healed. While they *did* provide a sedative (in addition to painkillers) she seems unaffected by everything, including the drugs and the surgery itself. Which makes her 50 lbs of BORED PUPPY and here is just a small sample of what she has managed to destroy, while supposedly “sedated”.

  1. A brand new, soft and beautiful dog bed that I mistakenly thought would help her “recovery”.
  2. This (very creepy) dog toy that she did love, but love too hard as well as Horse (which had previously lasted 10 months, go figure).
  3. The wall next to the crate.
  4. The other wall next to the crate.
  5. All kitchen cabinets within her reach.

Soooo…bottom line, we’re only talking, what: thousands of dollars of damage?

Good times, good times.

In addition, the team has been working hard pulling together some holiday content, specifically Black Friday sales because they have started record early. There must be something in the air because I, too, have already started holiday shopping. This has happened before exactly NEVER.

But I am also craving nothing but sugar and have all but stopped working out so all of my Big Holiday Energy is starting to resemble stress eating soooooo….

I’m basically NIEVE. Chewing on walls.

Bags, you say? A reader emailed recently, pointing out that we’ve been light on our bag recommendations. Too true. I basically hate everything except this Balenciaga, har har har. But I am in a weird bag mood – the only bags that have caught my eye (in addition to that vintage-y one that sold out at Nordstrom – more in stock here), are, oddly enough, navy bags (this Staud or this nylon Balenciaga – they look especially good with silver footwear), this absolute STUNNER from Brother Vellies, this oddly shaped Thermoire, a bag that looks like a straight-up doctor’s bag from 1919, or this mini faux-fur tote (which is basically a winter version of my usual straw bag). What are you guys carrying right now?

More things I don’t hate. I may not have gotten enough sleep last night (why so grumpy, S?), but whatever. Let’s continue on in this vein. One, I finally got my hands on GAP’s faux-leather puffer in ivory and it’s freaking fantastic (and really warm, too). Two, I also ordered a bunch of stuff from Free People, and basically hated everything except for this seriously cool cropped puffer. The peach color is shockingly pretty, and the jacket is wildly unique. I like it MUCH better than FP’s Packable Pippa Puffer. And three, J.Crew’s shrunken cashmere sweaters (also in cable knit) are quickly becoming my go-tos. They vibe like cropped sweaters (and look perfect with tricky denim styles) but don’t actually show much skin, so are dead easy to wear.

Stop everything: this new Samba collab is worth downloading the Adidas app to order! Like, seriously ANY of the colors – I’m BLOWN AWAY.

Okaaaay. Have you guys seen these Nike sweatpants (at Nordstrom)? That waistband looks epic. And it turns out that there’s a zipper at the bottoms, too, so they can be worn like old-school sweatpants or more like straight-leg. Also, the lighter colors have seams down the front and WHOA: soooo good. And if you’re wondering about a matching sweatshirt…omg THIS. Nike, whaaa???

Picture it: This fair isle cardigan, unbuttoned slightly to let a black lace bra peek out, with these wide-leg Mother jeans, and silver boots. Easy holiday style, done.

I would also accept these Re/Done jeans, as another option.

Let’s talk about silver boots. If you clicked the silver boot link above, it goes to this pair of under $100 boots, which is not my usual move. In general, I’m deeply suspicious of footwear that cheap. But those boots look almost as good as this SIMKHAI pair and better than this Philip Lim pair. I’ve basically been wearing my silver ballet flats so often that I’m thinking silver boots will likely come in handy this winter.

Cuuuute. Social Threads always has the best mittens & hats. Actually, their whole Holiday Shop is pretty darn cute right now.

Early Black Friday Sales. Athleta’s just started, and I’m grabbing these fleece-lined tights and this fleece-lined longsleeve top. I found that on really cold days, this set, layered under my ski gear, was the warmest, most comfortable combo ever. I have the black, but am going to grab the ‘spiced cabernet’.

Do I need to try this on? I keep coming back to this seriously cozy-looking dress (in ivory). It’s likely too long for me, but with that raw hem…can I just cut it to fit? (This is a good question for Jeni, our fashion design grad). I also like the idea of this almost-sexy flannel shirt, but have no idea how I’d actually style it. Hmmm…maybe I should just put in a big order, because here’s another really pretty flannel shirt option (I like plain ivory) but would I actually wear it??

Plus size pick. The best answer to jeans-and-a-cute top.

For Mike, the weirdo. Whenever we’re all cuddled up watching a movie together, the boys and I are in some sort of cozy sweatpants, while my husband is in…jeans and a button-up. I’m thinking these superfine, almost sweatpant-like cords might be a good compromise. Oh HAHAHAHAHA – paired with this button-up, made from t-shirt fabric.

It’s the 3-pack. I’ve been coveting Black-owned business Brother Vellie’s Cloud socks for a while…and now they come in 3 packs. Would make a GREAT gift.

Two of my favs. Morgan from ShopBURU teamed up with blogging friend Mary Orton for a Holiday Collection that is so perfectly both of them, I die. They are both much fancier than I am, but this vest would be seriously cute with a pair of wide-leg jeans.

We’re trying. We’ve been attempting a kitchen reorganization project for the past couple of months, off & on…and anyway, this water bottle organizer brings me joy. That’s all.

That’s all I’ve got. Hang in there, Gang.




  1. Hello, fellow dog mom here. Do you think sending your puppy to training would be helpful? We are first time dog owners, and despite doing puppy kindergarten at a local pet store, and doing private training sessions with a trainer who came to our home, it wasn’t enough to get our 80lb half Bernese/half Portuguese water dog under control. A little after he turned 1yr we ended up sending him to a trainer for 5 weeks where he underwent intensive training, and he came back a different dog (not personality, just in terms of obedience and basic manners). Depending on your trainer, you’ll probably have to do some training together too to transfer their obedience over to the family. At the time you wonder if it’s too much, but now I see that he’s the best behaved dog in our neighborhood. Something to consider if you feel like her spunkiness is getting out of hand.

    • This…is VERY interesting. Thank you!!!! We’ve done some of the similar things you’ve mentioned already (trainer at the house, dog is well socialized), but it’s like she turned 9/10 months and suddenly regressed. Appreciate this. xo

  2. Have you all heard the podcast Articles of Interest? They do a deep dive on some fashion topic like sustainable shoes or the history of pockets in women’s clothing. By the 99% invisible people. Really good. How I learned about Brothers Vellies for example.

    Shana some of your links aren’t quite right. Perhaps check again—the Balenciaga goes to a hobo bag for example. 😘

    • GAHHHH. WordPress rolled out an update and its wrecking havoc on my links – SO SORRY. They *should* be working now. And I’ll def check out that podcast – thank you!

  3. S, Have you tried this for your pup? Our 7mo lab got spayed recently and the sedatives were no match for her busy energy! This kept her out of reach of her incision and decreased some destructive behaviors due to the cone anxiety. She did destroy one but once we kept a close eye on her it worked wonders!


  4. Hi Shana, have you tried any mental stimulation for her? It can actually tire them out more just the same as physical exercise. You can google and find a whole bunch you can try. A few we like are rolling treats or kibble up in old towels and lightly knotting the ends. You can also grab a whole bunch of boxes, hide treats in them and stack them up in a puzzle for her. It’s great when it’s raining or when they’re not able to do physical exercise. You could also do some simple training with her on tricks she doesn’t know yet. If she has a toy basket you can teach her to put away toys or even just teaching paw/shake. The boys can do that with her. Tons of fun YouTube tutorials if you look them up! Hang in there!!

  5. Shana, did you order the same size in the FP peach puffer as the pippa packable? it says it is oversized but doesn’t look it…btw our whole fam has been sharing sickness so i totally relate to the sugar/holiday shopping!!! I am definitely into gap, fp, and anthro this year lol. Also I love vans mte 2’s for winter (not waterproof but warm and walkable).

  6. Shana–I love the puffer so much! It is actually so warm and lightweight, feels like a marshmallow! And pretty color! Thanks for the rec!

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