Doing Some Site Maintenance For Fall (Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Riiiight Back)


Hey gang!! We’re doing a bunch of work on The Mom Edit this weekend. The fun starts Thursday (just in the background), but by Friday you’ll likely get a Closed For The Weekend sign if you try and come for a visit. If all goes well, we’ll be back up in time for the newsletter early Monday morning.

Cross some fingers for us, would ya?

In the meantime…we’ll be sending out some special newsletters. Friday morning’s edition will have outfit ideas from the team, “What We’re Wearing This Weekend,” Saturday will be a highly edited version of our Weekly Sales Report, and Sunday’s newsletter will have “My Favorite Shoes Right Now” — more team picks.

If you haven’t yet signed up for our newsletter, we’d LOVE to have you – sign up here.

Additionally, we’ll be throwing some stuff up on Facebook and Instagram (@themomedit).

Happy weekend!!



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