Fancy silk maxi, meet my sneakers.  Now play nice.  Thanks.


Without a doubt, this is the most glamorous sneaker outfit I wear.  I started hemming all of my maxi dresses for flats, and from there, it was just a small mental leap into sneaker territory.







The cost-per-wear of this dress has dropped dramatically since I hemmed it.  Instead of saving this pretty, pretty dress for the rare day when I feel like trotting around in heels (ha!) I wear it for everything from spontaneous Friday night happy hours to art museum outings and even on an errand running day when Pax was all, “MOM you WOOK WIKE a PWINCESS” and I just went with it because, yes, I do look like a princess.



A princess who can move like a boss, not teeter around like some newborn giraffe.  A badass kind of princess.



Outfit Details:

dress:  Parker Niko Silk Maxi Dress (size XS) – on sale at Amazon!  (Also at Revolve – full price, but they have size S)

sneakers: Veja canvas sneaks (super lightweight and comfortable, with a little cushion in the footbed)

backpack: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Fringe – my exact backpack is sold out everywhere, but Amazon has it in either suede black  or tan (so gorgeous)…although, the Rebecca Minkoff backpack right now is the oxblood one that’s part of my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks.

sunnies: Ray-ban classic Wayfarers



If silk maxi dresses aren’t your jam (and trust me, I totally get it), you can get the same vibe with a maxi dress in a casual fabric.  Because of the length, maxi dresses are inherently dramatic, so almost any would work.  My advice?  Find a casual maxi dress with some sort of glam element:  amazing color,  extra-flowy skirt, dramatic back – be picky.  The goal is to find something you love, something that makes you swoon.  I cannot overstate the benefit of a drool-worthy maxi dress, even when hemmed for flats (and most will look fine with heels, too).  Weddings, outings with or without kiddos, summer concerts, travel – throw one in your suitcase and you’re virtually done packing.

And I swear Vans work with any dress.








Outfit Details:

dress:  Lanston Maxi Dress (long sold out)…but Lanston has another style in the same fabric/color that’s pretty darn gorgeous (and nursing-friendly to boot)

sneakers: Vans

bra: Free People Racerback bra 

sunniesElizabeth and James Crawford Sunglasses


Shop:  Dramatic Maxi Dresses To Wear With Sneakers (or Flats)

Here are my current picks for seriously gorgeous maxi dresses that would look cute with sneakers (or flat sandals, if the sneaker thing isn’t for you).  Some are fancy, some are more casual, but they all have some unexpected design element that make them stand out.  Wear and feel glamorous.

(Again: BE. PICKY.  There are so many to choose from – wait until you find one that makes your heart beat fast.  And then tell us all about it. )







  1. Gorgeous!! I love all these fresh ideas. Never would have considered sneakers with a maxi.
    Those veja sneakers are fab! Do you know if they are listed in women’s sizibg or unisex at Zady? It wasn’t clear to me.

  2. Love this idea! I have the maxi dress from Everlane (at least it’s maxi on me because I’m 5’4″) and was just thinking of what practical pair of shoes I can wear with it, have an event that calls for cute but reasonable shoes to walk along a dirt path. Can you post your favorite sneaker suggestions that would work with a maxi dress, because I need hand holding!

  3. I just wanted to share that Amazon has a 30% off code (30forfall) that applies to some Rebecca Minkoff bags. It brought one style of the Julian back pack down to $178 for me. Now to convince my husband that I NEED a new bag.

  4. Beautiful! But I need practical advice: What do you wear under the dress? I got a cute, super comfy soft jersey dress — looks a little like the nude-colored maxi you have on — but it’s so clingy that you can totally see my pantyline. I do not bother with thongs and I tried commando but it was so clingy, I felt like my backside was very readable. I know a slip would work but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being nice and cool and easy dressing? Also — do you get the silk maxi dry cleaned??

  5. Both outfits are cool! If I had to compare which is better, definitely the first one to me. A maxi dress and sneakers is a fine combination. Both the red floral dress and the white sneakers with black accents (the first outfit) go together nicely. While I think a cute pair of platform wedge sandals or some wedge espadrilles would be a better footwear choice for the first outfit, I don’t mind the sneakers here at all.

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