Dramatic Maxi Skirts (Hello, Tulle) And Thoughts On Spinning, Fun and Frivolity


Shabby Apple wanted to know if I would like to try one of their tulle maxi skirts.  Yes, you read that correctly:  Tulle, in the manner of SJP, but as a maxi skirt.  It’s my own personal policy that anything involving tulle maxi skirts is always YES, because FUN, OBVIOUSLY, but it occurred to me that maayybbee grown women who are no longer in their twenties should not be wearing tulle maxi skirts.

(And then I was like EFF IT because I’m fashion blogger and we’re all a little bit nuts.)

The package came in the mail.  With trepidation, I tried it on.  The entire time my brain was saying, “a grown woman does not wear a tulle maxi skirt.  A grown woman does not wear a tulle maxi skirt with a t-shirt and a ponytail.  A grown woman does not clomp down the stairs in said tulle maxi skirt to ask the opinions of seven and four year olds.”

[clomp clomp clomp]


There’s a collective intake of breath.  Then Raines, shaking his head in amazement, stretches out his arms and says with awe in his voice, “you look beautiful, Mom.”  Pax comes barreling at me, “MOM YOU WOOK WIKE A PWINCESS!!” And then they’re on me, oohing and awwing, petting the skirt, walking circles around me, telling me that it’s the only thing I “should ever ever wear”.


I just stand there, soaking up their little selves.  Gosh, it’s fun to be queen.

“Mom,” Raines says.  “You gotta spin.  I mean…look at it!  You just gotta spin.”

So I spun and I spun and I spun while my two princes (who humor me so well) clapped and whooped.  For their crazy Mama.

But he’s totally right of course.  Sometimes, you just gotta don the twirly, swirly skirt….and spin.








Outfit Details

teeMonrow (size xs)

skirtShabby Apple Wooster Skirt in mint (size 2, but I should’ve done the 0P – it’s a tad big, and I had to hem it)

shoesSteven Viienna

bagRebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack

sunglassesRay-Ban Wayfarers with pink lenses

jewelryAlex and Ani Feather Bracelet, Chan Luu necklace (similar here)

On Pax  – H&M suit pants, Mason Dixon Made Derby shoes c/o

On Raines – H&M suit pants, old Peek tshirt



The verdict?  I’m so, totally, IN.  I may have gotten a few funny looks (we shot this on a random wednesday in my tiny little hometown) but there’s something so…joyful (perhaps?)…about wearing such a dramatic skirt.  The sheer frivolousness of it somehow helps me to remember that life need not be So Serious All The Time.  Sometimes, I choose fun.  Sometimes, fun is enough.

And this?  Was fun.

Gang, I’m so impressed with Shabby Apple’s entire line of dramatic maxi skirts.  Not only are they affordable ($76 – $150), but the tulle one I’m wearing comes in both mint (as shown) and a really pretty, subdued gray (which I think I like better – I chose the mint this past summer while I was going through a ‘more color!!’ phase.  I should’ve known it would never last).  But if the tulle feels a little too much, there’s a bunch of silk options that are gorgeous.  The silk skirts are just as dramatic and pretty, but have a timeless quality that would honestly work for any age (from teenager to grandmother).

Here are my favs:


You’ll be seeing this skirt again soon…..I’m thinking holiday style….

Happy Weekend!


photo credits:  Vafa Photo (based in Marquette, MI in the summer, and San Diego, CA in the winter). Love you guys!

ps.  I’m looking for a photographer in Philly for an upcoming shoot – any recommendations?



  1. I bought a Free People tulle skirt last winter and have been wondering TODAY how I’m going to style it for an upcoming trip I want to wear it on. TODAY. Great minds…… 🙂
    Anyway, thinking simple to balance the over-femininity of it. Just a casual black tee or tank…? With weather cooling I’m a little stuck.

    • I think I’d like it even more in the cooler weather! Leather moto jacket. Slim merino or cashmere sweater. (Audrey-esque black merino turtleneck leapt to mind.) Heck, even a denim jacket.

    • Jen, I love this skirt. I’d probably wear it with some lace-up military boots (flat – like the Steve Madden troopa boots) and a black sweater. Or tall black boots and a slightly cropped, swingy sweater (or denim jacket) would also work. Heels (obviously) for date night. Where would you like to wear this skirt?

      • This may be too late, but worth a try 🙂 (too funny you put up this post the same day i was stressing about my skirt :)) we are headed to Vegas. Planned to take for the trip. Can’t find a dress I like. And I need something to add to the fact that I exclusively wear denim 🙂 not going to be clubbing or doing Vegas like a college student. Going to be a kid free get-a-way with a few good meals, a show, maybe a piano bar. Fun, but laid back. Would LOVE suggestions. Been a blog fan for years. Thank you!!

  2. If I hadn’t just dyed my long hair pastel pink, then I would be all over this. But long pink hair plus long flowing skirt would be a little too much “Disney Princess” even for me!
    The patterned skirt with the chambray top is my fav! And a silk one would be perfect for holiday parties. I’m picturing black silk skirt with a leather detail black top??… Hmmm… Maybe I do one after all?

  3. I wasn’t sure until I hit the polka dots with the chambray shirt. I’m also reminded that I wore something similar to a sorority formal in college – charcoal gray taffeta skirt and a button down. So comfy and fun!

  4. I’m so down for this look! Actually, Zuilily had some really cute ones this week (and for *far* less than $75 I might add). The ones on Zuilily were more of a midi length which I think looked a little less…costume-y. I’d totally rock one with my Sincerely Jules “Celfie” tee 😉

  5. Oh, Shana. The way you wrote this post — so beautifully, playfully, honestly — as usual — plus the content itself brought tears to my eyes. I love how you adore your sweet sons and how dearly they love you — that came through so loud and clear. As did the alive-ness of you. In that crazy poofy lovely skirt flying everywhere. It felt like a metaphor for the crap you’ve endured and where you are now. Keep on shining, girl!

  6. I’ve been wanting one of Shabby Apple’s tulle skirts for at least 5 years. But I have been waiting until the baby birthing was done (check) and the body is back to a stable size (um, not really. 5 kids. hello. things just keep shifting into weird shapes.). Maybe I’ll just buy one now and then again a smaller size later! One thing I’ve been unsure about is how to wear a top with these skirts. Would it be ok to leave a t-shirt untucked and go crazy mom-casual slash awesome ballerina skirt? Because if I buy one I’m totally just wearing it to the grocery store because I can!

  7. Adorable post! I’ve learned that being there, REALLY being there as a mom is all about the moments. This a sweet moment captured in time for you now. I adore your writing style, risk taking fashion style and mom style.

  8. Love, love, LOVE the skirt! I’d really like to see some alternate styling, however. While I pretty much think a tee goes with everything, I could never pull this look off as I’m a bit too fluffy in the midsection. I wonder what you’d recommend for readers who don’t do well with the wide band right on the pooch? I feel like I have a bunch of cute skirts in my wardrobe that I currently don’t wear because I can’t figure out how to make them work for my body right now. :/

    Anyway, more of this skirt, and on more bodies please!

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