Dressing Boys Can Be Fun, Too! (Really)


Five Little Boys Back to School Outfits

Being a boy-mom is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  My boys are a constant reminder of how much fun it is to splash in puddles, get my fingers sticky and work my core in light saber battles.  But having three boys is something that never, and I do mean, not ever, occurred to me prior to my first 18-week ultrasound. 

Growing up, I'd always imagined myself having three girls.  We'd have tea.  Ballet lessons.  We'd hide electrical cords under tiny oriental rugs in impeccably decorated dollhouses.  There would be Easter dresses.  And bows.  And tights.  And patent leather shoes. 

But in reality, it took about five seconds of watching my healthy, perfectly perfect son flop around my belly in silhouette to realize that fringed moc boots, ladylike capes, and yes, even Chanel-esque tromp l'oeil tees, mattered very, very little in the scheme of my burgeoning life as a boy-mom. 

And really, how much fun is dressing a baby man?  Tiny messenger bags?  Driver caps?  Cardigans?  Check, check and check.  And these boys of mine rarely, if ever, protest against my sartorial statutes as long as I keep it comfy, so here are my back-to-school picks for little boys:

I'll keep the tiaras for myself, thankyouverymuch.  Happy back to school, Mamas!

– M.



  1. Thank you for this post! I am the mama of two boys and I love having sons. Then again, I don’t know any differently.
    Love the picks- I do have to say that as boys get older it can be harder to find clothing for them that fits and is hipper side of things. They are 6 and 8 and both are long and lean. Thankfully J Crew Crewcuts tees fit well.
    Any mamas with older boys I would love to hear/see recs on outfit ideas from you!
    Thanks for the inspiration (I just ordered the Converse in the last set!). Great way to start off my weekend!

  2. I wanted a girl too! Now, I have a brand new little boy and he will wear suspenders, cargo pants, vests, cardigans, hats, sneakers! He is going to be the cutest little thing ever.

  3. It's weird, right?  I don't think I even *wanted* a girl so much as I has really just never considered the possibility of having boys. Then I had three lol!  Does everyone just assume they'll have the same sex as themselves? 
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  4. I have both a boy and a girl, and while dressing up the little miss is awesome, I’ve had just as much fun with dressing the little guy. He is always looking his best!

  5. I always thought of myself being the mom of a little girl. But with a 5 yo boy and another one on the way I am in totally agreement with you. I have lots of fun shopping for my boy and wouldn’t have it any other way!

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