Dressing Room Selfies at the Gap! (And they’re KILLING it right now)



After being charmed by Gap’s “Dress Normal” campaign (which popped up during fashion week), I thought I’d wander in to see what was new.  So. Much. Fun.  Here are my fav pieces at the Gap right now.



Keep reading to see the #dressingroomselfies for each piece (as well as the pieces that I didn’t like)….


The Dresses



Holy crap I love this dress.  It’s not really flannel, but it’s something soft and textured and the fit is odd….but in a good way.  It keeps the vibe nonchalant rather than girly, which just seems cool, you know?  Gap’s Printed Boatneck Dress in red plaid, $69  (I’m wearing an XS for reference)




This is Gap’s Lived-In Sweatshirt Dress, $59.  Easy and cute – I’d wear with sneaks.  (I’m wearing an XS for reference.)









This little cutie is Gap’s Floral Drop-Waist Dress, $69.  Wear it now with a lightweight army parka, then slip a black turtleneck and tights underneath when winter comes.  So. Cute.

One Note:  The reviews for all three of the above dresses are pretty terrible.  However, allow me to offer up this perspective:  Gap seems to be moving in a different, more modern direction.  These dresses do have a rather unexpected fit….but that’s precisely why I love them.  The vibe of Gap is much more APC or Steven Alan right now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  So give the new pieces a try with an open mind.  (Especially with that red plaid dress, experiment with tying it low on your hips, or a little looser….or nice and high and tight – there are no rules with this dress.  So break ’em all.)




Another flannel dress (with pockets!! How I love dresses with pockets!!).  This one is Gap’s Plaid Shirtdress, $69.  (I’m wearing an XS for reference.)




Gap’s 1969 Collarless Denim Shirtdress, $74, isn’t *quite* my style, but it’s soft, so flattering, and an all-around gorgeous dress, so I had to include it. (Wearing a size 0 for reference.)



Gap’s Eyelet Shift Dress is on sale for $48 and is surprisingly cute!  I’d hem it shorter, however, and wear with flat, over-the-knee boots and a long scarf.  The eyelet detail is really cute, too. (I’m wearing an XS for reference.)

Ex-cuse mah blurry face.




The Outfits



Um.  Seriously?  This pencil skirt is perfection.  Wearing Gap’s 1969 Denim Pencil Skirt, $50 (size 0) and what I *think* is Gap’s Stripe Pocket tee (size Medium).




Gap has been pushing their new denim as of late, and for good reason.  I’m totally in love with their “washed black” – the pic does not do it justice (and the pic on their website is worse).  I’m wearing Gap’s Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans in washed black (size 0)….but go check out Gap’s 1969 legging jean in camden black – that picture is closer to how the washed black actually looks.

I’m also wearing Gap’s Fitted Boyfriend Shirt in light heather gray (size xs, above) and it’s perfectly slouchy and thin and soft and I LOVE IT.  Currently on sale for $38.





So the boyfriend shirt also comes in blue (Gap Fitted Boyfriend Oxford, $49, still soft and thin and again, wearing size XS)….and I’m LOVING Gap’s Quilted Knit Bomber, $69.  It’s thin-ish, and soft and warm.  (Wearing a size small for reference.)




Gap’s Classic trench is pretty amazing.  It looks and feels much more expensive than the $138 Gap is selling it for.  (However, if you are a shorty like me, I suggest trying the petite size, or hemming the bottom.  I’d want this shortened a couple of inches.  Wearing an XS for reference.)


I’m kinda obsessed with Gap’s Fair Isle sweater, $59.  Nerdy chic at it’s best.  (Size XS for reference.)




I like Gap’s Marled U-Neck sweater, $54, slightly over-sized and half-tucked.  I’m wearing a size….crap!  I didn’t write it down!  It’s either a medium or a small – SO SORRY YOU GUYS.  That’s annoying.  But size up, in any case, for that sort of slouchy-sexy fit.  (Playground smolder, as my friend Tysie says.  xoxo)



Not a bad tee, Gap’s Fluid Shirt-tail Tee, $24.  I also really liked Gap’s Always Skinny Jeans in Black Destroy Wash, $75.  A few things to point out:  Despite the picture on Gap.com, these jeans are actually a pretty dark black.  Darker than the washed black.  These are also not “skimmer” jeans…which means I had to roll them up  a couple of times.


The Heartbreaks

There were a few pieces that broke my heart.  Steer clear.



From the permanently-wrinkled fabric (I mean seriously it makes me look pregnant) to the fact that I had to sacrifice the  use of my arms…Gap’s Pleated Indigo dress was a no on all fronts.  Oh, look.  It’s on sale.  SHOCKING.



NOPE.  Gap’s Quilted Moto Jacket is stiff, uncomfortable, and once on is….meh. And I recommended it a few weeks ago!!!  GAH!!! [bangs head on desk]

Foiled by Gap photography.





Blurry pic, but it doesn’t take much to show the problem with Gap’s Basketweave Wool Blazer.  It’s rather boxy through the waist, yet is unnaturally high and tight on the armholes.  Oh, and it’s made out of a thick, non-stretchy fabric. Besides, the last time I was happy with a 2-button jacket like this was in 1998 as I interviewed for my first real job.  Sooooo……NOPE.



I tried, you guys.  I really tried.  The denim shirt was rather uninspired (it has a similar fit to the boyfriend shirt, but not nearly the drape)…and this floral vest.….I can’t quite put my finger on why it’s not working.  Maybe the pattern?  (But I did think it was pretty.)  Definitely the fact that even when zipped it gives no hint of a waist.  NOT A HINT.

I think if you are a curvy girl, Gap’s vest *might* be OK worn tight, and zipped (or half-way zipped).  But for Mamas like me who need a little help making curves, this was pretty bad.   Even so, I’d probably try Gap’s fur-trimmed puffer vest instead (look at the red – you can see it zipped and the lack of shape becomes apparent.  But like I said…it might work, worn tight, on Mamas with curves. Or maybe I need a petite?  Because that red is awfully cute….hmmmm…thoughts???)

Or HECK – why not just go all whole puffer and get the jacket?  No promises, but Gap’s Multi-quilt puffer jacket looks really, amazingly sleek.




This was my biggest heartbreak. Because I am WAY too small to pull this coat off.  This is the Gap Parka I’ve been drooling over for weeks.  And while I’m tempted to try the petite size…..the fact that the jacket weighs as much as I do is a pretty big turn-off.  (Although, now that I think about it, great for working out.)  Also, it’s just too…much.  If I stand 0h-so-still and take a picture, with the hood carefully arranged, it’s fine….but in reality, it looked as though some large green animal was eating me.

Perhaps on a taller mama, this would be cute?  Because the model in the picture on gap.com is rocking it….


Want to end on a high note?  How about a navy-and-black backpack?  SWOON.

But tell me:  what are you loving from Gap at the moment?



ps.  Where should I do the next #dressingroomselfies article?  Someone mentioned LOFT…??






  1. I love Gap!!! I really want that red puffer vest. I’m a curvy mama but puffers tend to make me look, well, puffy and I don’t want my clothes to add bulk 🙂 I add that on my own. Haha!

  2. Ooh, love this post. Would you consider doing H&M or Forever21? I live abroad and those are the only two stores we have in common that are in my city.

  3. I would love loft for the next selfies, but can you bring your friend who went to target with you? She’s more my size. And I’d love for you to find the best tweed jacket around, because I tried one on at loft and it wasn’t working, but I can’t figure out exactly what was wrong. Oh, and they had some leather pants, leggings at loft, which I bought, but cant figure out what shoes to wear with. Oh, and I can’t figure out how to search for old posts, using an android phone. Am I obsessed with your site, no, no, just an avid reader! And thanks for all the great advice. I dress with more confidence now after two kids than when I was skinny and in my twenties!

    • +1 for bringing your friend who went to Target!!! Was her name Sarah? I see all the stuff you tried/recommended and I want it all, but then I slap myself upside the head and remember that I’m an XL (right now) and the stuff you chose looks wildly different on my body. Especially dresses. I am pretty sure this 38-DDD would not be able to carry off any of those absolutely adorable dresses. Same for the quilted jacket. It’s short and would just emphasize my huge thighs. Anyway, bring her with you and do double takes. It would be soooooo helpful for all of us!

  4. Funny ordered my daughter the girls dress in the same red plaid and it is ADORABLE! I live in a rather small town and I am bummed because our Gap just closed.

  5. How about bringing some different mamas with different body types occasionally? I am straight up and down but have big boobs so finding stuff that fits the booage but doesn’t make me look sloppy is hard!

  6. I really love the sweatshirt dress! I have to admit I’ve been loving Lands End. There are some frumpy ‘mom’ clothes BUT they are rocking it for coats, short boots and dress (particularly for work). Check them out. You might be surprised plus I think readers might enjoy it too.

  7. I could have written Diana’s comment about Loft and bringing your friend along. I need to see these clothes on someone with hips and thighs like mine.

  8. How about looking at clothes from Denim Habit? They carry my favorite lines like Michael Stars and Feel the Piece and AG and Paige denim…

  9. Too funny you did Gap because I just spent 2 hrs in there the other day trying on everything and didn’t get much! I’m 5’3, 118 lbs with a serious hourglass figure and Gap jeans/pants just don’t work for me! I’ve been trying to wear them since I was 16 and they’ve never fit right! Tight on the hips and a major gap (haha) at the waist. I did end of getting the black washed denim but got a bit big to wear as boyfriend jeans and I do love them! I also got black pointe pants with a zipper on the leg which are awesome! Marled hoodie sweater is another thing I bought which is AMAZEING!! So big and comfy, perfect with leggings and Uggs! Anyway that’s what I’m loving at Gap. Didn’t find as much as you did but am happy with my finds!

    Loft, Jcrew, Bananna would all be good places! Did love seeing your friend try things on, good to have another body type!

  10. Love the idea of Loft, but OMG, just discovered that Free People has a new line of workout clothes. Can you Puh-Lease do something with that line. I am dying to know more. Each and every single item looks totally cute on their website. So tempted to buy, but gotta know more first, including your opinion!!! (By the way, avid reader of your site for last 3 years, but have never commented till today! Can not sleep at night until I have seen your latest blog post, and filled my shopping cart with your recommendations!! Love you.)

  11. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top and sprinkles and whipped cream….LOFT! They have awesome sales which is when I shop there and their clothes wash really well. My issue with gap (not sure if anyone else has this issue) is the little pin holes that ALL of their shirts get right near where your belt buckle would be. I mean it is literally every single one of their shirts!

    • Same thing happens to me with their t shirts. Happens with J Crew, Michael Stars and Calvin Klein as well for me. What IS THAT and how do I avoid it happening. Irritates the heck out of me!!

      • It seems it’s caused by the shirt rubbing against the hardware on your jeans, as well as rubbing against another surface like your kitchen counter, laptop, or seatbelt. So annoying. The half-tuck that’s so popular right now helps, but I don’t always like to do that.

  12. I’ve actually never shipped at Loft but am seriously intrigued by their new Lou & Grey stuff but none of my local stores carry it. I hate to order a *bunch* of stuff without ever trying something on.

    And, just curious, but why do you tend to steer clear of Anthropologie? I admit some of their stuff is – lame??? – but some of it (cough cough jeans) is seriously awesome!

  13. Which of the dresses would be best for hiding a first trimester “figure”? 🙂 I would love an article/update about this sometime, with current recommendations….

  14. Hmm… the dresses aren’t doing it for me, but I LOVE the denim pencil skirt and jeans on you. Also, the oversized t-shirts and button ups are perfection! I second (or third…) the idea of bringing a curvy friend with you to do a Loft try-on. I go through phases with them, sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, sometimes NOTHING fits me at all even though I fit fine in smaller/larger sizes any other time. So annoying!

  15. Thanks for the tips on Gap’s new fit…I knew there was something off and wasn’t sure how I was liking it. That first quilted jacket looks so cute on you, but it had crazy awful shoulders on me! It would be fun to see you do Banana and pick out some less stiff pieces that we might all like!

  16. The Gap has the most boring clothes ever. None of those dresses in the beginning even fit her. And those are XS?! Why would anyone want to wear an over-sized plaid potato sack.

  17. I like the LOFT idea, I’d also love to see Anthropologie dressing room selfies. Thanks for another great post! I check your site everyday. You, my friend, are the one that’s killing it.

  18. Please go to Banana, that would be great! i always love their stuff but just keep buying the same type of items over and over. would love if someone could show me how to mix it up. thanks!

  19. Another vote for Anthro! Would love some Madewell selfies, too now that we FINALLY (finally!) have one in Richmond. And what is with the Gap parkas? Last time I tried one on (I’m 5’3″, too) I was a dead-ringer for Kenny from South Park (can’t believe I just referenced South Park on a fashion blog, but… that’s what it was!)

  20. Thank you so much for these dressing room posts!! And thank you for choosing a wide variety of stores with different price ranges. I would love to see how you put your funky twist on Loft clothes. As a 40-year-old, I still want to dress funky but most definitely in an age appropriate way.

  21. I really love this series! I have been turned off by Gap in recent years, but you have inspired me to give them another shot. I wouldn’t mind seeing some JCrew or Madewell selfies. I’d love to hear your opinion on their denim.

  22. I would be interested in seeing Loft. I second the poster who said Kohl’s because it would be a challenge. Please don’t give me the total side eye, but what about JC Penney? I feel like they’ve come a long way and do have some cool things. You have to be willing to go into a store that sells elastic waist pants for your grandma and look around, but there is stuff to be found (I think). Plus it doesn’t break the bank and seems to be fairly standard in most malls (unless that’s just around me)…

  23. I know this wouldn’t reach your national audience, but something with local Philly shopping. Philly is huge and I don’t often trek to the suburbs, but I would for a great boutique. I didn’t like the gap stuff but I really appreciated the nordstrom selfies. In general, doing department store stuff is much more interesting than say a gap or jcrew because you can be creative. JC penny would just be a great challenge. Uniqlo would be good. I went to the KOP one the other day and just didn’t know what to make of it. As far as chains go, maybe Madewell. How about Eileen Fisher. I feel like everything. Is high quality, but I just might be too petite for it

  24. Rebecca
    September 18, 2014
    Hi love your style chic effortless and practical. I have question about that Marc Jacobs sweater. Do you really need to dry clean it? Would hand wash cold be ok? Just wanna make sure hand wash cold would not make it shrink. Thanks.

  25. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but personally I’m trying to stay away from “disposable” clothes- mostly made in sweatshops, so I’m not interested in most of the stores people have mentioned. It’s nice that you mix it up though, but I like your old “shop your closet” stuff. Love the blog!

  26. You are so adorable. I was doing my normal after kid-bedtime blog reading, when my nine year old daughter came back downstairs and saw your picture and said “she looks nice!” We spent the next hour looking back through your awesome style, handling breast cancer like the most graceful awesome person ever, and looking at your cute boys. Next generation of ANMJ has been born (and she’s built like you and loves fashion).

    Not built like you is me… and I am really lamenting that for two years now, EVERY SINGLE DRESS has a waist at the waist. I am firmly an apple shape and have basically given up dress shopping for two years. I have no waist, it’s sad. I have good boobs and legs and used to be able to find dresses that looked good on me. I just keep thinking one of these days someone will make a dress that doesn’t go in at the waist. Right?

    • Vera – I barely have a waist! I’ve been working hard on it, so it’s better, but I’ve had a post-partum, apple shape for YEARS. Have you checked out the Postpartum/Nursing shop? Any sort of pooch-hiding dress or top I find I throw there. I’ll keep an eye out for dresses for you…..

  27. I’m pregnant, and am liking the looks of GAP’s black foldover maxi skirt, the 1969 denim shirt, the pure body long sleeve tee, a couple of the striped fold-over maxi skirts, the cozy buffalo checkered scarf, and a pair of the 1969 denim ultimate panel always skinny cords!


  28. The BEST part about GAP right now is almost all of these pieces come in petite sizes. Granted, I have to order them online, but totally worth it to grab these great styles. The denim pencil skirt has become a serious summer to fall transition piece for me. Must.stop.wearing.it!

  29. I so adore this type of post! Love that you post both the good and the bad and tell us why. I did make it over to the Gap this weekend, and my dear, I gotta disagree. Everything looked very juvenile and disposable. I suppose that’s why everything is usually on sale! Keep doing the dressing room selfies though. LOVE that!

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