Dressing Room Selfies From The Nordstrom Clearance Sale


I wasn’t going to do it.  But that darn Sephora VIB sale keeps crashing their website, and I had used up – weeks ago – a few crucial products that I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for…so I was already at the mall.  I was THERE.  (And obviously, the kids were not with me.)  So I thought I’d take a little peek, you know?  Just to see?  But once I found myself in the dressing room…it was all over.  I’m a blogger.  It’s how we do.



My top pick is Equipment’s Pinstriped Cotton Shirt (I’m wearing an XS for reference – it runs big).   It has that borrowed-my-husband’s shirt look to it, but doesn’t totally overwhelm.  So sexy, right? (snort – with my Uggs? So sexy with my Uggs?) Whatever. I crazy-love this shirt.



I’ve been staring at this Free People plaid flannel for quite some time.  It actually should’ve been part of my plaid shirt round up, but I was worried that it wasn’t actually flannel (sometimes Free People tricks me with all of their cool styling).  Anyway, the back is chambray, but the front is, indeed, flannel.  (Thin, but drapey flannel.)  Love all of the interesting details and the swingy back.   Size XS for reference.




Oh Vince, and all of your thin, drapey sweaters.  I love them all.  I’m wearing a medium in Vince’s V-Neck Sweater.




This sweater is like wearing a hug.  Like seriously, for real, wearing a big soft hug.  I’m still too poochy to pull it off easily (thank you diastatis, I am sucking in as if my life depended on it)…but with Spanx to go out in?   Or when Mike and I do Friday date nights at home, I could put this on minus the Spanx? (Cause Mike doesn’t care about my pooch – the guys never do,  you know?)   But for Friday date night at home, I stick the kids in front of a movie then put on lipstick and high heels and something fancy, then greet Mike with wine in the kitchen like we’re having some fabulous dinner party in the manner of the childless.  It’s my fav trick.  Anyway, this is James Perse’s….GAH!  It’s not online!  The closest thing I can find is this James Perse midi dress WITHOUT the longer sleeves.   Hunh.  I found a black version of this dress (mine is navy, size 1) at Shopbop, but they’re full-price.

Well that’s annoying.  I even styled the dress under a cute Joie sweater (size XS for reference):




I actually love these short, fitted sweaters over a long, bodycon dress.  Warm and still a little sexy with heels (and it looks even better on a Mama with some curves).


Next up?  Dressing up denim!



I loved the surprisingly long length of this Milly silk cami.  Milly is kind of my go-to for dressing up – she just nails it.  For example, the cami is sexy, but the arm holes are cut so your strapless bra won’t show.

I’m wearing the cami with a really high-waisted (and comfortable) pair of Joe’s Jeans….with a shockingly good wash!  These are Joe’s “Flawless” high rise skinnies in Louisa (I’m in a size 24 for reference – they have a ton of stretch, and Joe’s seem to run a size bigger than other brands.)





Of course, if you don’t have a wear-everywhere waterfall cardigan, Splendid’s Open Cardigan in black (which is actually a charcoal gray) is pretty great.  It’s closer to a sweatshirt than a sweater (think: easy to wash) but the fabric is drapey and looks more lux than a sweatshirt.




I also tried on that ginormous Marc Jacobs short-sleeve sweater.





I have something similar and I find that it’s great for throwing over a few other layers when I don’t feel like dealing with a winter jacket (see example here).  These short-sleeve sweater-ponchos are shockingly warm (so much volume, they must trap a ton of air).

Anyway, I’m wearing Marc Jacob’s Smock Sweater in XS/S and Trouve’s moto leggings in XS (these run a size big – I need an XXS).


That’s it!  There are a bunch other picks in the Nordstrom Clearance Sale Shop, and I’ll be adding shoes and boots over the weekend, so check back.


Enjoy your weekend!!  Raines has his last soccer practice tonight, so I need to run out and pick up some wine to celebrate.  (Cause nuthin says ‘soccer mom’ like a wine in a plastic cup, amiright?)




ps. I walked in wearing these Blank Denim super destroyed jeans (size 25 – they run a little small), my lily jade bag and my mini Uggs.  #stopit #ilikethem


  1. Love these posts! And also love mini Uggs..I wear them all winter..thinking of buying black..might look great with black skinnies! So what did you go home with?

  2. Thank you for this 🙂 Standing on tiptoes does make a difference right? I agree 🙂 Just got the Splendid cardi ….so what did you walkout with?? Oh that dressy foil skirt (from nordstroms) is amazing! Just got it today! Cant wait for the holidays now!

  3. S – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair style right now. SO CUTE! and I love these picks. May have to run to Nordies before next weekend! Can’t wait to see you in just 6 days!!!! xoxoxo, ss

  4. Glad to see you in uggs. Just developed a toe hole in mine and thinking of replacing them with something else. Anyone have recommendations or just get another pair?

  5. Okay! I went for it and bought that Equipment shirt online. I’m 5’2″ and am a little concerned that it will be too long. I would love to see how you would style it for a “smart casual” holiday party. I’m thinking red lips.

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