Dressing Room Selfies: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Shoe Edition


Ok gang.  I’m back at it.  Now that the sale is open to all, let’s start with my very favorites (which also happen to be the ones that may sell out quickly).

 My Favs

First up?  The Rag and Bone Moto Boots, $389 down from $595






I know these are pricey.  But…they’re the kind of boots you can walk everywhere in, go to the playground in, and otherwise mess up.  They’ll just look better with some wear and tear.  And moto boots are a classic – notice that sort of in-between shape?  Not tall boots, but not exactly short boots either?  Yeah.  You could wear these for years.   Rag and Bone also nailed the color.  They’re listed as “gray”, but in reality they are sort of a grayish moss with really dark brown leather detailing.  Which means…these boots would look just as good with browns and navy as they would with black.  They would literally go with everything without being matchy-matchy.  So.  For these reasons, despite the $$, the Rag and Bone Moto boots make the top spot in my recommendation.  (You have to calculate your own personal CPW cost-per-wear to see if they make sense for you.)



Next?  Louise et Cie Andora Over-The-Knee Boot, $134 down from $199.



Ummm…these are FABULOUS.  They’re comfortable, shockingly lightweight, flat and they have a similar stretchy back panel as the Stuart Weitzman boots I’ve been coveting.  (For $635.  And if you remember my rule from earlier, I’m a “NOT $600” kind of girl.)

Here’s my “yeah….these are gooood” face:



I can pretty much promise that these Louise and Cie boots will sell out fast.  They look too much like the Weitzmans not too…and now that I know how comfortable they are?  Yikes.


Ok, moving on to Steve Madden’s Munch Military Boot, $112 down from $169.



If you recall, I wore boots like this all Spring and L-O-V-E-D them.  These are a solid buy.



Be a little leery of color.  I loved the black (which in reality is actually a cool, slightly distressed gray as pictured)…but the tan colors?  Not so much.  It was a bit too construction worker for me.  Observe:



Next!!  I somehow missed these the first time, but reader Rachel pointed them out.  Hunter’s Short Moto Rainboot ($129 down from $195) is a very welcome update from the norm, and so practical (yet chic!) for rainy day worm hunts.



And now we have the  Steve Madden Snake Embossed Slip-On Sneaker, $60 down from $90.

Holy cow I love these shoes.




These are slightly higher than medium comfortable.  I did find the back of the heel a bit stiff, but I suspect they would soften over time.  The shoes I really wanted, however, are the Vince Bowen Slip on sneakers.  I have it on good authority that those are shockingly comfortable.  And they must be –  as of Friday, Nordstroms at King of Prussia had only one (!!) left.  In size 10.  In any case, whether you go with the Vince slip-ons or the Steve Madden snake slip-ons, this is THE new sneaker shape for Fall.


Ok, let’s move on to the heels!!  The next two pairs of shoes surprised me by being both comfortable AND hothothot.  Voila…

Via Spiga Jaffa Wedge Sandal, $150 down from $225

These sandals are every bit as comfy as I’d hoped they’d be…but surprisingly sexy, too.



Now the Sam Edelman Palma Heels, $99 down from $160 are obviously sofreakinghot….but also soft and padded, making them…comfortable?  Yes.  (warning:  That heel is pretty darn high.)  And that IS a mirrored heel, BTW.



In Debate

Ok, now let’s talk about those Frye’s.  Specifically, the Anna Shortie Leather Boot, $218 down from $327.

So.  I’ve tried this boot on several times (like seriously 10)…and I…like…it.  It’s not true love, but I like it.  For some reason, these boots don’t make my heart beat fast.  Maybe that’s just me.  The good news is that the initial stiffness I noticed was already starting to give after the 6th or 7th try-on, so my concerns with comfort have been alleviated.  And if you are looking for a wear-with-everything kind of boot, this rich camel is one of the most versatile colors (goes well with brown, black, navy, etc.).  So IDK.







Now compare these to the Hinge Sheldon Boots, $99 down from $150:



It’s…close, right?  I mean I like how the zippers (on both sides of the boot) allow you do make the opening bigger or smaller.  I think it looks kind of…nonchalantly cool, you know?  But the Fryes will hold up better in the long run (and probably be more comfortable to boot.  Get it?  “To boot?”)



Ignoring, for a moment, that the Hinge boots are roughly half the cost of the Fryes…which would you pick?

And then to further complicate matters…for the same price point as the Hinge boots, DV by Dolca Vita (another fav brand) has the Ferin buckle boots.





Soooo….yeah.  To make your head hurt further, my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shop has a few additional boot/shoe picks for those interested.

Happy Shopping!


ps.  I’m wearing a striped waffle knit scarf from Gap, fishnet jumper from missguided and rag and bone skinnies.


  1. Do the rag and bone moto boot make your feet look big? They look wide…but maybe be the angle??
    Did you get your regular size…or do they run big?
    thank you 🙂

    • Belinda, I sized up a half size so I can wear super thick Smartwool socks with them. 🙂 And I think maybe it’s the angle? I know my head and feet tend to get distorted by the iphone camera!

  2. Agree about the Fryes – the color is off – but love the buckle boots. Also, where did you get the blouse you’re wearing with the construction worker boots. It’s beautiful! Thanks for these posts!

      • You guys I have been SEARCHING for that darn Dex top. I bought it at a small boutique in Grand Haven….and Dex clothing currently shows a “Coming Soon” for their online shop. Grrrr….as soon as I find it, I’ll let you know!

  3. Oh my word forget every boot and take those R&Bs home NOW!!! Swoooooooon.

    Much as I love Frye, if I had to choose between the last 3, those DV’s win hands down.

    Deets on that white top, please?

    Oh, and for whatever it’s worth, looked at those Hudson boots you featured in the other article. The shape and leather look an awful lot like the old Horrigans which are oh so comfy! Love the edgy buckle detail on your pair, though.

  4. I just bought the rain boots, I just bought the rain boots! I’ve been looking at them for a year but never would have paid full-price, so THANK YOU!

    I like the Fryes. The color in the first pic is pretty startling, but I like the detailing better and the color doesn’t look as objectionable to me in the close-up.

  5. Definitely the buckle boots. They look so much better on than the Frye’s. And will you really wear them enough to get a decent CPW if you don’t love them?

  6. Would love a post for fall on this year’s good picks for the regular, flat ,tall boot for everyday wearing and playing. Especially good options under $150!!!

  7. Those Via Spiga wedges … SWOON! Look so cute on your feet. And yes I remember the Madden boots – despite my Docs fetish in the ’90s/college (and my desire never to wear them again), they are winning me over!

  8. Hi there! Quick hair question. You look beautiful and I am so happy to see you looking and feeling well again. Was your hair always curly? What are your plans for your hair now long term. You are lucky you can wear so many styles!

    • Hi Jen! Thanks for such a sweet comment! My hair was never, EVER curly. Like…at all. So this is really new. My long terms plans for my hair….I think I’m going to grow it all back out. I’m really liking the short stage (shockingly!!) so I may just grow it all back out and then cut it again, but if I’m going to have short hair, I want it on my terms, you know? Not because of the chemo. So we’ll see. In the meantime, I have an almost morbid curiosity to see how *hard* it is to grow out a pixie. So far so good? 🙂

  9. I bought the OTK boots. They were sitting in my cart, and I couldn’t decide, but then you sold me. I’ve got a heeled pair that is just too much for everyday and a knee high pair of Fryes that I love, but I NEEDED these. Also, I’d got with the Frye harness boot, over the Rag and Bone (not the shorty Frye in the post). My Frye 8R engineer are awesome, soft and floppy now that I’ve worn them for a year and less, even with the sale price!

  10. You compelled me to drive to Nordstrom’s on Saturday night (by myself!!) for some late night solo shopping, such a treat and totally worth it! Ended up going with the moto hunters, so cool and the zipper sold me. I tried the over the knee boot, which felt very sexy for daytime and pretty comfortable, the only problem was the gymnastics I had to do to take them off! Lol, too much on a daily basis for me. Loving these behind the scenes shopping posts, more please!

  11. I’ve had those durn rag and bones boots in and out of my cart for days now trying to decide if I *need* them! I already own a pair of dark brown frye Veronica’s that I wear a ton each winter. Think the r&b are different enough to justify?! Lighter color… Slightly shorter… Hmmm…

    • Sigh, they were seriously haunting me. When ebates bounced up to 10% I decided I had to see them in person! Really sorta hoping that at least one of the three pairs of shoes I ordered from NAS don’t work!

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