Dressing Room Selfies With Sarah: Target!


Gang, meet one of my oldest and dearest friends, Sarah:



She also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous and hysterically funny and you guys are going to LOVE her.  Anyway, her youngest (she has 3!!!) is only 20 months old and Sarah has found herself in that nothing-to-wear-and-in-between-sizes phase which is just so annoying.  Is is worth spending money on clothes at this point?  And to complicate things further, Sarah has a perfect hourglass figure, so she has to choose trends carefully.  So we cruised over to Target to see how well we could do on a small budget.

Because Sarah is an hourglass, it’s important that she be able to show off that waist.  So we wanted to find a really good base layer that we could dress up/down.

Base Layers


Target’s Ultimate V-Neck tee was…OK.  We liked how it showed off her waist, but the v-neck was too high, making the whole thing mumsy.



wearing: Target’s Ultimate V-Neck Tee


Next up we tried Target’s Ultimate Scoop Neck tee.  Shockingly, we liked this better.  The color and wide stripe had a cool French-girl vibe, and it still shows off Sarah’s waist.  (NOTE:  We tried this same tee in solid colors and didn’t like it.  The blue-and-white-stripe is the way to go.)


wearing: Target Ultimate Scoop Neck


Our fav layering top was actually Target’s Long and Lean tank.  Basic, yes, but also flattering, easy and cheap.



We liked this one a lot.



Want to see what we did with this tank top?

1.  With a Crop Top

I handed Sarah the cropped sweater and she visibly recoiled.  “Is that…a short shirt???” she asked, nose wrinkling in confusion.  So we agreed:  She would TRY ON THE SHIRT…as long as she could also sport an 80’s high pony.  Done.


wearing:  MSC Cropped pullover

Cropped tops are not always a curvy-girl’s best friend, but in this case it works because Sarah’s waist is visible.  (Looks good, but didn’t come home with us.  Cute or not, Sarah has declared her body a crop-top free zone.  Ah, well.)


2. Under a Kimono

We loved this combination, and tried it a few different ways.




Here’s the date night version (same tank, BTW, just in black).


wearing: Target kimonoMSC long and lean tank, Levi 535 skinnies (not from Target), Target heels


Also??  OVERALLS.  Well played, Target.  WELL PLAYED.




wearing: Target kimonoMSC long and lean tank, Target overalls, terribly uncomfortable shoes – try these instead


3. Monochromatic With Comfy Cargos

Sarah has this terrible habit of wearing the world’s least-flattering sweatpants to school pick-up/drop-off.  She made the mistake of picking me up from the airport like that one day and I may have gasped OUT LOUD.  Normally, I am not phased by loungewear but THERE IS A LINE.  You know?  Soooo…..maybe this instead?  I mean these pants have to be almost as comfy as horrifying sweats, right?


wearing: MSC long and lean tank,  soft cargo pants, similar metallic sandals


A Few More Tops We Loved



wearing:  Textured Sweatshirt in black (This top will look best a bit fitted on hourglass girls – Sarah’s wearing a M)



wearing: Junior’s Intarsia Pullover in J’Adore



wearing: This Free People knock-off is sold out online, but they do have the black faux-leather version (with sweatshirt sleeves)


Dresses and Such

We liked the sexy ruching on this simple maxi dress:


wearing:  Mossimo ruched racerback maxi dress


This dress is a thicker material than we expected (think: sweatshirt)


wearing: Woman’s Knit Shift Dress (If your body type is more pooch, less curve try Converse’s sweatshirt dress.)


The surprise of the day was this romper.  RAWR.



No but seriously.


wearing: Women’s Sleeveless Jumpsuit


Putting It All Together

And here are a few outfit ideas we played around with….

Another One For School Pick-Up

This is literally a sweatshirt, sweatpants and sneakers. SOOOOOOO easy.  But so seriously cool!!  SARAH ARE YOU LISTENING????  LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU LOOK!!!




wearing: sweatshirt, sweatpants, leopard sneakers


An Easy, Everyday Mom-Uniform

Classic and simple.  Love the stripes to add interest and the updated take on sneaks.  If a moto jacket is too boxy and/or short, it won’t work for hourglass figures, but this one drapes well along the body, despite the longer length.


wearing: Woman’s side zip jacket, arget Ultimate Scoop Neck, Levi 535 (not from Target), quilted slip-on sneakers


For The Playful

If you are dying for a pair of overalls but are worried about hips, the key is to layer something over the overalls to visually slim the hips.  We played around with kimonos earlier in this post…but a cardigan works just as well.  (This cardi is not Sarah’s color, but we loved the graphic print.)




Ok – see how the bib of the overalls cuts in at the waist?  Yeah – that’s good.  And now see how the line of the cardi shaves off a bit of hip?  Voila!  (And OMG Sarah’s boobs look fabulous.)


wearing: long and lean tank,  Target overalls (not the same color…these things have been popping in and out of stock online so keep checking back), Junior’s Boyfriend Cardiganquilted slip-on sneakers


Shop The Post


One last comment on the black sweatpants:  they’re FABULOUS.  Sarah and I both bought a pair (I completely forgot to grab that fab pair from the Nordstrom sale), and now all of our friends (and my Mom!!) have rushed out to Target in pursuit of the comfy and flattering black sweatpant.  Annoying that they are sold out online…but I’ve got some pretty high hopes for these.  Cute, right?  Cheers to cheap, flattering sweatpants!!!



Sarah, you babe, I freaking love you.



ps.  Target has some seriously cute jeans 40% off online, but I’ve yet to see them in stores.  Anyone have any feedback?  I especially love the look of the mid-rise moto gray denim legging, the regular denim moto legging, the deconstructed skinny boyfriend, and the high-waist flare.

I like pictures, so here are the jeans in question:



  1. This was great- I love seeing another body type featured (if you have any tall, bottom heavy friends, please feature them, too!) as well as super affordable clothes.

  2. Always, great ideas! And it just so happens I’m heading to Target today. Too bad my budget is earmarked for school supplies and not adorable sweatshirts!

    I’m with the comment above – you always look fab, but it’s nice to see another body type here! Any hope of a plus-size body?

  3. Yay for hourglass shapes! I love love love your style tips, but I’m a true hourglass so can’t usually pull off your suggestions. This post was great for me- I’m no longer hopeless when it comes to good style, haha. Also, Target is my go-to place when I need a new outfit yet don’t have clearance from the hubs to spend his whole paycheck 😉

  4. LOVE IT!!! And Sarah you look great! Your MN friends miss you! 🙂 I may need to make a shopping list from this post – love the sweatshirt, sweatpants & sneakers look and seeing it on a hourglass like me give me hope – ha!

    • Yes! I ran to Target, tried on a bunch of these things…and I’m way too pear shaped for the pants or overalls. But I love the ideas and would love to see more of this!

  5. Love this! My body type is so similar to Sarah’s, it was great to see styling tips that work perfectly for me. Please feature her again! And I love the idea of featuring various body types too in the future.

  6. Awesome post! I am also an hourglass and between sizes post baby, so this was so helpful! Sarah, you are gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration! And Shana, how do I get you to come shopping with ME? 🙂

  7. Things like that textured sweatshirt make my second guess my ban on target clothing due to their likelihood to fall apart. I would love to hear how these hold up over the season.

  8. you are not kidding, Sarah is gorgeous!! love her sass =) i hope she got the J’adore sweatshirt because it looks fabulous on her!!!

  9. THIS IS ONE OF YOUR BEST POSTS EVER!!! Finally clothes I can afford (Nordstrom is usually out of my budget range, even the sale) and pictures of a woman with my body type! Can you take Sarah to Old Navy? I’d love to see that post!!!

    • I loved this post! I love your style, but often the cute clothes you wear just wouldn’t work on my..ahem…”goddess sized” figure. Thank you so much for this!

  10. As a fellow hourglass, I love this post! Sarah looks so good in the overalls I’m actually considering trying them! (Even though I still have my circa 1995 overalls in the box in the basement-yikes!). It’s great to see posts with different body types (especially ones like mine) and affordable fashion. Looks like I will be off to Target on my lunch hour! I’d love to see more Sarah-and not ONLY for the sweet dressing room dance at the end. That’s totally part of it though.

  11. LOVE this post. Target is my GO TO place for retail therapy and will no doubt be high on my list once my husband and I have to budget to clothe (and feed and insure…) another human! I’ve been mulling over the cost-per-wear concept in my head, but when push comes to shove, I’m more of a budget girl myself. Would love to see more “budget” clothing posts. Thanks Shana and Sarah!

  12. You have a way of making me want to buy all the things. I have a hard time envisioning Target clothes from online and have zero patience for shopping in store but this review was excellent to help sort through the crap to identify some fun pieces. Thanks for doing this! Target couture strikes again!

  13. This. Post. Is. Awesome. Would you feature Sarah regularly? I love her expressions and poses and I agree with the other commenters that it’s great to see other body types. (I myself am more of a petite pear shape, but it’s still nice to see what looks flattering on various shapes.) I really liked the crop top 80s ponytail on her. Too bad she didn’t go for it.
    Incidentally, I recently bought Target’s white v-neck drapey T and it has become my go-to white t-shirt this summer for pairing with jean cut-offs and other shorts. I had bought a couple of drapey t-shirts from Madewell and they started getting holes after a few washes. At a third of the price, I am much happier with the Target shirt. It’s $12.

  14. I too love this post! Everything looks amazing on you and I often have a hard time applying your ideas to my hourglass, short body. Please do more like this and I love the budget prices too.

  15. Yup, the love affair. Wonderful to see pieces and styling tips for another body type. Would love more of these posts, more pieces and more price points. And more Sarah would be great- both since hers is a body type I can relate to and because she’s a doll!

    Now would that those pants were available online or anywhere near me! They look like they achieve the impossible – good sweat pant bootie?!?! Stalking those starting….NOW!

    Here’s one more Target find for the hourglass mama – http://www.target.com/p/converse-one-star-women-s-krasner-dress-assorted-colors/-/A-15127541#prodSlot=_1_2. I was in my local with my youngest (of the three I gave birth to…who just turned 2…Sarah, I feel you, sister on the in-between bod!) and they had one. Not one color. One dress. It was a Medium, grey, hanging on some random rack and it literally just jumped into my cart. It is much cuter in reality and PERFECT for an hourglass.

  16. I think my last comment got eaten, but if it’s a duplicate please delete it 🙂

    I love this post and am only slightly (okay insanely) jealous that Sarah got to come have personal shopping time with you! I love all of these outfits and those sweatpants are to die for! I also really want those quilted sneakers she’s wearing, they’re so cute. I’m horrible at finding cute shoes and just wear the same old ones forever. I also may or may not have stolen the shoes my sister threw in the trash. One of the Nike air pockets popped and I didn’t think it was that noticeable…

  17. Like everyone else, I love seeing Sarah and her curves. Shana, I presume you are now a boob expert due to your significant experience with boob loss and reconstruction. As I age, I am struggling with what looks most flattering on my (big ones). I love Target’s long and lean tank because I think the cut is flattering to my chest. My ears perked up when you criticized the placement of the v-neck. I think some guidelines for fighting matronly boobs are in order. (See my instagram @rookiewhitney for some choices…)

  18. Finally! Cute clothes that are actually affordable! Love your awesome size 0 rock star budget picks, but this everyday wear for us common people 😉 was just fantastic!!

  19. SO nice to see suggestions for the hourglass figure!! I love your style. However- with the trend being loose/ boxy tops, about 95% of what you recommend just would not work for my shape. You’re still one of my favorites though 🙂

  20. Sarah is adorable! Love this post. I second all the comments about getting to see other body types, and different budgets. 🙂

  21. I LOVE the denim/sweatshirt jacket. I had to run to my local store to see if they still had them in stock – score! I never would have given it a second glance if I saw it hanging on the rack but once I saw the picture of Sarah I had to have one!

  22. Hi Shauna! I love your variety of posts since the fabulous format and name change. <3 Any tips on how to style that maxi? I *ahem* stopped by Target on my way home AND the man and I have an actual date night this upcoming Friday. Pretty much our first one in (over) 3 years! I'm giddy over it.

  23. The top part of me is very close to identical to Sarah’s! I also really like Target’s tanks, and find them to be flattering. I really, really, like the black and white J’Adore sweater! I may be buying it!


  24. Loved this post! LOVED Sarah! While I am a flat chested (I mean f-l-a-t) pear shape with a slight pooch, I still got a lot out of this. I know many of these won’t work on me- say that ruched maxi dress- it emphasizes my little pooch and that looks bigger as I have NO boobs. I loved the ideas, and just knowing that Target has some on trend clothes is great! LOVED this Shana! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Could you please (pretty, pretty please) do this with a preggo friend and the maternity section at Target? I’m going to need to do some maternity shopping this fall but Destination Maternity and Gap (my standbys last time) are making me die of boredom this time around. I know Target has more interesting (and affordable ) maternity stuff but I get overwhelmed whenever I go into the store!

  26. Okay, I LOVE this post for about a million reasons:

    1. I’d die to have a personal shopping session with you! You need to start charging. 🙂

    2. I love seeing a different body type featured here! I love your style but a lot of times I just can’t pull off any of your suggestions. I am more of a pear body shape and leaning towards the plus end. So as much as I love skinnies, it’s just not happening. I do have a defined waist though so a lot of these suggestions were helpful! Can I tell you that I ran out to Target this morning and nabbed that awesome kimono!??!! I would never have looked twice at that until seeing it here on your blog. You inspired me. 🙂

    3. I also love seeing Target featured here! I am a stay at home mom and also a work at home mom, and I love that Target fits my budget for everyday basics. When their t-shirts are on sale for $6, I stock up on about a million of them – and I go through them all in a season!

  27. High five to you and Sarah! Thank you for highlighting an hour glass figure and a real world budget. She looks great and I love the commentary you give. I’ll go shopping with you if you ever need a 5 foot, big bootied model. 🙂

  28. The black sweatpants appear to be back in stock online–do they run true to size? I’m normally a size 2 in bottoms, but wondering if I should size up for skinny sweats and so they can go into the dryer.

  29. Love Target and this post! I was browsing your blog today and wondering what happened to the Sale Finds page? I loved the mint Superga sneakers you put on there but now the page is MIA!

    • Sarie – THANK YOU. We just migrated to a new server, and there were a couple of glitches. This was one of them that we hadn’t noticed. Thanks for the feedback! Fixed now.

  30. You should so do a series about each of the common body types -including maternity. We are eating this virtual personal shopper stuff UP! You are truly inspirational.

  31. Loved seeing some really affordable clothes! Sarah is so cute! And I definitely will be looking for those overalls. Awesome!

  32. I love this post. Sarah is adorable! Would love to see similar features at other lower price, chain stores. Maybe Kohls or JC Penney? I live in a semi-rural area, over an hour to the nearest Target!

  33. I know you’ve already gotten a ton of “I love this post” comments , but I wanted to add in my appreciation for the addition of a curvy mama and affordable clothes. I just spent $113 at Target.com. (Just a note, some of the rstyle links aren’t working, so I had to search the side zip coat.) Thanks again, Shana. You’re awesome and Sarah’s a gorgeous and fun model. 🙂

  34. LOVE this post! My body type is similar to Sarah’s so it was the perfect mix of Shana’s style advice with a curvy figure and a low price point – thank you! Would love to see you shop with someone that has a pooch they need hiding! (I’d volunteer if I lived near you! =)!!

  35. So I bought the kimono and though I initially felt a little awkward wearing something so precious and girly. However, I was studying at Panera this weekend wearing the kimono, the long and lean tank, and black capris. A woman stopped me and said how much she loved my outfit. Her exact words were “you look so pretty and comfortable!” Um, thank you that is EXACTLY WHAT I AM GOING FOR!!! 🙂

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