Dressing Room Selfies With Social Threads (Cute, Affordable Clothes For Fall)


Just as I was getting annoyed with all of my summer clothes (love ya, ready to move on from ya)…Social Threads called, asking if I wanted to play around with some of their new arrivals. Social Threads, in case you don’t know, is an online retailer based in New Jersey, and owned and operated by two moms, Sarah and Maureen. Their mission? To have a store filled with cute, hardworking pieces….all under $100 (or as close as can be reasonably expected).

10/24 UPDATE!  A Flash Sale

Social Threads is having a flash sale (secret link here) through 10/25.  MOST of the pieces featured below are part of the flash sale.  Use code FLASH25 on checkout!  

I love working with these two because, well, first and foremost, they’re both really nice people. Secondly, I love their approach to buying: they try everything on. There is nothing in their online store that they didn’t try on first, and decide that they, personally, would love to wear. So their online store — which carries brands you can find elsewhere (BB Dakota, [BLANKNYC], etc.,) is just a really well-edited selection, saving us all a little time shopping (with free shipping on every order). So when these two send over a box of goodies, I know it’s always going to be filled with fun, affordable pieces that integrate seamlessly into my existing wardrobe.

Besides, I love playing dress-up. Here we go.

Kicking Things Off with This Super Easy Dress

This dress has cool snaps up the side, and a fabric that feels…technical. Kind of like something you’d find at Atheleta….but for a fraction of the price. (Someone asked if the snaps function  — aka can it be used for nursing? The answer: YUP.)

I also appreciate a dress that looks cute with sneaks….

Dress | Sneakers

….yet can still be dressed up with other shoes.

Dress | Leopard Booties | Plaid Booties | Sandals

Attention, Please: These Are the Best Faux-Leather Leggings On The Planet

These are like my beloved Plush faux-leather leggings in that they are lined in soft FLEECE yet they are unlike my Plush faux-leather leggings in that they are gloriously high-waisted. And for those of you who love the Spanx faux-leather leggings (I too, have a pair)….these are better. They are just as high-waisted, hold you in nicely, but are much more comfortable.

Top – s | Leggings – s | Plaid Booties

Notes on styling: My oversized sweater below (by Vince) is what I most often pair with my faux-leather leggings, but I like to have a pretty top under in case I get too hot. I’m obsessed with the one Social Threads sent over.

The outfit on the right isn’t quite my style, but I’m including it here for my mom and my sister: Hi! This top is longer in the back and covers the bum. FYI.

Sweater – similar Vince sweater or similar affordable one  | Top 1 – s | Top 2 – s | Leggings – s | Plaid Booties

The Top That Literally Made Me Swoon

This thing was made for destroyed jeans. The juxtaposition!! I DIE. My one request? Don’t wreck this gorgeousness with bra straps. This is one of the few times I would insist on a nude, strapless bra. I like this one.

Top – s | Jeans | Shoes

The Top That Looks Like My Go-To Silk Cami

You guys have been asking for a more affordable version of my Cami NYC black silk cami. This one isn’t silk, but has a similar vibe (the side detail is cool, too).

Top – s | Shorts – 24 | Sandals

The Floaty Top That’s Totally On-Trend

If you just need a random top to dress things up this Fall…this one. It’s a bit billowy, but I really like it tucked into something high-waisted. Love the vibe: part-gamine, part-70’s.

ps. The cool duster coat is also from Social Threads, FYI.

Coat – s | Top – s | Shorts | Flares | Heels – old can be found on ebay

A Cute Little Tank Top That Will Transition Easily Into Fall

This cute little number is thicker than I expected, so it will transition easily into colder weather.  How?  Just slip a turtleneck underneath it. The color scheme is saturated enough that a black turtleneck will look perfect.

Top – s | Shorts | Sandals

A Nursing-Friendly Hoodie….

Why didn’t they think of hoodie-as-wrap-top when I was nursing? This thing is genius. And yes, there is a strategically placed snap. Nursing or no, this one is so easy and cute.

Jacket- old, by IRO – here on eBay | Hoodie – s | Shorts – s | Pants – sold out | Sneakers | Sandals

An Upgraded Gray Sweatshirt….

The striped cuff detail turns an everyday gray sweatshirt into something a little more exciting. And I use the word “sweatshirt” loosely. The fabric is thinner, almost like a t-shirt….without completely losing the sweatshirt part. The result is that it drapes nicely.

These jeans are also from Social Threads. They’re super soft, with a slightly higher rise, and a cropped flare that isn’t overly aggressive, making them very easy to wear.

Sweatshirt – s | Jeans – 24 | Plaid Booties

The Wrap That Solves Outerwear Probs

You know when your favorite oversized, chunky sweater doesn’t quite fit under your coat? But it’s too cold to go without? This wrap: It’s warm, all-encompassing, can be worn two different ways, and looks much more expensive than it is. Or use it this winter to warm up special occasion outfits. (And I think we spotted the exact same one at Anthro for a much higher price.)

Option 1 – Like a Coat 

Wrap – s |Sweater – similar Vince sweater or similar affordable one | Jeans | Taupe Booties

Option 2 – Doubled Up

Wrap – s | Top – s | JeansLeopard Booties

Thinking Ahead: This Coat And Faux-Fur Scarf

I’m really excited about this coat by BB Dakota. It’s amazingly affordable, and while the tailoring isn’t impeccable, it’s close enough. I’m always eyeing up these types of coats as an investment piece, but to be honest….I’m not sure if I’d actually get enough use out of them to be worth the $$. So this one is a great place to start.

And the faux fur scarf? Just ridiculously fun. I even like it with a bare little cami for a winter party. Adds some oompf and playfulness (in addition to warmth).

NOTE: The jeans I’m wearing are also from Social Threads – they’re [BLANKNYC] skinny jeans. These jeans are a bit too low-rise for me, but they do have that PJ-like softness that Social Threads is so good at scouting out.

Coat – s | Top – s | Stole | JeansSneakers | Leopard Booties

Let’s Not Forget About Something Near and Dear to Our Hearts:  SWEATPANTS

These are old-school sweatpants. They do not do amazing things for your bum, nor will you be tempted to wear them out of the house. They are slouchy, they are soft, and they are cute, rather than sexy. I love them. (And inexplicably, so does my husband. Huh.)

Top – ancient | Pants – s

Fun fact: It was over 85 degrees in my room the day I tried these outfits on. Let’s just think about that for a sec, shall we? Faux-leather fleece-lined leggings…..wool sweater…..etc., etc., etc.,…

I’m obviously begging for a virtual high-five. Gimme.



ps.  What’s the most helpful way to do these types of posts? Do you want more of ‘one piece styled three ways’….or more up-close shots of the products, or less of my wardrobe (which may or may not be sold out)…any changes you’d recommend?


  1. Shana, can you tell m about the leggings and how revealing of the lumps and bumps in the butt/thigh area. I bought a pair of faux leather leggings and I have to wear it with a longer top because the rear view isn’t super cute. I like the Spanxs ones because they don’t have that issue. They smooth everything out for me and I can wear them with shorter stuff.

  2. So much goodness here!!! I love pretty much everything. Does Social Threads have an actual storefront? Or is everything online? There’s so much here I want, it would be helpful to see it in person to decide before buying everything! That would not go over well in my household, I think! Haha!

  3. OH and regarding your question: I love the way this post is laid out!! I really appreciate seeing one new item styled with new and old things because I think it’s important to show how things work in an existing wardrobe and how that one piece can work for more than one outfit. I also LOVE that there’s a lot of meat to this post: many items reviewed, many ways to style each item. Also, I don’t need ten pictures of one outfit.

  4. Hello long time reader here. Love this post. Really enjoying all the fall outfits. I have a request. Can you do a post all about cute lounge wear? I need more “I am not leaving the house today” attire and some “I work up like this” ideas. Like the sweatpants you talked about here. I would love a whole post just about sweatpants!

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