There really is nada that can seriously satisfy my pregnant soul right now…other than Chipotle, naps and a simple, sort of tent-ish dress. It hides things…and for that I will *clapclapclap*.

The first trimester and even the beginning of the second is always an iffy, what-the-heck-do-I-wear time for me. I’ve had to ditch 99% of my shorts, because…ummm…the hips widening (they know what to do now and seem to just go ahead and jut right out) and my soft, cushy, I-look-out-of-shape-not-pregnant belly make it hard to fit into any of my non-maternity pants. sigh.

I may have shed a small tear when I tried on my favorite wide leg jeans the other day and they couldn’t be buttoned. I don’t know why I did that to myself. It was really sabotaging my pregnant emotions for no good reason. Oh, Cams. Silly. Silly. Silly. 

So. With that, I have had to find ways to be creative with what I have – wearing all of my slouchier tops, boyfriend jean shorts (there is no cool sagging going on anymore with those – ha) and a shirt dress. They have all worked out great, until recently when I got completely sick and tired of wearing them on serious repeat. Thank God I came across this pin , because I was about to throw in the towel and just wear workout clothes/pajamas until a proper bump presented itself.

Yessssss. This kind of outfit is chic without trying – with the black, sneakers, shades and the shape of the dress which allows for a bit of pooch and doesn’t make it look pooch-y, if you know what I mean. Basically, what early pregnancy dreams are made of. I just ordered up a size when I found this sweet shift dress and done.





I can definitely work this for a bit longer before I move on to some serious maternity wear.


dress: Leith Racerback Shift Dress (wearing size Medium for a little bit looser of a fit) – it’s chic without trying to be. I’d wear this dress with heels, too.

shoes: Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker (wearing a size 10, even though I usually wear a 9.5. I’d say either sizes would have worked though) – LOVE these shoes. They may be winning over my heart…sorry, classic chucks. It happens.

shades: BP. sunglasses that are sold out, but these BP. Round Sunglasses are similar

handbag: Kate Spade Southport Avenue Satchel, sold out (the tassel was all weirdly stuck on my strap in the pictures, btw). I just came across the Kendall Court Henley Satchel and it is gorgeous.

watch: Swiss Army, old old old. It’s crazy how similar this Victorinox Swiss Watch is to mine though. *sigh* I love a good watch.

Shop Black Shift Dresses for Early Pregnancy






photos: Brandon Brown Photography


  1. Saw the cover image, head went immediately to that Pin and BAM there it was. Great look, Cams! And if I had your legs I’m not certain I’d ever wear anything else…

    I’ve been working my way around to a slouchy dress as the way forward this hooooooooot, humid August. Did you run across anything nearer a knee-length in your travels? My legs aren’t my most favorite feature so it’s been a bit tricky. I do have this one on its way for a go – http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1038365&vid=1&pid=712028042 – but I’d love another option – thanks!

    • That’s awesome. 🙂 Thanks for the tip on that Old Navy dress too – added it to the bunch in this post. I like it a lot! As for longer options, let me take a look around. If I find anything I’ll let you know…and add it to the boutique in this post. Cheers, Maggie.

  2. This rocks! I could put on fancy shoes/blazer for work and then just switch to sneaks in the evening for playing! Brilliant!

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