Looking for a little modern refresh in the form of the genuinely genuine, iconic classics on sale? We’re seriously swooning over many of them ourselves. DWR’s Limited Time Herman Miller Sale is on NOW!

Herman Miller, for a few fun facts, was a father-in-law done well by doing good before that was even a thing. Read through and you’ll find all the other big names, all the amazing designers he and his son-in-law work(ed) with to produce beautiful modern furniture, especially for work spaces. Everything they produce is over-the-top quality, the company is U.S.-based, and they participate in all kinds of great sustainability initiatives (including the United States Green Building Council). These are investment pieces: you pay for them, they last forever. And many of them are not only gorgeous and ergonomically correct, they are also iconic. And right now, they are on sale. So if you’ve been dreaming, thinking, wishing, and/or considering, now is a very good time to just go for it, no looking back.

I personally own many of these pieces. They were my bonus treat to myself during days when I was a single working woman with a great career. That was a long time ago. Those pieces are all still with me, and they’ve only gotten better with time and kid-/family-friendly use. I’ve also placed all of them more times than I can count in other people’s homes; they continue their lives in those homes and will forever. Here are my top 10 picks from this sale:

Top 10 Picks from DWR’s Herman Miller Sale

If modern & mid-cenrtury modern furniture gives you life, you need these iconic investment-worthy pieces in your life. Welcome to DWR's Herman Miller sale.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10

1/  Eames® Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair: There are a million knock-offs of this. However, if you are a pure heart when it comes to design…this is where that all began, and there’s much to be said for that in terms of quality.

2/  Eames® Hang-It-All®: Same comment as above. This the OG.

3/  Nelson® Saucer Pendant Lamp: Shortest story I’ll ever tell: the bubble lamp was born, and lives on forever. Easiest, most sophisticated iconic way to have a little hung fun. And gives great light. There’s that.

4/  Noguchi® Table: Dance Fan? Me too. Read the history of this one and learn who is the only designer Martha Graham would work with. Can you see the dance in this table? “Conceals nothing, reveals everything….”- greatest words I’ve quoted all day. Last place we placed this was in a completely traditional home, between two wingbacks, on top of a Persian Rug…just b/c the owner always wanted one. It’s gorgeous.

5/  Eames® Upholstered Molded Plywood Lounge Chair: This chair feels like a hug, in the simplest, purest of ways. And you can do it in red. Just saying. (OK, fine, and many other beautiful more neutral options too.)

6/  When I sit to work, this is where: in the Aeron Chair. I invested in this because it was beautiful. And then I began my walk through life with major spine issues…this is the chair, that has saved me. If you also sit and type, it doesn’t matter if you like the way it looks or not, THIS is the chair that can be adjusted within an ergonomic centimeter of itself in all the places that matter most, and might save you too. THIS is probably the best investment I’ve ever made. Mine is only 15 years old, though you’d never know it. We’ve got a good 50 more coming together, and I can’t wait to see what they bring. And then my kids can have it, but not until then. I’m not quite done with it yet.

7/  Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman: This was the very first thing I ever bonus-ed myself. And it’s where once upon a time you would find me with a book late at night, or with the NYT weekend paper for hours on a Saturday morning. And then life happened. And now it’s where you’ll find me hiding for 5 minutes with the mobile NYT and a cup of coffee for five minutes before I wake-up the kids, or cuddling with a kid for a story any old time they want. It’s also where I go when we need to talk. There are studies that say that complicated talks go better if you sit comfortably. I find truth in that. And love in this chair, still, 20 years later. It just gets better with age. I wish I could say the same.

8/  Eames® Elliptical Table: Not sure exactly why, probably something related to my childhood for a professional to explore one day, but I have a deep association b/w these and mid-century sofas in beach homes. And I also have a strong bias against rectangular coffee tables, pun intended.

9/  Crosshatch™ Chair: Read the full description for the story of the designer’s firm, just for fun. Especially if you are a Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones type person. The name is a playful variant of Aeos, one of the four chariot horses of sun god Helios, according to Greek mythology. Its Crosshatch Chair, which oh, by the way, is Made in the U.S.A. balances substance and light with those parachute chords. Couldn’t be more comfortable.

10/ You spin me twice round baby, twice round…Spun Chair or a pair: fun-yet-functional seating. At rest it resembles sculpture. OR, lounge comfortably and spin around a full 360 degrees. Lives indoors and out. Made in Italy. Super-fun! I don’t own these yet, but I just ordered two because I felt like our garden was just a little too serious. And we just can’t have that. Want to do the personality test thing and guess which of the six color options I chose?

I know these pieces aren’t for everyone. I know they are an investment. But for some, they are a dream. Dreams are better on sale, with free shipping. True story. Here’s to making them come true.


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    • Nicole-I design imaginary graphic t-shirts all day every day. The next one will read: “Busting Heads.” In fact we might even order that one for real. I’m going to sleep wondering what Noguchi would think of kids skating in his parks, wondering about “belonging” and “non-directive play” and I’ve added a new place to our list of “forever field trips.” I hope we get there one day, and that you do too. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the idea of what it is to wrestle with designing “utopia” and recognizing its crazy harsh and very real and awful reality and then to live that out of my mind, but I’ll settle that dilemma on the good that came of this genius. Sleep well. That was a great share with plenty to think on. Thank you. Genuinely. xoxo A

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