Easy Early-Fall Outfit Idea: Jumpsuits, Booties And Denim Jackets



There is one thing I love without a doubt:  a jumpsuit. I can’t deny it. I may still be wearing them as a grandmama with a sagging bum and all. It’s just the way it is, because…me & them. I’ve been wearing jumpsuits since high school, through college, early married life and now kids. We have a long history together.

I’ve been appreciating them even more now as a mama, because they’re simple. They take away the need to pair a shirt with bottoms, so HEY. Cool! One less thing to think about. Also, with Fall not being exactly sooo Fall-ish around here (yes, I have boo-hooed about this before…), this kind of easy, comfortable outfit serves an incredibly noble purpose: it tricks my originally Northern self into feeling like I’m totally taking advantage of Fall style, without me having to sweat my derriere off.

All hail the jumpsuit.



Another thing I like…a lot…is a light jacket. It brings an element of cool to an outfit…and come on…layering is just FUN. It’s still a bit too warm/hot here to really wear it (unless I’m inside), but I don’t care. I bring it along anyways, just in case it gets ever so slightly cooler. What’s that? Did it just dip to the low 80’s? Jacket on. I’ll be doing Fall right, South Carolina. I don’t care what you say!

Now, it’s up to you if you’d like to try styling your jumpsuit with a boring, nude nursing bra.  I especially like mine peeking out around my underarms, ever so slightly. Sex appeal. How I do.






outfit details

earringsNickel & Suede. Size M. The color I’m wearing doesn’t appear to be available right now. However, I’d wear the Olive Suede Earrings or the Signature Silver Leather Earrings with this outfit. Ya’ll, these are amazing earrings. I barely noticed that I was wearing them, but I felt so pretty with them on! They are worth it. I now have four pairs, soo…more Fall outfits inspired by N + S coming soon. Use code MOMEDIT15 for 15% off your order (now through 10/13).

romperMichael’s Stars Tank Jumpsuit– awesome. I ordered it in my usual size (Small) and it fits great. I would say, if you’re tall and don’t like the crop look…maybe a bit too short for you. I like it though…even being on the tall side.

jacket – Treasure & Bond, no longer available. This KUT from the Kloth denim jacket looks very similar. It may fit a bit smaller though, so I’d order a size up.

booties – DV, from last year. Their new ‘Gracie’ wedge bootie looks almost identical. The only difference, that I can see, is the top…it curves down a bit in the back, where mine is straight across. I really love mine. They have a substantial heel, but I never feel like I’m going to topple over wearing them…and have never once gotten a blister.

bag – Big Budda, from two years ago. I just found Sole Society’s ‘Camilla’ cross body. It’s very Rebecca Minkoff-esque, yeh? The price, too. Can’t beat it. Also, the name…HELLO. Amazing name. haha.

By the way, I didn’t love the shades I wore with all of this. I just grabbed them on the way out of the house, because the round, awesome ones I just bought a couple of months ago died. They got smashed by a hulk baby. Yeh, so that’s why I only buy cheap sunglasses.

Cheers to proper Fall weather for you!



  1. Great post! Love the colors and the ease of it all. How do you nurse in a jump suit? I love them but will be nursing in the next couple of weeks. Can it be done? Thank you! And you look gorgeous. Can’t believe the wee one on your hip is yours.

      • Would you all consider separating out the tags for post-partum and nursing/BFing? Many of us BF well past the post-partum period and need/want fashion inspiration for easy access to the boob! It seems that often that tag on this site means something that will hide the PP belly (hooray), but isn’t always BFing friendly. Thanks for considering it! 🙂

    • I have a similar old jersey jumpsuit that I nurse in, and its actually even easier when nursing while baby wearing because there’s no ride up/fall down of ill fitting pants/shirts around the waist band of the carrier. I use an Ergo or Bjorn typically and run into the my back showing problem with pants & tops, but not with the jumpsuit. Also like Cam said, I just pull it down, but then I’m comfortable nursing without a cover generally and especially in a carrier. My 2nd is a month younger than Cam’s so I am frequently nursing in a carrier on the go chasing the 2 year old.

  2. I can’t wear jumpsuits–I don’t know–maybe I should try them again–but now I totally want another baby! Gah! So precious!

    BTW–you look fab too!

  3. This comment isn’t fashion related or specific to this post, so I apologize for that, but I would love to request a post on what your experience has been like adding the third to your clan. My husband and I are go back and forth on whether to have a third and I love hearing about what others have experienced first hand. However, I do understand if this topic is too far on the life-style side for the Mom Edit….though I am kinda hoping it isn’t! 🙂

  4. This is such a great, pulled together but easy look. Thanks! And I’ve been meaning to ask you how you style your hair. I have the same hair type and cut and mine never looks that good or polished. Do you use an iron to get a bend, product recs, etc?

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