Easy Holiday Style For Guys: The Sport Coat



Does your guy have a Sport Coat?  Mike, up until very recently, did not.  He had suit jackets, but for some reason whenever he tried to pair them with jeans, it looked…off.

Which is why, on date nights, he either looked ready for work or ready for the weekend.  Not really ready for a night on the town with someone fabulous.  (Me, in case you didn’t catch that.  I’m the, uh, someone fabulous.)

I asked my brother, one of the sharpest-dressed guys I know, how to find a good sports coat.  “Sometimes you can use a suit coat” he said.  “But you have to be careful…it doesn’t always work out.”  Uh, OK.  “Just find one that does” says the man for whom guy style is effortless.

According to The Art of Manliness, a Sports Coat (they call it a Sports Jacket), “can be made from wools and cottons of various weights and weaves”.  Yes.  I realize that this describes virtually all suits.  However!!  They also show a picture of appropriate fabrics, and almost all of the fabrics shown are thicker than typical suit fabrics.

OK.  So that’s what I went with:  winter sports coats = thicker wool.

Lastly, I also wanted to find a really slim, modern cut.  Not button-popping slim….just….fitted.  In that slightly hipster modern way.

So I ordered a bunch at varying price points and told Mike he could keep one, on the condition that he model them all for the blog.  Sigh.  That he did, Mamas.  THAT HE DID.


The One That Was Too Boxy

Ok – most of the jackets shown are the same size:  40R, or the equivalent. But this one perfectly illustrates the fit I was trying to avoid:


[wearing: BOSS Orange Biron Herringbone Blazer]


It’s not bad, but it’s veering into old-man territory.  Let’s take a closer look.


It’s fitted through the shoulders, but roomy through the chest and boxy at the waist.  NOPE.


The Expensive One We Liked 

This is exactly what I was looking for.  This sport coat is also by Hugo Boss, but it is a much slimmer cut than the one above (yet is the exact same size).   This one is fitted through the shoulders and chest, slim through the waist, and that plaid.  LOVE.  Funny how Mike turned my cost-per-wear (CPW) argument against me…


[wearing: Hugo BOSS Adris Extra Trim Fit Sport Coat in plaid]

 Look for the words “contemporary fit”, “trim fit” or “extra trim fit”, depending on the retailer and brand.  (And keep an eye on Bloomingdales.  They have killer sales – this one was $200 off – but sold out quickly.)


The One With No Arm Waving

Excited by our “extra trim fit” find, we thought that maybe we should go…smaller?  Try a smaller size?


A man should be able to hail a cab.  Nuff said.





The One That Is Confusing

This sport coat is from Zara, and comes with an attached zipper-front, uh, thingy.



“Babe.  Do I zip it?  Nevermind.”

I finish fiddling with the camera, then look up.  BAM



Oh good.  Zoolander is here.

“Ok” he says, rolling his shoulders around.  Mike is Warming. Up.  “One more with the jacket open.  Hang on…” and walks out of the room.

“Mike?  Where are you going?”

He returns, smirking.  “You ready?” he says.




Oh for cripes sake.

I love Raines’ head in the corner of this pic.  R was all, “Dad, can I have my gun back now?”


After R disarmed his father, I turned back to Mike.  “But do you like this one?” I ask.  Mike blinks, as if surprised by the question. “Oh.  Uh…” he looks in the mirror.  “Hunh” he says.  “I do.”


[wearing: Zara Herringbone Blazer With Nylon Detailing]


It’s different, but I think I like it, too.  Not a bad choice for winter date night or holiday parties.


The Cheap and Easy Win

The last one is under $100, and from H&M.  I had low expectations, primarily because the H&M models are so oddly buff.  I expected a triangle-shaped jacket.

Thankfully, Mike is also so oddly buff.



But I actually really like this one.  The fabric is obviously cheaper, but the cut is pretty perfect.


 [wearing: H&M Herringbone Blazer]


The guy isn’t so bad, either.  He’s a really, really good sport.

Would love to know if your men have found some awesome slim-fit sport coats…






  1. I just laughed out loud at these pictures. Your husband knows how to work it! I think I like the Zara one best! But not zipped. You nailed it with the Zoolander comment.

  2. After years of seeing Britt in a sport coat like exhibit A, I finally took him to Banana Republic. He’s also starting to take even those jackets to a tailor to have them cut in more.

  3. Your husband is awesome. So funny and photogenic at the same time. (Missed his calling.) My guy was sort of interested in the jackets, but really wanted to know where Mike got his glasses frames. Do tell?

  4. Shana, Great job getting Mike to work the jackets. My husband is now amazingly into fashion. I think it has something to do with the fact that I can pay attention now that the kids are bigger. I highly recommend Zara jackets, especially for the slimmer guy who can carry it off. They are so hot and original there. And usually, the fitting rooms are quieter! H&M also good. Strangely, Hugo Boss is quite boxy. A “go” for slim cut style though. Awesomeness personified. Sarah (in Sydney)

  5. Thank you! Ask, and ye shall receive- I love that you are doing this for our husbands. I’m going to brave our mall and look for that H & M one. The plaid one is divine though…

  6. Good luck, Teri!  The mall is rather frightening before the holidays.  I need to get my butt out there, too.  But I'm so glad you asked – I had WAAAAY more fun being behind the camera than in front of it.  And my embarrassment-proof husband was so unselfconscious!  Totally unfair. 

  7. Same here!  I used to be able to just buy something and stick it in Mike's closet, but now he has all of these STRONG OPINIONS.  And Hugo BOSS – yeah.  It's telling that they make some "contemporary" cuts as well as "extra extra trim" or whatever.  

  8. Ahhhh…his glasses.  MikeD has some crazy/scary prescription (something about a prism?) so he has to wear those things ALL of the time.  He's found that he loves Salt frames – they are retro looking, but still really comfortable.  We get all of our glasses from H. Rubin Opticians (the parents of one of our BFFs).  Tell them Shana sent you. 🙂  http://www.hrubinopticians.com/index.html

  9. My husband would never wear a sport coat but I really enjoyed watching your husband model them anyway. I think he’s a keeper.
    I hope you are feeling well.

  10. This is so great! I never would have looked there, but I found some great casual blazers on Nordstrom that are crazy on sale that I think my husband would really like! He just bought his first zip up wool sweater from banana republic to replace the hoodies he was used to wearing. We are both loving experimenting with his style. 😉

  11. First off, your husband is adorable. I’m terribly confused by the odd zip up thingie on that one jacket, but he’s totally making it work. If I asked my husband to do a photo shoot I imagine I’d get a lot of random pictures of him doing the ‘lawnmower’ and ‘bus driver’ dance…

  12. Oh my! I LOVED this post. You must be the best wife ever because Mr. Driver would NEVER let me post pictures of just him on a blog. LOVE it! But he did say that he couldn’t wait to talk to Mike about this post. 😉

  13. Love that you posted the Zara one! I was looking at that one for my hubs and couldn’t decide if the zip up thing was weird. Mike’s modeling totally helped out! Definitely a go if it’s left undone!

  14. DH just picked up 2 in the last year. He also wanted a more fitted cut. He ended up with a lighter color one from BR (looks great with dark jeans), and then a navy one from J Crew. JC has brass buttons though…not sure how I feel about those. But the fit was soooo nice on him. It was also pricey at 450 or so. He is debating having the buttons replaced. Too cruise director or just right? I don’t know. But the fit is smashing and the material nice.

  15. Awesome blog and thank you Mike for the excellent modeling and being such a sport. Between my husband losing weight and, well, the passing of time, we got rid of all his jackets. We only do 2nd hand these days but now I have some clue what I’ll be looking out for to help dress up our occasional outings.

  16. I almost never laugh over blogs – don’t know why, just don’t – but I laughed my head off over this one! You and Mike are a fabulous team…no wonder those two little boys are so cute. My advice: do this again! (“Ain’t No Dad Jeans”?)

  17. Love this post!
    Could you also do one on men’s winter shoes? Mine only wears running shoes. *sigh*
    By the way, what jeans is your husband wearing?

  18. I really like this post – your blog has been a huge help in revamping my wardrobe now that I have kids (two boys), and I think now it’s time to work on my husband’s. Except, he’s resistant to spending more than $30 on any article of clothing…And he’s 6’4″, so, not easy to shop for.

  19. Ok, so this has been an ongoing thing for my hubs and I. He wants a sports coat, I love the idea of it but he always ends up looking like the first picture! He is big 46-48 and broad shoulders so I totally avoid all the slim cut stuff. Where do I get a sports coat that looks modern and doesn’t look bulky for a tall larger frame guy??? I love the look of the H&M one and it seems like it could be flattering on my husbands frame but they don’t make it that big. Any suggestions ladies?

  20. OMG I LOVE this post. While I’m now getting my mom-style under control, I need to gently guide my husband to get his dad-style under control as well. More posts like this!!

  21. Perfect timing! My father I law just handed down a gorgeous cashmere sport coat to my hubby. It needs tailoring and I feel confident, after emailing this post, that he won’t come home with an old man look! Now, to plan that date night…

  22. My husband always wears sportscoats… it’s his thing. The other day we were walking the boys to school and he took his tshirt off to put on a buttondown and sportscoat and it was warm! He was a strict Goodwill sportscoat buyer until I entered the scene and now I try to get him a new one every year. We’ve had luck with JCrew and Land’s End, of all places, for heavy duty jackets. His suit for our wedding came from H & M and is still one of my favorite fits on him, sentimentality aside. I think I’ll check out the site now for this year’s sportscoat…

  23. Sooo Shana, I really like the men’s style blogs you throw in every once in a while. Do you feel like emailing/doing a post on men’s slimmer style pants that might work for a casual work dress code? My husbands workplace is pretty lenient (he sometimes wears very slim cords, black denim etc) but he’s got a very lean build and likes to wear slim cut. Zara has worked for him in the past. Any other ideas?

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