Easy Change Of Scenery: Fresh Wall Art #AtHome


Anyone else just about ready to bounce off the walls of your own safe, healthy, quarantined home? MmmHmm. Maybe some new art? Freshen-up those walls with something that makes you smile and brightens your quarantined view? A change of scenery improves mental states, it just does. And art on walls is one of our current opportunities for a quarantined change of scenery.

I’m sitting at my desk, working. And the draft of this post is open on a screen. My girls walk in and say, “OOO. Mom, that’s gorgeous. We love those colors, and all those prints, and especially the turquoise one. Can we get those? All of them? And two of the turquoise ones?”

Without dropping a hard no, I suggest, with a certain mom smile and wink, that they, “Go to the art closet, pull out supplies and try to make your own. I bet you can.” They wink, accept the challenge, and are off with mischievous eyes. So that’ll be a fun clean-up later. For now, it buys me the time to write this post, at least. And we’ll likely end up with some great art along with the big mess at the end of the day.

Easy #StayAtHome Decor Idea: Wall Art Refresh

In sincerity, I went back and took a look at all the “gettable art” that I’ve placed recently, and narrowed it down to my favorites. Gettable Art (new term) is defined here and now as: reasonably priced art, that you can order through the interwebs, for your own home. Some of it is available in a selection of sizes, most of it can be ordered framed, so that all you really have to do is hang it….If making something inspired by it on your own isn’t your thing, today. Among the options, below are a few of my favorites:

For a change of scenery, while we #StayAtHome: easy wall decor refresh. Reasonably priced art, available online, in different sizes, some of it framed. Go!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13

1/ Wood Wall Art » Select your size, select your frame, select your primary colors. I’ve placed this in black, and in white, recently. This turquoise sequence though, like my girls’, has my heart. And the artist/vendor has been a pleasure to work with. Check out all of his work here.

2/ Key Rehab » Sometimes I’m drawn to a piece of art, and its titling by its artist just puts me in the LOVE column. So, so, many ways to play those words, “key rehab” right about now. This is a photograph print. I love that it ‘reads’ 3 dimensional. And full of life.

3/ Cumulus V » This one my be my favorite favorite of this collection of favorites. It’s giclée with archival quality pigment ink on canvas. Available in multiple sizes, and can be ordered rolled canvas, or stretched and framed a multitude of ways in various sizes. So options, lots of them. Also, in case it’s not totally obvious, ALL of her work is amazing. I just love this artist.

4/ Underwater » Not at all inexpensive, but a gorgeous giclée on canvas, framed in grey of a scene that entirely captivates my dreams right now. I don’t know when the next time I will swim is, but I know I can’t wait for it, and that it will be even more special. For now, I like a visual to remind me to dream.

5/ Geometric Ceramic Tile Art » I’m a huge fan of white on white and love this 3D piece against a white wall, but it’s also gorgeous in reverse, where there’s a pop of white on a deeply colored wall. And it’s on sale. Yay! And gets even more interesting if you stack or run a few. Just saying.

6/ Boardwalk Brights » Available in size and frame options, plenty of them. Nostalgic, pretty, fresh and fun colors. And I love that one singular person on a ride…talk about social distancing.

7/ Papier-Mache Wall Art » Shana has these. She might have an amazing friend who ordered and placed them where they belong in her house. Maybe. If your house looks like hers…two windows, space in between, and a lot going on in that room on all the other walls, yet you still need balance between those two windows, well, we stacked hers. And I think they are perfect. Ask her? (S, perfect, if anyone asks, your answer is perfect.)

8/ Colorblock Lacquer » These are great, especially as a set, and on sale helps. For their size, they are an affordable option. And I love the happiness of the colors and patterning. They are a nice punch of fun color, especially if you have a monochromatic situation that needs a pop of something.

9/ Come Together » So my first question is can we contact the artist and ask them for a new “Come Together | Stay Apart” series? I’ll add that to my to-do list. Meanwhile, this is a print, only the print. So it needs a frame. Maybe you have a frame at home? And a sense of humor, and it’s worth it to you, like it is to me, to memorialize this particular time in all of our lives, with something postmodern fun, like this. And then we all start singing out loud….”Come together…right now…over me.”

10/ Harmony I » Comes in 3 sizes and 3 frame options. As big as possible, and framed in white, and coupled with its partner Harmony II is my personal favorite. And on sale, helps.

11/ Harmony II » See above. Compatible partnering is a thing amid isolation, quarantine and distance. Call this set a good visual reminder for the best of married couples, wink, wink.

12/ Contemporary Triptych » Love sets of 3, love modern art and geometrics, and colors. If this particular set isn’t for you, the artist has so many options, each one more beautiful than the next. They are mixed media prints that you can order on paper or canvas, in various sizes, for many of which you can then find standard sized frames.

13/ Pieced Fabric » Again, here I go with the white thing, but tell me this fabric art isn’t just gorgeous and calming all at the same time. Long live my love of texture. Especially on sale.

Imma gonna go check on the girls now and see how their art projects are coming along. Love and health to you and yours.

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  1. Annmarie. Your good taste is a curse! I did not even know I wanted a giant beautiful cloud painting with a gold leaf frame, but now that you have introduced it to me, I can’t UN-want it! (And I absolutely cannot DIY anything artistic to save my life).

    • Katie!!! Well obviously I’m in real trouble b/c you just called me by my FULL name! Yikes. Only my mother does that. And my high school bestie, when I’m in trouble with her, imitates my mother’s voice and calls me that=immediate tension relief b/c she nails her impersonation every time. And I guess Linzi does too when she’s explaining to me, why the answer to something is actually, no, nope, not happening. So welcome to a small club of strong woman I’m too often in trouble with. I’m drinking my 2nd cup of coffee this morning, in your honor. And here to say yesssss…those clouds are like dreams come true!!! Go for it! Support a female artist. Love your clouds! And send me a pic, please. Hope you and your family are well woman. xoxo A(nnmarie)

  2. I love the color! I was instantly drawn to #10 and 11 and when I clicked on the link, the are titled “Harmony”, which is my name! I guess it was meant to be!

    • Harmony: If I were going to have another child, I’d name them after you. That’s not happening. But you absolutely brought me a huge smile on a day when I needed one of those! I’ll carry your name with me. Love all things meant to be…especially in harmony. xoxo A

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