IMG_0610 Warning:  I hate this picture.  I’m wearing the wrong color foundation, my eyes are rimmed in red from being up all night, and I need some lip balm.  [Go ahead and look.  I’ll wait.  Ok.]  Now let me put this in context:

Me (on phone):  M, I need some makeup advice.

M:  I hate my makeup.

Me:  I need something new…something more flattering.  Do you have any ideas?

M:  I hate all of my makeup.

Me:  Do you have a lipstick you like…maybe some mascara?

M:  Currently, I hate everything I put on my face.

Me:  Hunh.  Me too.

M:  Hunh. Yeah.

Aaaaaannnnd now you know why we need Scotti.

After this *super-helpful* conversation with M, I wandered into Sephora, intent on complaining about my makeup.  The foundation was too light, and the highlighter pen wasn’t making my dark circles and bags disappear, I didn’t look refreshed, or more awake or happier or younger or skinnier or….(um, new mom hormones may have been playing a role here).

Anywho, the hot-pink, glossy lipped, Sephora guy took one look at me and said, “Girl.  That foundation is horrible on you.”  And when I showed him what I had been using under my eyes?  He pursed those glossy pink lips, narrowed his eyes, and explained that it was a highlighter pen, not a concealer.

Being too tired to pretend a clue, I gave him a blank stare.

He explained, with no eye rolling [and thank you for that, Mr. Beautiful Lips], that highlighter pen should not be used to cover dark circles, but to distract from them.  Concealer (or foundation) should be used to cover the dark circles.  So.  Drawing lines (with the highlighter pen) as shown in the photo above, then blending the lines by patting them with your ring finger…actually distract the eye, and make you look a bit more refreshed.

Shockingly, it works. And passes the tip-for-the-makeup-challenged test.  Also known as “Even S can do it!“.  [I’m talkin’ bout me, S.]

The process: Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 4.58.09 PM

1.  Put foundation on – even under your eyes.  After a discussion with Mr. Lips, I’m currently loving Dior’s DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Creme-Gel Makeup SPF 20.

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 5.01.59 PM 2.  Apply Dior’s Skinflash Radience Booster Pen as shown in pic above. Blend with your ring finger.

Look refreshed.  Feel better.  For more makeup tips and tricks, check out our beauty section!




  1. Love it! So glad you actually had a good experience in Sephora! I like that store but I always feel like I find the one sales girl who is slightly clueless. I never seem to get the makeup guru like you did. Concealer is KEY when you have a newborn. I went and bought mine before my second was born because I knew how bad I’d look. But who’s laughing now… I hardly even wear makeup and it’s been 6 months! But … yeah, that’s another story. 🙂 Anyway, another awesome concealer is the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. I don’t know if it’s a secret after I finish spackling my under eyes with it, but it really does have a great texture and lasts forever (which is good because it’s $22). BTW, for being exhausted you look great!

  2. I have used Dior products for years. Some days I would consider trading my husband for a lifetime supply of Skinflash pens. I am not a “makeup person” and I still don’t EVER leave the house without my Skinflash. Miracle in a slim tube, that’s what it is.

  3. Thanks Lisa! I'll have to check out the LM concealer. Babe #2 has been much calmer than little R was…so I'm actually taking time to do makeup in the morning. But I still end up applying mascara while I bounce him in the bounce chair with my foot AND have a discussion over which hot wheels car is the fastest. 🙂
    But really, I wouldn't have it any other way.
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  4. I hit my local Sephora a few weeks back loking for the perfect paraben-free concealer. I feel like it’s totlly worth scheduling the “educational consultation” (or whatever they call those things) when I’m looking for something as specific and crucial as concealer. Anyway, TARTE makes a pretty good, relatively inexpensive paraben-free product. I’m still checking out Origins before commiting, though.
    Oh, and a little trick I learned a couple of years ago – dab a bit of champagne colored eye shadow on your skin at the inner corner of your eye – not in the eye, on the skin. Smudge it a little to make it less noticeable. Totally brightens up the whole eye! I do this everyday 🙂
    ~Jacci in Ohio
    p.s. I agree, you look great 🙂

  5. I just wanted to say I like the new blog header. It keeps the feel of the old site intact, and the photos really capture what you guys are about.

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