The Only Style Resolution You Need To Make This Year




There are resolutions one makes in their pre-kid twenties (“this is MY YEAR and I will CLIMB MOUNTAINS and SEE THE WORLD, MAN”), there are resolutions one makes as a new mom (“sleeeeeeeeep”) and then there are these:  Style resolutions.  (AKA…the only resolutions I have even a shot at sustaining).


I, Shana, in 2015….


….will experiment with dramatic silhouettes

Think swingy capes, midi skirts and huge, oversized scarves.  I’m practically 5’3″ – what can go wrong?  (Bonus points for crop tops or wide-leg trousers.)


…will [attempt to] wear hats like a big girl

Oooo….just out of the gate and I’ve already added a caveat.  NOT A GOOD SIGN.  So let’s call this one what it is:  I’ll trot out a big-girl hat (definition: anything beyond beanies and baseball hats) ONCE, take a few pics, then immediately revert back to my beanies and baseball hats.  Resolution resolved.


…will go buy more of this life-changing sunscreen/primer before I run out

Because once that tube is empty, all bets are off.  I mean it could be weeks, MONTHS even before I get around to refillin- Oh, wait.  Amazon Prime.  We’re fine.


…will find a leather jacket

I have been dithering about leather jackets for years now.  Dithering to a level that should be embarrassing for anyone, much less a fashion blogger.  Get in the game, S!!  It’s leathertime.


…will wear it with stripes and dark eyes

What’s “it”?  Doesn’t matter.  Bored French-girl forever!


…will focus more on fixing my existing outfits than buying new pieces

Wha-what you say?  What’s that?  The Shopping Enabler say what?

YES.  This year I resolve to take all of my daily wears, my everyday uniforms, my go-tos and my must-washes and my worn-outs and figure out WHAT THE WHAT to do with them.  In some instances, it’s time for a replacement (jeans with holes in the bum, I’m talking to you).  But in most cases, the fix is smaller: a woven belt, perhaps, that evokes just the right amount of 70’s fab….a tougher ankle boot to offset a precious top…a longer cardigan to create a lean silhouette with skinnies…the exact details are different for everyone, but I suspect we all have one thing in common:  our outfit “finishing” needs work.

These final outfit details, however, are elusive.  It’s why we stand in front of the mirror thinking NOPE….NOPE….stillll NOPE.  It takes more time and thought to figure out how to finish an outfit than it does to simply buy something new.  But if you get into this practice – and it IS practice, I promise – you’ll be much happier with your wardrobe (and bonus! your wardrobe can be much smaller).

So that’s the theme for 2015, over here at The Mom Edit.  Outfit finishing, outfit fixing, whatever you want to call it – it’s ON.  Starting tomorrow.  I’d love for you to join us.

Happy New Year!


ps.  If you need help with an outfit, feel free to send it in!  Or tag #themomeditfixthis on Instagram.  We’ll get the ball rolling soon.



  1. Yay to the Yay! How to style existing pieces are my favorite types of posts. Can’t wait to hear more about how to “finish” an outfit.

    Also, tell me more about the sunscreen/primer. It goes on under our make-up?

    • Yes, exactly!! The sunscreen works really well (like all-day well), it smoothes out fine lines, has a matte finish, and makes your makeup last FOREVER. I’m totally in love.

      • I love that – even in a post that wasn’t about shopping – you still inspired me to buy something. Excited for the sunscreen to arrive. 🙂

  2. I’d like to add one more resolution for you: Buy those Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots you’ve been talking about for years. You won’t regret it! (they even go on sale with a Piperlime coupon now and again). Thanks for the great blog and happy new year.

  3. I finally, after years of searching found the perfect leather jacket at All Saints – on sale for half off on New Years Eve! It’s cropped with shorter sleeves, looks fab over dresses. 🙂

  4. A trick I use to help with finishing outfits – I snap a pic of all outfits I love before leaving the house, and save them in a file on my phone for inspiration when I have style block. It’s a huge help!

  5. So excited about how to work with what we have posts. Because of some (not dramatic) changes in our finances, I have to cut back on the spending. That and I’m running out of closet room. Ooooh, how about a post on that? How to keep all of the fab stuff in good condition and organized? I live in a 1920’s house and between my kids, lack of closet space, and moths, my wardrobe takes a serious beating.

  6. Can you use the sunscreen under just powder? Not a foundation girl but I am the sunscreen queen, and this product sounds great!

  7. I love the “fix this” thing — harkening back to the thrifty “momdrobe” pieces of ANMJ, which I found so, so useful in assessing and recombining my own momdrobe as a first timer!!! Happy new year!!!!!

  8. Please fix this!:
    I bought these J. Crew pants in red before Christmas.
    The trouble is, I live in northern Utah, where it’s COLD and you can’t wear pumps or flats (or otherwise expose your ankles from November to March). They feel so great, I love them, but I cannot figure out what shoes/boots to wear so they have sat in my closet for 6 weeks. I scoured the Nordstrom sale for a bootie/mid-calf boot but they all seemed the wrong height, too big around the ankle, etc. I gave up. [I am also tall-ish (5’8-1/2”), so they are bit shorter on me than the model – I’m thinking to maybe have them let out (will give only another ¾-inch).] I’m hoping for a casual/cool vib rather then dressy (again, its Utah).
    If you can figure it out for me, I’ll probably get them in another color – they are so comfy and easy (above the ankles, that is) and I really really want them to work. Fingers crossed! THANKS.

  9. I LOVE the idea of “finishing” an outfit. For the last few years I’ve really tried to focus on keeping my wardrobe edited and only buying those key items that my closet really, really needs that will make my overall look that much better. Instead of just buying something on a whim because I thought it was cute. I started doing it due to budget, but it’s really helped me to hone in on getting pieces that I’ll really love AND WEAR over time. Looking forward to seeing some fun posts on this sort of thing. Happy 2015! 🙂

  10. YES to outfit-finishing and shopping-the-closet! And also the earlier suggestion on how to store all these hats and shirts and skirts and necklaces and scarves and sweaters and — goodness, there’s a lot of it!

  11. I love this!

    Any thoughts on doing a seasonal fashion forecast for, say, spring soon :)? I’d love one for every season! It takes me forever to figure out what I like and budget when I’m *in* a season and your advice well in advance would be so sweet!

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