I read somewhere recently that a good blazer should be one of the cornerstone pieces in every woman's wardrobe.

My original thought?  Eh.  Underwhelmed.

I mean, I love a good blazer, but I chose to pass on my longtime favorite: the gorgeous navy J.Crew schoolboy blazer.  Why?  Well, because it was constricting.  The second I had it on, I wanted to rip it right off again.  And considering that the vast majority of my days include picking up an injured toddler (seriously – every. day. he scrapes or bruises something) and carrying around a bowling-ball heavy baby…no thanks.  

Blazers, I decided, were not for me.  And probably not for most moms while engaged in the baby/toddler boggle.

But then I found this little number, the Habit Jacket by Gentle Fawn.  It's really just a little polyester blazer, but is done in a herringbone fabric with a faux-suede trim…and  manages to pull together even the most thoughtless of outfits.  And it's stretchy.  Which means that rolling the sleeves is easy and comfortable, and that I can pick up babies, kiss booboos, and be an impromptu climbing gym while looking put-together. 

I'm in love.


(wearing: Current/Elliott slouchy skinnies, woven Sperrys, Gentle Fawn Habit Jacket from Apricot Lane in Ardmore, J.Crew tank, Makr farm rucksak, Salt Hathaway sunnies from H. Rubin opticians, Stella & Dot Ever After necklace gifted from one of my BFFs and S&D stylist Becky McBride, Bloom mixed bangles.)

Want a few more options?  I found a bunch of fantastic soft blazers, at every price point.  

(I did, however, refrain from including the options in the $1300 range.  I mean, no one cares, right?)  


Soft Blazers


Madewell wool sweater
$168 -



LOFT wool jacket
$118 -


J Crew cotton blazer
$70 -


Gibson fleece jacket
$88 -


Red jacket
$52 -


Forever21 cotton blazer
$27 -


Banana republic
$130 -




A couple of notes:  The styling on the Banana Republic blazer is horrible in the pic above.  This blazer actually looks great on.  And the LOFT wool jacket I loved.  It looks much more like an actual blazer than the picture implies, and is a bit nipped in at the waist.  Wait!  I have a (crappy) dressing room pic somewhere….YES. Here:

  Photo (6)

Cute, no?  Hmmm….LOFT seems to be offering 40% off right now….hmmmm….




  1. Oh gee, and I just went looking at their sizing, and it doesn’t fit ME either! What is with these so-called-“XL” clothing items? I normally wear L-XL-size 14 clothing, but the bust and waist measurements they list for their “XL” blazer are at least 2 inches too small for me. 🙁

  2. Super cute! I love the herringbone one you have on. And for the record, it looks better on you than it does on the model in their ads! Nicely done.
    Finally… what size did you buy? I’m 5’5″, in the 120s with a smallish frame. Small or medium? I don’t want it to feel constricted but also know it needs to fit well.

  3. Emily – HOW annoying!!!  But keep looking – the fact that there are so many out there tells me that this trend may be around awhile.  I suspect you'll be able to find one that fits and that you love eventually.  Be picky.  🙂
    Lisa – I'm wearing a small, but truth be told, I now wish I had gone XS.  

  4. I’m all over the blazer deal, and now WANT FAWN JACKET. Twice what I would spend and yet soooo reasonable considering I still wear blazers that are…ummm…OLD? So I do get bang for my buck. Like my *ahem* Chadwicks blazers that were maybe $30 ten years ago…ok…15 years ago. Oh my God! How unreal. So if i wore them even five times a year that is 40 cents per wear!
    I might just spend the moolah and buy this one.

  5. I love the look on you and lust after your blazer…but hesitate because it seems like most of those would hit me at exactly the wrong spot to showcase the pooch rather than hide it? Am I missing something or is my pooch just that big?

  6. Erica – I don't think you are missing anything.  The blazer I'm wearing works because it's a bit loose (which I may regret later) and because I've buttoned only the top – letting it flare out over the trouble area.  Keep in mind, though, that my pooch has gone down quite a bit.  I'm roughly a year out…these things take time, and it seems like each pregnancy is different.  I'm not yet into skintight clothes (wow – that's a laugh) and…it sometimes feels like I never will be.  :). But I've graduated from always having to wear flowy tops to blazers.  Yay, me!  Unless I eat something.  Snort.  Then I look preggo again.  ðŸ™‚  
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  7. I couldn’t figure out where to stick this comment, so I guess this will work – for moms (probably mostly us c-section moms) who now have this awful little belly buldge that we can’t get rid of (but you’ve gotten your thighs and butt back), I have found jean HEAVEN…and its in a really REALLY weird place. Abercrombie & Fitch, online. Their bootcut jeans are everyone else’s skinny, they’re 60$, and they have a larger cut waist, so you don’t have muffin top even though they’re low rise. Don’t believe me? TRY IT. You get to love your skinny(ier..) thighs, and butt and don’t have the dreaded muffin top you get with 7s or citizens. YESSS. In bigger places they might still sell the bootcut in stores, everywhere I checked they only sold the skinnies (which are basically jeggings…). I also found their sizing to be NORMAL, as in, I bought a 6, and I wear a 6 in normal life. I didnt have to buy a 12 for it to fit my waist (and consequently allow my thighs and butt to SWIM in fabric). Hope that helps someone!

  8. I love your blog! After reading your shopping tips I realized that my fav outfit for fall & winter is skinny jeans/leggings a T-shirt material top but with detail and a soft blazer. So now I have done my f/w shopping with no regrets thanks to you guys to included some skinny cords.
    Thanks again for all you guys do and the time you put in.

  9. totally went out and bought the Loft sweater blazer because of this post. And it’s great. I’ll wear it all f/w. My husband wishes there was some kind of man version…is that a good thing? I think so…

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